Sunday, November 27, 2016

Horoscope fun! Astrology Signs as Christmas foods!

This is our Christmas special!

Astrology Signs as.... Christmas foods!
Aries: ginger snaps 
Taurus: eggnog 
Gemini: gingerbread men
Cancer: cranberry sauce 
Leo: champagne 
Virgo: pecan pie
Libra: sparkling cider
Scorpio: chocolate fudge
Capricorn: peppermint bark
Sagittarius: doughnuts
Aquarius: candy canes
Pisces: hot chocolate

Merry Christmas! 

Hey Virgos! A nice baking idea! Christmas pies!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Horoscope FUN! Zodiac signs as fairy tales aesthetics

I really love this one.

As Neptune enters deeper into Pisces, and as the world is darker, I think it´s a good time to have some laught, and daydream in typical Neptunian fashion...

Here it goes!

Zodiac Signs as Fairy Tales Aesthetics

  • aries: stolen treasures, flashing swords and thunderstorms
  • taurus: wild woods, hidden curses and fur gowns
  • gemini: gingerbread cottages, wildflowers, and potion vials
  • cancer: glass slippers, enchanted springs and gemstones
  • leo: sleeping dragons, secret keys and gold crowns
  • virgo: pressed flowers, wild hair and fairy wings
  • libra: ermine trim, magic mirrors and a throne
  • scorpio: eternal love, haunted forests and crushed velvet
  • sagittarius: red roses, magic lamps and a castle steeped in fog
  • capricorn: swan feathers, ice palaces and a string of pearls
  • aquarius: leather-bound spell-books, wooden cabins and mason jars
  • pisces: mermaid tails, crescent moons and a raging sea
Pisces.... with your Neptune transit.... dream dream dream... if you are having trouble or you seek for some astrological insight, please feel free to ask me at pcbessa at gmail dot com!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Trump natal chart. Can you guess which will be his main challenges? Read it here!

Trump astrological profile
Who is Trump?
Very easy chart.

A Gemini (big talker, two-faced
Leo rising (big ego).

Sun in the 10th (a natural leader, potencially very ambitious, wants to shine above anything else.

Mars in Leo in rising. A combative and very assertive leader

In sum, a bit of a hardcore agressive leader (Mars), mixed with the shallowness and more words than anything else of Gemini, celebrity-seeking fame, of Leo. Overall, very self-centered and very direct, rather honest actually.
Mars in rising. Sun in the 10th. A combative leader.

Risk of war with Trump? With Mars in rising, he is agressive, and he could be pushy enough in his rethoric to start a war, but as his natal Mars will not be transited by any planet in soon, I don´t expect from him to start any significant war. I expect other kind of challenges for him.

How about Trump and the Economy?
In this regard I have less positive news. 
He has Neptune in 2nd house, so he is not the best person to run the economy.
Also his natal Venus will be opposed by Pluto later in the decade. Again, a bad sign.

Looking in the bright side, he is an idealist. He might well lower taxes for everyone. And provoke a tax revolution worldwide. He might also confront Wall Street, but I find this less likely. Blocking international trade treaties? Possible. Trade war? Likely!

He may be careless with the economy. Or he might just endure a financial crash, irregardless of his polices. Or even get involved in a financial scandal.

Intimate life? A surprise!
Ahh! I give a bold prediction. This is going to be another source of news!
With Saturn coming to his natal Sun next year, I expect him to endure some major changes in his intimate relationships. Perhaps he will separate from Melania, or get involved in a scandal. Another possibility is that he will continue to face a lot of unrest in the American population (his natal Moon)

Overall I think Trump will clearly be focused domestically. No external wars, but plenty of domestic unrest (both in the nation and his personal life) and plenty of economical unrest.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump wins - The astrology of it - Is Trump going to build the wall?

Trump wins.

Regardless of our political opinion, the fact is that astrology was favouring Trump as a candidate.

I long said, since early 2008 (even before Obama), that the 2016 election would result in a sharp combative, most-likely Republican president. 

This was one of the easiest US elections to predict in recent history. 

The astrology clearly favours a sharp revolutionary candidate (Uranus in Aries). If Bernie Sanders would have been candidate, perhaps he would been elected president.

With Uranus transiting Aries and Pluto transiting Capricorn, it´s all about dramatic historical change.
Hillary Clinton does not represent change, while Trump represents shocking change. In this regard, Uranus in Aries favours a sharp, fiercy, peculiar, combative candidate.

Can we expect Trump confronting the-powers-that-be?
Absolutely. Uranus in Aries vs Pluto in Capricorn is all about this.

But we can also expect America near a civil-war case, with extreme political divisions, anger and unstability. Because the cardinal square favours sharp contrasting conflicts. At best, the tension remains just as tension and nothing blows out of proportion. But we can´t be sure.

Will Trump rule with a iron fist? Yes, most likely.
Pluto in Capricorn favours iron-fist leaders. And in fact we should expect this also in future elections in European countries, Austria, France, Netherlands. The astrological zeigeist favours rightwing authoritarians across the world up to 2021, but more radical left-wing revolutionary leaders around 2025.

Can we expect Trump to actually build the Wall and deport millions of illegal migrants?
Actually yes.
Uranus in Aries favours peculiar and large-scale political measures.
While he might not actually fence the entire spread of the American border, he will certainly create a show that he is doing it - most likely he will deport many people - and certainly he will stir up further the racial and ethnical conflicts within US soil. 

This could create a fertile ground for a time of revolutions, uprisings and civil wars throughout the 2020s across the globe, and that can also happen in American soil. Trump must thread carefully.

How about the economy?
The US situation is not going to improve, regardless of who could have been elected. There are difficult times for the world economy ahead, as Uranus will transit Taurus. This is a repeat of the mid-1930s. A long expected stock market crash will likely happen - as the worst of the great global recession should hit bottom by 2020 (when Pluto-Saturn conjunct in Capricorn). 

How about war?
I said since long that by the time that Saturn moves into Capricorn and nears Pluto, we could expect a brutal war - hopefully and most likely not a full-blown world war - but a large historical conflict, slightly smaller than WWI. This is just a prediction but as historical patterns tend to repeat often, I am afraid that I am confident with this prediction. The period 2016-2020 is a dark period, more pessimistic periods (see previous posts for my information about why). I expect that the Saturn-Pluto brutal conjunction would bring even a few localized nuclear warfare events. Also a limited conflict with Russia is also possible.

How about 2020 and after?
Then the world should expect a slightly lighter period, albeit quite revolutionary and still unstable. In fact this period mirrors the American and French revolutions, so I expect again great changes in those two countries. Pluto transits Aquarius - potencially great disruption or change not only through scientific and technological advance but also a time of social revolutions, uprisings and great society and political change. Look for a time of great leaders that inspire and deceive (further enhanced by the Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Aries).

The negative side is use of new technology in warfare and terror; a world still ridden wirh ethnic conflicts (especially regarding muslims) throughout the next decade. The US likely to be involved in a major war abroad by 2027 (as that 84 year old cycle repeats itself). The positive side is fantastic new scientific discoveries and technological steps forward. Expect the flying car, free energy, trips to the space, quantum computers, holograms, 3D printers, etc.

But how Trump, the unpredictable, will be as a president?

Stay tuned for next post. we will talk about Trump personality based in his natal chart.
And what he is likely to behave and do.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Horoscope FUN! The Zodiac Signs as Historical Women

I find this the other day and I find it inspiring!

The signs as Historical Women

Aries: Joan of Arc; rebellious and undaunted
Taurus: Rosa Parks; defiant and rightfully stubborn
Gemini: Sappho; poetically shed light on divergent sexualities
Cancer: Frida Kahlo; artistic and expressive
Leo: Queen Elizabeth; regal and independent
Virgo: Marilyn Monroe; beautiful and inspiring
Libra: Harriet Tubman; passionate for equality
Scorpio: Mata Hari; pridefully owned her sexuality (makes sense isn´t it!)
Sagittarius: Cleopatra; clever, ambitious, risk-taker
Capricorn: Princess Diana; respectfully kind and charitable
Aquarius: Amelia Earhart; fearless and adventurous
Pisces: Malala Yousafzai; soft spoken, but has something important to say

Who are you? Does it fit to you?

Princess Diana, though a Cancer herself, she seems to be inspiring the Capricorn women!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Horoscope FUN! The Astrology Signs as Breakfast foods!

  • People are always excited with something that they can identify with, so these series of "signs as..." is quite popular fun!
  • Now, up to the fun!
  • Signs as breakfast foods
  • Aries:Fruit loops
  • Taurus:berries and greek yogurt
  • Gemini:Egg McMuffins
  • Cancer:French Toast
  • Leo:Breakfast omelets
  • Virgo:Breakfast Smoothies
  • Libra:Crepes
  • Scorpio:Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • Sagittarius:Porridge and Berries
  • Capricorn:Pancakes
  • Aquarius:Waffles
  • Pisces:Toast and Butter
  • Stay tuned every week, for a brand new "signs as..."

I am a porridge, a bit boring, but healthy and certainly it describes my Saggitarian nature!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The crisis of 2010 to 2030, with turning points around 2016 and 2023

  • Economic crisis of 2010
  • The political backlash against establishment of 2016
  • Political divisions and conflict tensions grow in 2019
  • Revolutionary war starts in 2023 and develops through 2026
  • New world order in 2030

In 2010, economic crisis began and social unrest. This occurs when Uranus is in the early degrees of Aries, as during the crash of 2008 and the crash of 1929. Also economic crisis happened in 1844 and 1761. We could track many cycles of 84 years backwards to find similar repeating crisis. This crisis goes for about 4-7 years, until a backlash against the status-quo grows to a significant momentum.

By 2016, with Uranus in late Aries, a growing backlash against the establishment is occuring. This is nowadays seen in Brexit, Trump, Putin and many other populist leaders, and religious extremism. Back in 1933, this was also happening in Europe, with the same nationalistic extremist tendency, as well as back in 1848, the so-called year of revolutions. And another Uranus cycle backwards, the American revolution was brewing back in 1767. This is the time that the masses (and their elected leaders), rise against the establishment. We should expect more of this anti-establishment backlash in 2016 and the next seven years. The beginning of the backlash sets the dominant tone for the rest of the revolutionary wave. In the current case, it´s an anti-globalization tone and issues around migration and religion.

By 2019, Uranus in early Taurus, political divisions worldwide are intense and extreme, crystalized, tensions growing and boldly clashing with each other, threating a conflict. This happened in the years leading to WWII, in 1936, with increased millitarization and division in Europe, in 1853 during the Taiping Rebellion or the simmering tensions leading to American civil war, or in the early years of the American revolution in 1770. Also during the Glorious revolution of 1688. In Europe we can predict that the EU will break apart into different groups, clashing with each other, and those same sharp divisions can explode within America or between America and Mexico, the western world and the muslim world, Russia-US or US-China. Historic revolution is just starting. Whatever is going to happen, now it´s just on the edge of developing. Pay attention to what happens in the world. This period of tension lasts about seven years from the time as anti-establishment backlash starts until a proper revolution or war begins.

And by 2023 revolutionary war starts (Uranus is in late Taurus). At this time, tensions do not hold anymore and war begins. WWII is an example (1940), American civil war (1857) as well as American revolutionary war (1774) or the Peasant war (1525). By 2026, as Uranus enters Gemini, an intense full-blown historical conflict or revolution happens (same astrological point as in 1943, 1860 and 1777). The revolution lasts around seven years until a new social order re-organizes itself.

And by 2030, a new world order is indeed very different (this was happened back in 1947, 1864 and 1781)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Hectic weeks ahead (03/2015). Mars triggers Uranus-Pluto square. Solar eclipse next week. Mercury triggers Saturn-Neptune. Crazy times!!

I haven't seen a week like this in years.

Mars joins Uranus-Pluto square. Watch out cardinal signs!

First of all, it is the seventh and last pass of the Uranus-Pluto square!
Finally it is over! It occurs Tuesday next week.

But first Mars is about to triggers the square, as it conjuncts Uranus in Aries tomorrow, and squares Pluto later in the evening. Quite explosive combination! We need to be careful with irritations and accidents, both from us, and coming from other people. People will be acting a bit tense.

It is also a perfect time for incisive well-thought direct action. But not of the rushing impulsive type.
Watch out if you have planets or angles in the middle degrees of cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra. Especially if you were born around the 5th of January, April, July and October.

In about a week, we will see a Mars-Uranus conjunction squaring Pluto, a Mercury-Neptune square to Saturn, and a total Solar Eclipse conjunct the equinox point! Crazy times!

Global effects - impatience, assertiveness and agressiveness

Globally, this influence will once again trigger the set of crises that started as Pluto and Uranus entered cardinal signs in 2008 and 2010, related to the global economic crises and resultant street protests, the Euro crises and its political consequences, Obama and racial tensions, the war tension with Russia, and the uprisings in the muslim world and tension with the west. I expect to see, in weeks ahead, renewed irritation and assertiveness, impatient action, conflicts, bipolarization, even agressiveness and standing for a position, when it comes to the economic, religious and millitary matters.

Ongoing Saturn-Neptune square. Ideological clashes

Second, Mercury will be triggering the Saturn-Neptune square. This is relieve for Aquarius, as Mercury is finally leaving that sign, which has caused quite hectic two months for most Aquarius. Now it will enter Pisces. Those born in last week of February, May, August or November, or if you have planets or angles in the early degrees of Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo, should be attentive for renewed pressure and confusion. But in face of this square, it is an excellent time to find also renewed and practical inspiration/ and vision.

This combination is going again to exarcerbate ideological clashes, religious extremism, emotional hardship, and such. This is an influence that has began in the last months, hence much more recent than the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto.

Those early Sagittarius, Pisces, Gemini and Virgo should also be feeling a bit of relieve knowing that Saturn is now standing still and about to retrogade, hence their pressure territory will not increase in months ahead, but it will just remain at steady levels. My advice is: work hard on your current issues.

A solar eclipse coming, as spring arrives!

In 20th March, a total solar eclipse will be visible in the far reaches of the arctic circle. This will trigger the cardinal point, so all cardinal signs should again be attentive to this day, and they might open up to the possibility of new powerful trends being sown on this period of time. The eclipse should be especially powerful and be shining its effect over the next 3 months of spring. I expect a quite intense spring when it comes to world events, that will be a preview of what is to come. On a positive light, we should see exciting scientific advances and hopeful bold adventures. On the less positive side, we should see renewed tensions, conflicts and crises.

Remember this is a time to be bold and try the new.
It's also a particularly hectic and extremely energetic period, so craziness will be around.
Be careful, don't just stand on the sofa, be brave to step into the unknown of the future.

Let the party begin!

I offer astrological consultations. if you are interested please send me an email to segurelha at gmail dot com

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Approximate timing of estimated major events of this decade

Approximate timing of estimated major events of this decade
  • Aug2014. Civil war in Ukraine will likely escalate to some degree. It is in the second half of this year, that we expect the start of historical conflicts that will continue through the decade. It could be in the East of Europe (Ukraine), Asia or Middle East (ISIS, Israel, Iran).
  • Nov2014. Middle-East situation worse, a new war?, minor war tensions in Asia, Scotland and Catalonia seek independence (mars in Capricorn can bring profound changes to social structure, wars especially in the Middle East, war tensions in Asia)
  • Mar2015 minor skirmishes in Asia (increasingly millitarized), war in Russia border also escalates (other countries may become involved)/ economic crises in Europe (new bailout? energy crises? political crises) (mars in Aries tends to bring the continuation of war tensions in Asia, new economic issues to Europe, and war developments to the Middle East)
  • Jul2015 separatism in rise in different parts of Europe/ Middle East has some changes (more unstable, or war worsens? Kurdistan independence? new countries drawn to war?), economy is shaky (especially oil)/ European protests/ UK-EU crises since euroskeptics win (mars in Cancer tends to bring national unrest)
  • Jan 2016 threats of one country to leave Euro/EU (maybe UK)/ Economy suffers/ Great divisions within Europe/ Domestic troubles in the US, national divisions / In East Europe, countries allied against Russia/ Radical politics and ideology, major political shift (Jupiter enters Libra, so it affects political balances and international relationships) (mars in Libra bring national and international divisions, economic and global political crises) 
  • Nov2016 Middle East large regional Islamic war (Turkey and Egypt more bold, Iran, Israel or Saudi Arabia involved)/ Economic depression/ Republicans win in the US / Russia annexes more land
  • Mar2017 significant conflict in Asia / a Limited “World War”/ Alliances change across the world? Ethnic conflicts in Europe 
  • Jul2017 or Nov2017 far right in rise in Europe (maybe reaches power in France). One country leaves EU/Euro (maybe it's France) / Ethnic conflicts in Europe/ Borders redesigned in parts of the world?
  • Mar2018 Limited “World War” develops (a larger conflict develops in Asia)/ Shift in global power (Saturn enters Capricorn, so there is a great struggle for power, economic hardships, where much effort is necessary and a need for global changes)
  • Oct2018 More countries exit Euro/EU. 
  • Jan2019 Chess moves (control and power), War by covert means, 
  • Jul 2019 Global economic depression
  • Nov 2019 Euro/EU collapse or transformation
  • 2019-2020. Nuke somewhere in world (Jan2019, Jul2019) / Mar2020: violence in wars (a tripple conjunction in Capricorn reinforces the occurance of brutal events, and great transformations)
  • 2020-2022. Need for global solutions. Large geopolitical changes start. Large global shift in power.
  • 2021Apr. Civil tensions starting in Europe?
  • 2022Sep. Larger war or revolutionary war? / Major unstability and changes in Middle East
  • Mar2023, Aug2024. Historical revolutions, Revolts and civil wars across the world (some also in Europe), great geopolitical changes across the world, great technological advances / Countries break-apart, or other political unions appear / Drive towards a global new order (the presence of Uranus in Gemini, Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries cusp, Jupiter in Aries, and Saturn near Aries, reinforces a very bold revolutionary trend towards independence, war, assertiveness and a new beginning)
  • 2028. A major global treaty, division, ideology, political shift

Friday, November 29, 2013

2014: a year different than others (further economic unrest, and/or a new war)

2014 will be different than these last couple of years.

Since the cardinal crises started in 2008 (and it will last into the 2020s), every 3 years, when Jupiter enters a cardinal sign, we see a step further in the global crises. This is something that also occurred in the 1930s, as the great depression lead to dictatorships, political conflicts and finally world war.

In the 2010s, we will see the same steps, in 2008, in 2010-2011, in 2014, in 2016-2017, and in 2019-2020. There is no way I can tell you how important this is.

2008 brought a large economic global crises / meltdown started, and also the "change" of Obama (and even a global pandemic event, even if minor, in the following months). This was linked to the start of the cardinal cross (as Uranus opposed Saturn, guess when, in October), and with Jupiter transiting a cardinal sign, Capricorn that same year. Mars transiting a cardinal sign points to when do events become big (like in October 2008). Before that, as Mars transited Cancer and early Leo (a long retrograde transit), the house bubble and the peak oil price crises, were just signs of what about to come.

2010 and 2011 brought with them a wave of protests, a big crises in the euro region, and civil wars in the Muslim world (like Egypt, Syria, North Africa). They also brought a nuclear disaster in Japan and a few large natural disasters. This was when the cardinal T-square was at its peak, and when Jupiter entered a new cardinal sign, Aries (in June 2010), meaning a new wave of developments occurred.
As Mars transited Cancer in late 2009 (another long retrograde transit), the Euro crises started and soon Greece asked for a bailout (in April 2010). Wikileaks occurred in Aug 2010 as Mars transited Libra. The Arab Spring started when Mars entered Capricorn in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011. In that period, Wikileaks became the main news, NK shelled a boat and almost entered war with South Korea, and Ireland was bailout. Then, when Mars entered Aries, in May 2011, we saw the bailout of Portugal and the start of more important European protests, as the 15M movement in Spain. In Sept 2011, Mars entered Cancer, and we saw the birth of the Occupy movement, and a few weeks before that, the riots in London (as Mars was in late Gemini).

2014 will bring a new step forward in the global crises. Now Jupiter has entered Cancer. Between December 2013 and August 2014, Mars has a long retrograde transit in Libra. Expect a new crises. If the previous periods serve as an example, this will be the start of a new wave of developments. I expect to be linked not so much to national crises (like the house bubble or Greece debt) but to more global issues, like:

  • a bailout or bankruptcy leading to a more severe crises (think Italy for example)
  • issues of political moves and diplomacy (like a severe crises between China and Japan)
  • some unexpected outcome in election in a European country affecting the whole of Europe
  • a terrorist attack of some minor attack which leads to further war (could be something in the East China region, in the Koreas or involving China, or a new terror attack in Europe or the US)
  • a new Wikileaks-like major scandal or disclosure. 
Anyways, in Libra style it will involve relationships between countries, and strain them, opposing different political agendas.

  • A political conflict between Russia and Europe, because of Ukraine is another possibility
  • or some larger developments in Iran or Pakistan that could bring them much near a war. 
  • or a war in the Middle East between two countries erupt (anything, between Turkey, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Pakistan and India). 
Certainty, all of these are already happening to some extent, but most likely it will become a crises in the near future (early to mid 2014).

And because the events also seem to take place in cardinal solar months (January, July, October, December), I think these will be the four most likely months when big things will happen in 2014.  Remember: January 2014, April 2014, October 2014, December 2014, give or take a couple of weeks. Most likely it will either a new war (Middle East or Asia), or further economic unrest (likely in Europe)

Link these months to any of the above listed events, but I have no way of predicting which one will happen.

Such an event in the early months of 2014 is surely to be a major global event, that will be linked to the sequence of events that lead to historical changes sometime later this decade and earlier in the next decade!

After this, the next wave of developments will be Mars in Capricorn in November to December 2014 (referendums in Scotland or Catalonia come to mind; Mars in Capricorn is also often related to severe war tensions or even wars starting). I think 2014 in a way is going to be like 2008, just a sequence of events culminating in the start of a  larger and more historical event.

Its not that in-between these periods, nothing happens. In fact important events do occur, whenever Mars transits a cardinal sign. Wikileaks

So far it seems that this global crises (the 2010-2020s crises) is leading a different direction than the 1930-1940s crises. It seems that the themes are: a large economic crises (with focus in Europe, but also in the US), revolution and war amidst the Muslim world, and civil protests (and possibly more) in the western world. Other topics concern whistle-blowers disclosure of government secrets, climate change and war tensions in the East China region.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Scenarios of what is going to happen in the next 15 years

We have followed the transit of Uranus in Aries, Taurus and Gemini, for the past 6 times (since 1510). For each possible scenario, we have counted of how many of those six periods has played such event. And we estimated that that percentage could be an estimation of the likelihood of such event to occur within the next 15 years.

These are our results.

The likelihood of events during the next 15 years

There is a roughly 100% change of occurring a:
- radical scientific discoveries or a scientific revolution (because it happened in the 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1680s, 1600s, 1510s)

A 85% change of occuring:
- violent uprisings (because it occured in the 1930s, 1850s, 1770s, 1680s, 1520s)
- political extremism, radical new political ideology, rather violent breaking with old order, 1930s, 1840s, 1780s, 1680s, 1520s
- big nationalism 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1590s, 1520s
- large regional war 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1590s, 1520s
- foreigner invasions, foreigners invade and try to attack against well established nations 1930s, 1770s, 1690s, 1590s, 1520s
- famine in parts of Europe 1940s, 1840s, 1780s, 1690s, 1600s,

A 70% change of occuring
- severe socio-economic crises 1930s, 1840s, 1780s, 1520s
- radical inspiring leaders (or dictators) 1930s, 1840s, 1770s, 1510s
- revolution/ newer values conquered 1940s, 1860s, 1780s, 1520s

A 50% change of occuring
- civil wars 1850s, 1770s, 1520s
- violent repression from authorities 1930s, 1850s, 1780s
- people fight against authorities 1840s, 1770s, 1520s
- values were taken away, to some countries 1930s, 1760s, 1510s
mass killings during uprisings or invasions 1940s, 1780s, 1520s
- large invasions 1930s, 1590s, 1510s
- fight for independence 1940s, 1770s, 1520s

A 30% of occuring
- world wide war 1940s, 1770s, 1590s
- mass killings during violent uprisings 1930s, 1780s
- mass killings during invasions 1930s, 1510s

Roughly, we can expect almost likely:

- violent uprisings, political extremism, nationalism, and some foreign invasions of parts of our 
western world or other powerful nations will be quite common. 
- radical leaders and severe economic crises will happen but it is unknown how severe this will be
- there will be some historical civil wars and famines in parts of Europe and the world (but not everywhere), and mass killings in some parts of the world, which will be sadly for long remembered.
- the civil wars might involve violent repression, values taken away but later revolutions and newer values conquered. It is likely to see a major war in the world, but rather unlikely to see a world war.
- it seems that the two top scenarios are: 
  1. large scale civil conflicts (between ethnic groups), which can be related or provoking a large scale war (but not a full blown world war), it could involve foreign attacks to the western world, or other large invasions, presecutions and large killings.
  2. widespread civil uprisings and conflicts (between people and the government), probably due to severe economic crises
Of course, we are already experiencing some degree of both, but the core of it has not come yet. Much might still be yet to come. Most likely, some development of it during 2014, a serious turning point and historical changes between 2017 and 2020 (let's call it the destruction of the old order), and then the early stages of a new order between 2020 and 2030.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Jupiter enters Cancer, and triggers the Uranus-Pluto square!

Once again Jupiter has entered Cancer (it will be in this cardinal sign from now until the second half of 2014), and we will see the topics of national concern coming to the forefront. 

And since Cancer is a cardinal sign, and we are at a major cardinal period, this is going to reinforce and expand the current world crises.

An historical review of Jupiter in Cancer

If you were in the US, in 2001-2002, the last time Jupiter was in Cancer, you remembered well that cardinal transit of Jupiter as the time during and after 911. In Europe, that was the first year of the common currency, the Euro. In India, there was a serious fear of war with Pakistan. It seems that everywhere across the world, nations were dealing with major national challenges to their identity.

Now, we are experiencing a sort of repeat of those same topics. The scandal of the US domestic surveillance in the name of terrorism, got worldwide, while the Middle East experiences some major unrest and fear of even larger wars. The Muslim community is experiencing some deep discrimination in Europe, an Europe which is everything but united, and in serious crises, experiencing deep turmoil caused by the common currency that started in 2001.

Other years of Jupiter in Cancer also include serious unrest in many nations, defying the identity and national ideologies of those countries. 1989 was the year of revolutions in the Eastern communist nations, 1977 there was a major oil shock, 1965 it was the start of the hippie movement and all the Vietnam war protests, 1953 war, 1941, the depths of the great depression and protests in 1930, the Russian revolution in 1917.

Clashes between different groups, and between populations and their governments

I think we are just starting to see the early beginnings of serious changes and events to develop over 2014. What they are, I do not know for sure, but I guess its connected to both clashes between different nations and different ethnic groups (like between the Muslim world and the western world), and civil unrest and conflicts connected to the economic crises (between the populations and their governments). 

This week, the Sun will trigger the cardinal square between Uranus and Pluto. It will be exact in the 4th of July. On the 8th of July, a new moon reinforces that activation of cardinal energies If you have planets or angles placed in the 10-15º region of cardinal signs, you will experience major tension during this period! It is also likely that the world, and some nations will experience some sort of major tension during this same period.

During the last two weeks of July and the entire of month of August, first Mars and then Jupiter will also trigger the cardinal square, adding further fuel to the fire already burning. I do not take this lightly. Even if historical events do not manifest by then, the energy will create a growth of the challenges for many people worldwide, and this will manifest outwards, in the day of the light, during 2014.

And in the first few months of 2014, the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto will be again triggered by Jupiter and Mars.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Historical events will occur in 2013 and 2014. Astrology predicts them.

The astrological energy will stir up to a new level in 2013 and 2014.

Not only Uranus is reaching the degrees of mid Aries, where it touches the natal charts of many world powers, but at this time it squares exactly Pluto in the same powerful mid Capricorn degrees. Jupiter enters Cancer and will form a T-square with both! Add cardinal Jupiter and cardinal Mars, and you can pinpoint almost exactly the months where historical key events will happen.

2013. A year of fireworks

One such period occurs around 29 July 2013 and weeks after. It marks such a powerful timing, as did the first Uranus-Saturn opposition in October 2008, and the cardinal cross of August 2010. But it is rather difficult to pinpoint when things will become violent and a new level of crises -nevertheless we can guess estimate some powerful weeks in 2013 or 2014.

In 13 March 2013, Mars enters Aries, meaning some extra assertiveness and craziness, probably more war tensions ahead. By 22 March 2013, at the time of Equinox, Mars is conjunct with Uranus in Aries (!)  - this is denoting a powerful radical energy of violence for the 3 months ahead: April, May and June.

And Mars is transiting Aries in April 2013, and transiting Taurus in May 2013. In 10 April 2013, the New Moon is conjunct with Mars in Aries! And in 25 April 2013, the Full Moon is not only opposite Mars but also conjunct with Saturn. Both dates reveal uprisings, aggression, wars or conflicts. By early May, the talk might be about finances, currencies, resources, environment, as many planets are in Taurus.

This can be a new level of assertiveness and crises in situations like Iran, North Korea, China and Japan, the Euro crises within Europe, etc. It is easy for things to explode and get out of control.

2013 and 2014 will probably, and unfortunately, see the start of a major war

Actually in June 2013, Mars transits Gemini (while Jupiter is also doing so). This is an excellent energy for a revolution or uprising. Historically, many revolutions have started when both Mars and Jupiter were transiting Gemini, and other outer planets were in cardinal signs, as they are now. Especially relevant is 23 June 2013, around the Solstice, when the Full Moon occurs as also Jupiter is crossing the first cardinal degree. I do not know exactly what this entails for the 3 months ahead, but it certainly denotes something on a large scale, treaties and possibly at an international level or involvement of many nations (Jupiter).

By 7 July 2013, the New Moon forms a T-square with Uranus and Pluto: this can be the seeding of great energy manifesting (probably it is related to events that already started in the spring months). In 22 July 2013, there is a Full Moon, as the grand cross is approaching. And in 29 July 2013 and days around, Mars forms an exact grand T-square with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto! This continues into early August, and will affect masses of people, and the charts of many world powers. Expect any significant historical key events of more energy to occur around this time frame of July and August 2013.

In 4 October 2013, the New Moon forms another T-square in mid Libra. In 3 November 2013 the New Moon and a solar Eclipse is exactly conjunct to Saturn, while Mars aspects Uranus and Pluto again! This is another date of great energy.

Just like a solar eclipse in late 2013, the next months will mark a large crises for many countries but also the first real opportunity of new beginnings for many of them.

Yet another more powerful date occurs in the last day of the year, 31 December 2013, when the New Moon is conjunct to Capricorn, and they form a grand T-square with Uranus and Mars in Libra! This of course should be another period of increased cardinal energy (Dec 2013 - Jan 2014), after the July and August 2013. It's when big historical events tend to happen.

Another very extreme period occurs around 30 March 2014 and the following April 2014. Lots of extreme energy as a grand cross is formed by Mars in Libra, Jupiter still in Cancer, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus together with a New Moon in mid Aries! Both the Dec 2013 solstice and the Mar 2014 equinox, denote a very energetic, historical and eventful year of 2014.

I cannot pinpoint exactly the nature of these events, but they will be related to stuff like uprisings, revolutions, large crises and scandals, large inventions, panics, epic events like a meteor strike or a tsunami, a major war, or war tensions, economic crises, radical politics, rebels, inspiring and radical leaders, etc.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Combining Mars and Sun transiting in angles. A good timing for personal crises

Everyone knows that planets transiting the our chart angles (and their cardinal houses) brings often crises and some of the greatest changes in our lives.

But what everyone seems to dismiss is that transiting Sun and Mars often mark when specifically will those events occur!

Usually transits of Sun to my angles, and transits of Mars to my angles, relate to periods of much increased energy, activity and change, and often moods of irritation, depression, restlessness, and sometimes relating to larger personal events. If those transits occur, when an outer planet is already transiting an angle, then you will probably have a hard time period of much change, a but related to the nature of the outer planet transit.

For instance let's say than in the years 1999 and 2000 you had Neptune transiting your ASC and Saturn your IC. You are already experiencing a period of much change and unrest, but as in January Mars transits your first house, you have an emotional outburst that blows out of proportions. A significant shift in life happens then, because you either decide to quit your long career or relationship. That's the sort of thing I am talking about.

It's even possible to pinpoint the exact days when you will have the strongest energy for such outbursts: when the Moon transits your angles and cardinal houses!

It actually happened to me that January 2000, that I had such a sudden emotional outburst and I decided that exact day, to move my place of living, with larger long term consequences I couldn't foresee. Mars was transiting my ASC, as Saturn and Neptune were crossing other angles. And the Moon was crossing my first house. But it could have been another of the other three cardinal houses.

This is not a one-time instance. I could give you many other examples. I broke up relationships in February 2004 and February 2006, because Sun was transiting my first house, and Mars my fourth house. One of those times was with the Moon transiting the 7th house (Full Moon), the other was with Moon transiting 1st house (New Moon). Once I quit a job as I was having Uranus opposite my natal Mars and square to my natal Sun; the day I did it I had the Sun, Mars and the Moon transiting the 10th house. It was fun. Because as the Moon moved towards the ASC, a week later, I found a new job!

Currently, I have Saturn just entering my 10th house, while Mars just crosses my ASC yesterday and I had another emotional outburst, this time without yet deciding for a change (yes, it's career-wise). The Moon was transiting my 10th house. Since I currently have the Sun transiting my 12th house (but Mars in 1st house), I am kind of worried what will happen when both will be at the first house at same time, in early February. Especially when the Moon transits my cardinal houses (1st house, 4th house and 7th house).

What seems dramatic to me is this. It does not matter to actually know and forecast this. I cannot avoid a building emotion and issue, that in those energetic days, must find an outlet out. I can choose to damp it, but often something will happen that then triggers the repressed outburst. It's like an erupting volcano. Magma is about to erupt but it can still "wait" for a month or so, but the pressure is already there. It cannot be kept for long.

So far I have learn this. The unavoidable fate and timing of these events and energies. They cannot be suppressed. Change seems to be just the nature of life. Therefore, if I have a relationship, house and job, I should expect to be changing it, every few years. But our society seems to insist otherwise. Something ought be terribly wrong here. How shall we adapt to a life of such dramatic changes every few years?

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The most detailed and accurate global predictions for the decade 2010-2020 ever. Read it!

We already know that the decade ahead is going to correspond to the most destructive decade since the second world war, but not as quite devastating as that terrible conflict.

What we will experience is either or a combination of some degree of: 1) a economic collapse, 2) civil unrest and violence, 3) major wars between nations, and possibly, 4) important individual figures, inspiring the masses and pushing radical ideologies (for positive and for negative), 5) major technological advance

This is part of the quadrature between two major astrological influences: Uranus transiting Aries, in square to Pluto transiting Capricorn. This influence runs mostly between 2010 and 2020, and it is intensified mostly around 2014, and also by major alignments from Jupiter and Saturn in 2008-2010 and in 2019-2020.

By studying the waning and waxing influence of the cycles of outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) we can forecast the constructive or destructive trends of the historical advances or retrocesses of our civilization. I will explain this now!

Following a conjunction of planet A and B, there is a general constructive influence, which shifts towards the destructive (to a certain degree) between the opposition of A and B and the conjuntion, and then the cycle begins anew. Many cycles in constructive mode means mostly global peace and rapid societal and economic advance; while many cycles in destructive mode means large economic, social and military mess.

Following a major Neptune-Pluto conjunction at the start of the 20th century, large scale industrialization began, with mass movement of people towards the cities, and the appearance of major methods of transportation (cars, airplanes) and communication (radio, tv, electricity)

In 1930, a cardinal cross between the outer planets caused many cycles began turning most cycles towards the negative mode,  During the rest of the decade, the remaining constructive began, one by one, becoming destructive, until only one remained: the Neptune-Pluto mentioned above. This was in 1939, when the second world war started. Everything was to be destroyed except the things represented by the Neptune and Pluto cycle. Out of 10 cycles, 9 were in destructive mode.

In the entire period 1900-2030, the most destructive periods are the two world wars, followed after by the decade of 2010-2020, which is not as destructive as the world wars, but still quite devastating historically. By 2019, there are 7 out of 10 cycles in destructive.

In the first world war (by 2014), everything was in destructive mode except the things represented by Neptune-Pluto and by the Saturn-Uranus cycle A lot of politics was destroyed (Jupoiter-Saturn), a lot of economic, governments and society was destroyed (all other Jupiter cycles), military events were destructive (Saturn-Pluto), hope was lost (Saturn-Neptune), a lot of what pertains to the masses were destroyed (Uranus-Neptune and Uranus-Pluto) except what was created by the start of the century (as the radio, cars, airplanes, electricity). However the second world war was destructive for the Saturn-Uranus cycle, while the first world war was not. This meant, the second world war had much more dramatic and destructive social, political, conflict and ideological issues, that in the first world war were mostly benign.

By 2019, everything is destroyed (nearly everything in politics and economy, governments and society), military events will be again destructive (Saturn-Pluto, before 2020 but not after), hope will be lost (Saturn-Neptune), but everything that pertains to the globalization will be maintained (the internet, the industrialization, the transportation, the electrical grids, the media, the political rights and values from the sixties, and the technology from the nineties, computer, mobiles and the online world)

Knowing this I can tell what can and cannot happen!

Whatever happens it cannot be a full scale third world war (otherwise the above technology, grids, internet, electricity and transportation could not continue), likewise no catastrophic solar flare can happen. Likewise, I doubt that a major catastrophic oil shock or meteor strike can happen. A pandemic could happen, but it certainly does not fit as the main event.

The scenarios likely to occur are a combination of some degree of 3 things :

  • major wars around the globe, but not a global war: any sort of "soft" world war (like major regional wars happening at same time). This seriously affects many nations. The internet, grids and transportation and our political rights continue, but everything else is destroyed (economy, politics, entire societies). Also possible are a localized nuclear war, or a major destructive regional war, with full global consequences for most economy, social and politics. 
  • full scale global meltdown of economy; not total chaos, but a lot of it. At least the basic transportation, energy persists in most countries, but the economy, social and political is mostly destroyed. This can also be caused by war or a moderate oil (not fully global) shock (for example, the entire Middle East)
  • social chaos in streets, political riots and uprising are highly likely to occur
As of now, late 2012, some cycles of 2019 are negative, while some others will become during the years ahead:

  • Jupiter-Saturn: the main economic-socio-political distress cycle started in 2010, and will not finish until the conjunction of 2020. Expect the same global economic crises to continue until then. This is a lot related to the Euro (the cycle started in 2001, when the Euro started, and it shifted into negative mood from 2010 - so it is linked to the European debt crises, and this is expected to be fixed only by 2020 at the time of the new conjunction). Most troubleful (economic) time seems to occur especially around 2015, with the waning cycle, and then things seem to go more downhill. Perhaps that when Greece goes out, or a major crises/bailout to Spain or even France happens, or something like that. Expect the economy to sustain somewhat until at least 2014 and probably mid 2015, and then go downhill until 2020.
  • Jupiter-Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The majority of society, political and economic destruction will increase in years ahead. In 2009, a positive cycle of hope and idealism (Jupiter-Neptune) started, probably with the election of Obama. Likewise, a positive cycle of revolution and change also started in 2010 (Jupiter-Uranus). However, the cycle of hope ends in October 2015 (I probably expect republicans in the white house in 2016, with the consequences of starting some major wars by then). The cycle of Jupiter-Uranus also goes negative by early 2017, when the next US president is elected. The 2016 President looks to be a nasty one (agressive, leading to wars), while the 2020 US election effects real change and a gradual shift towards a global positive mood (several cycles become positive by then, and a new hope represented by Jupiter-Neptune in 2022). The US president elected in 2024 brings even further positive mood (represented by a positive Jupiter-Uranus and Saturn-Neptune in 2025)!
  • The cycle Jupiter-Pluto started in late 2007, and it becomes negative in August 2013. This cycle might have to do with political attitudes towards terrorism and wars. This becomes negative in 2013, and only ends in 2020. But as I will described below, anything happening war or terror-like in 2013 will still be small than whatever occurs by 2016-2019.
  • Saturn-Uranus: the major socio-economico-political destruction of the old started already in 2008 (start of the global meltdown). It will continue unabated until 2030! Only by 2030 will the global meltdown of economy and nations finish, probably with a new world order. This means many revolutions will still continue throughout the 2020s decade, although that decade will be lighter then the current one. Especially by 2020 (Saturn-Uranus waning square), expect to see the worst of this socio-economic.political destruction that started with the global meltdown in 2008! Probably following the major conflicts that seem possible around 2016 and 2019 (you will read about this below). Around the end of the decade there is accute economic depression and the peak of it.
  • Saturn-Neptune: by 2006 this cycle became negative, and this was probably brought by the major long-term consequences of the Bush government (mostly linked to economic crises, and the conflicts with Iran and N.Korea).This will only be fixed by 2025, the year around a possible Mid East or Korean solution. Until then, the cycle is destructive, represented by religion extremism, lack of hope, problems with climate change and oil/energy. By 2015-2016 (just as the agressive war-events start) this set of challenges is expected to be more destructive. This influence brings with it, ideological extremism and will to wage war inspired by ideology. It will be most accute by 2015.
  • Saturn-Pluto: finally, the last destructive cycle, that pertains to destructive military and conflict events (and violence), started in the 911 and only ends by 2020. It is between the waning square in 2010 and 2020 that events will be mostly destuctive, probably around the conflicts of 2016 and also 2019.
  • Uranus-Neptune, Uranus-Pluto and Neptune-Pluto are and will be still in constructive mode, assuring that our technological world of media, internet, communication, transportation, industry, global rights, and electrical grids, will be mostly safe and still growing.