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Saturn-Pluto cycles, the deep changes

Cycles Saturn-Pluto

1878 new empires, new world order
1887 economica depression
1895 ----
1905 russia revolution

Cycles of world wars
1914-C WWI
1922-s economic regressions lead to nationalism movements
1931-O big depression
1940-s WWII

Cold war, hippies and Israel/oil
1947-C cold war and recession, Israel born
1955-s cold war; Israel at war with Egypt
1963-O hippies and riots in US; six day war by Israel
1974-s Israell war and oil recession

Wars on oil
1982-C china rises as a major power, regional wars in Iraq, Iran, Afegn
1993-s after fall of berlin wall! Gulf war
2001-O 911!, some bankruptcies
2010-s major world changes, major changes around oil/ economic shock/ new middle east order

2020-C a new global peace world order


It could well be that by 2012 a major solar storm could knock down our main electrical infrastrutures leading to worldwide rethinking in the way how we use technology, take things for granted. Maybe a sign to awake and invoke the peace that lies within us...
Saturn-Pluto cycles seem lately related to world powers, search for oil and nuclear power. I believe in low-tech natural alternatives.

Uranus-Saturn cycles, making revolutions

Today i was studying a bit the saturn-uranos cycles, and I got to some peculiar and interesting conclusions!

I clearly see that this cycle correlates well to society changes between Uranian and Saturnine trends, between radical change and maintaining of old structures and economy

WAtch how these cycles with seed events starting during conjuntion, culminating in opposition and merging into next cycle again

O-opposition, s-squares, C-conjuntion

CYCLE1: main changes bringing the 20st century world order and start of technological age (civil war in US)

1853-C some wars leading to other future wars and first major technological advances
1864-s US civil war, railroads
1875-O new empires, pos civil war in US
1886-s after krakatoa eruption, technological advances

CYCLE2: big rearrangemnts on the world, leading to the big depression and world warII and globalism latter:

1897-C post economic depression in US, scientific advances
1909-s, no particular event ?
1920-O first world war, after russian revolution
1931-s the big depression

CYCLE3: from second world war, going to 60s and then latter significant progress in civil movements and URSS breakup

1942-C second world war
1953-s conservadorism, cold war, rock n roll
1965-O the 60s, vietnam war, going to the moon
1976-s oil shocks, some society movements

CYCLE4: now in globalized society, new issues arise, mainly trying to deal with global economy, nuclear energy and the notion of global powers

1987-C black monday stock crash, chernobil, events leading to USSR breakup
2001-s US Bush election, 911
2010-O, US 2008 election, possible economic and world changes? oil crashes? new energies?
2021-s global shifts towards peace
2032-C new World unions and peace

Saturn-Uranus cycle will want to bring forward the humanitarian and radical new in substitution for the old and conservative. The way is to make peace between radical impulse, change and structure and desire for stability. But sometimes while resisting for conservative choices, all goes down the toilet.
We shall see more of these by 2010.
This is the only way to end terrorism and enrich the economy.

Other cycles, Pluto-Uranus, Pluto-Neptune and Neptune-Uranus


Uranus-Pluto cycles

1090-C First crusade
1141-O Second crusade, Portugal was born

1201-C Mongol invasions by Khan
1239-s idem, more
1286-O idem, more

1343-C Black Plague
1455-C Fall of Constantinople, Ottoman empire tries to enter Europe
1597-C Anglo-Spanish war, French wars of religion, recurrence of plague, Russia anarchy
1710-C Napoleonic invasions
1794-O French Revolution

1850-C deep social changes, lead to US civial war
1901-O Russia and China revolutions; mass production of automobile; Several wars and Einstein revolutions
1933-s Big Depression and rise of nationalism

1966-C Global social changes all around the world!
2012-s big world changes light vs dark!
2046-O new social integrations, 60s?! (like space age, hippies, peace)

2104-C new social integrations, 60s?!

Well, I intent to live around 2012 in something like this.
At least I believe that much of man kind will live in much more ecological and self-suficiency ways many from 2010 up until 2046. The real start of Aquarian Age?

Uranus-Neptune cycles
1910-O Russia and China changes
578 BCE 8 Taurus
84/83 BCE 15-16 Taurus Christ consequences in Rome
411/412 CE 22-23 Taurus Rome fall
905 28 Taurus
1398-99 2-3 Gemini - start of global village (Gem), european explorations... Renassaince
1891-92 7-8 Gemini - start of a big new cycle... plenty of seeds prior to 20st Century
2384 12-13 Gemini - new unfoldments

The new unfolding society of normal 2030?

Pluto-Neptune cycles
411-C, Rome fall
1399-C, start of european overseas, start of a brand new cycle
1891-C, the new technological age, start of a brand new cycle

Auroville, in India.
A giant city futuristic community, where thousands of people live, from all of over the world in a beautiful communion of spiritual and nature dedicate people. A trend for the future?
Our cities need urgently some cleaning and inspiration. Perfect for a Pluto that will migrate from Capricorn into Aquarius in a few fifteen years

Uranus-Saturn cycles, for Portugal

Ciclos de Saturno e Urano e a História de Portugal
(Mapa astral de Portugal)

Cycles of Saturn and Uranus and the History of Portugal
(natal chart of Portugal)

Today i was studying a bit the saturn-uranos cycles, and I got to some peculiar and interesting conclusions!

I clearly see that this cycle correlates well to society changes between Uranian and Saturnine trends, between radical change and maintaining of old structures and economy

WAtch how these cycles with seed events starting during conjuntion, culminating in opposition and merging into next cycle again

O-opposition, s-squares, C-conjuntion
Na conjuncao ocorrem grandes inícios e construcoes
Nas quadraturas, pontos de viragem e revolucoes ou golpes de estado
Nas oposicoes, guerras, apogeu dum dilema

Reestruturacoes de Portugal
1755-s Sismo destrói Lisboa e abala o país
1765-C Pombalismo
1776-s Fim do Pombalismo, Fim da Inquisicao em Portugal, Liberalismo
1787-O ----
1798-s início da época napoleónica

Portugal quer por influencias internas ou externas quebra-se
1809-C Início das invasoes de Napoleao
1820-s Revolucao liberais em Portugal (levaram a Independencia do Brasil)
1831-O Guerra Civil Portuguesa
1842-s Setembrismo e golpe de estado

Prepara-se um novo futuro, e o fim do império e da monarquia
1853-C Regeneracao (crise monarquica), evitar o atraso de PT por desenvolvimento tecnologico
1864-s fortes construçoes de transportes, Fontismo (uso de dinheiro britanico que levaria a novas crises)
1875-O Criacao do partido republicano
1886-s aspiracoes republicanas, fortes movimentos sociais, Crise no delineamentos das colonias portuguesas que levava ao Ultimato Britanico

A instabilidade de Portugal provocada profundas mudanças e ditadura
1897-C crises
1909-s, Fim da Monarquia; Regicidio; Implantacao da Republica
1920-O instabilidade dos governos que levaria à Ditadura, Sidónio Pais e morte
1931-s Inicio do Estado Novo

Ditadura e Colonialismo, até ao seu fim
1942-C segunda guerra mundial, Portugal neutro,
1953-s Inclusao na ONU, primeiros sinais a levar às guerras
1965-O início das guerras coloniais
1976-s 25 de Abril e Democracia

A época europeia
1987-C Portugal entra na EU
2001-s moeda única, o Euro
2010-O dilemas europeus, nova constituiçao portuguesa,
2021-s tratados europeus, fortes progressos e discussoes sociais
2032-C uma nova uniao europeia, como nação?

I do hope that by 2032 a new european or even world nation will get its way on.
Forget the economy binding reasons. Its the people that matter!
We shall live in peace, in one collective desire for union.

We will get tired of revolutions and conflicts

Saturday, December 22, 2007


AGE OF PISCES 24000BC, Neandartals become extinct, last glacial maximum, several venus uncovered
the arrow was invented, a first variety of wheat was cultivated, expansion of cultures around the world, particularly India, Lemuria?
several painting discovered
Atlantis civilization, domestication of dog
it started with the great flood, end of ice age and end of Atlantis civilization, the building of the great Sphynx in Egypt began
neolhitic reviolution, domestication of animals and creation of farms, rise of pottery, nomadic tribes create settlements, domestication of cat in Egypt: the age of the mother
development of languages, trade accelerates: the age of the twins
building of the Pyramids, development of agriculture, cult of bulls, transport created with wheels, bronze age, papyrus invention
empires of Persia, Orient, Greece, Rome, the sacrifice of the ram by Abraham, Ra cult, Ramesses, Amon Ra, Abram, Braham..., age of iron, monotheism and male religion
cult of Jesus, age of fishes, development of major religions and art, invention of paper, and towards its end development of science, industry, oil and technology, sufferings
AGE OF AQUARIUS 2012?-4000,
space-age, internet, great scientific developments, knowledge widespread, ufos, global communication, awakening global movements, humanitarian movements, ecological concerns, new age ideas

During the Age of Aquarius, the ideal of service, those like humanitarian concerns and our strivings for higher wisdom, shall sweep all around the world

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Age of Aquarius

Prediction for 2000s, 2010s, 2012, 2020s, 2030s...
What will the Age of Aquarius look like?

Currently, Uranus in is Pisces (2003-2011), Neptune is Aquarius (1998-2012) and Pluto in Capricorn entering Capricorn until 2024, when it will enter into Aquarius until 2044.
ALl these planets are marking the start of Aquarian age, which extends into the next 2000 years or so. This will mark a time where the Pisces energies of the previous age will gradually give place into the aquarian energies. Piscean energies marked last 2000 years of religions, suffering, dreams and ilusions, arts, expansion through the oceans and enslavement. The borning aquarian energies will mark science, technology, freedom, humanitarian, eccentric behaviour, space expansion and internet, global consciousness, groups and rebel tendences. On its best it shall mark a very human and fraternal age.
The start of the Aquarius Age is difficult to pinpoint. It lies somewhere between the 1920s, 1960s, 2012 or 2060s. On my humble opinion, the start year is not exact, but somewhere in this decade as near-future powerful events shall happen as many have predicted.
We will review these.

Pluto in Scorpio meant destruction and regeneration such as the end of cold war and also to sexual changes, specially with the appearance of aids.
Pluto in Sagittarius, it changed dramatically religions that came with a obsessive trace during these last years and also of spirituality (new age ideas).
Pluto in Capricorn will mean transformation of society, social structures, economy and also the issue of authority and state. Then in Aquarius, after this social change, a time of revolutions and humanitarian impulse will came together with care for the enviroment.

By looking backwards to the point where Pluto or Neptune or Uranus was last time, we may infer what will the next years look alike.

Looking backwards, about 165 years ago, Neptune did the following:
In 1840s
-the theory of Darwin (curiously, since 2002 we started discussing this again, speculating the intervention of inteligence in creation)
-electromagnetic theory by faraday (we have similar this decade with computers)
-railroad construction on USA (now with spaceships)
-first telegraph (oh yes, maybe now we have the internet!)
-the Communist manifesto was written (now with intentional community and new social movements)
-Irish famine and great revolutions in Europe

well, wait. look back another 165 years (1670s) and there you'll have Newton laws published!!!! but there was also plagues and the great fire of London (isnt it curious all these news about bird flue and plagues alike?) If you go back another 165 years, you will get to the time of Leonardo da Vinci and trips that made see that the world was round and not flat.

About 250 years ago, Pluto did the following:
just wars, changes in power and alike (pluto in capricorn) (1750s)
but in 10-20 years, it came formation of USA and the French revolution, so we now what we have ahead! pluto borning our aquarian impulse for the transformation of societies, and then more piscean discoveries lie ahead

Go back another 250 years (1500s-1520s), and there'll have the spanish conquest of peru and portuguese colonization of Brasil and another moves in Africa. Go back another 250 years (1250s) and there will have the same thing, now with Roman empire, Britain and Mongols

Now, with Uranus...
If you go back another 84 years before 1910-1922
1826-1838: nationalistic independence decade (as from wikipedia, several countries reclaim it; so)
1742-1754: and again the same impulse

And reflect on this:
one Neptune cycles is two Uranus cycles!!
one Pluto cycle is three Uranus cycles!!

Note that 500 years makes six uranus cycles (504y), two exact pluto cycles and three neptune cycles (495y)

So, look 500 years ago to watch the same pattern we have today, the renascense, the discovery of Americas and much expansion with boats and commercial shares, leonardo da vinci's.

So as a parallel, we may expect dramatic shifts in countries with some revolutions, expansion maybe in space science and novel spiritual ideas, great discoveries lie ahead and novel ecomony ideas, something similar to Newton, Copernico and Galileo's ideas, and maybe a novel calendar (gregorian calendar was invented during that time. I would also suggest that we will find we're not the only living planet as we discovered we were not in the center of the solar system!

Please have a look at

In future, ecological design shall be a part of our every day living

Some astrologers tells us the 60s and the Hippie movements was the forerunners of the Aquarian age influence

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Esoteric astrology

Please have a look at these websites
(or search 'esoteric astrology' or 'alice bailey' on google)

Lunar days and weather

I am now reviewing the tropical versus sideral systems on astrology.

Please have a look at this website:

When moon crosses the sideral signs, weather is affected. For example its June and here the weather is usually hot this time of the year, but with some rain sometimes.
Last week, moon was in sagittarius, and for two days the weather was fairly hot, then when moon reached aquarius the weather became cloudy but hot and windy, then moon moved to sideral pisces and weather became rainy, the temperature dropped. In aries some sun came again between the clouds but then is again rainy and a bit windy, as moon crosses taurus and approaches new moon in gemini.

The weather is not directly correlating neither sideral or tropical exactly, but it seems to approach the sideral counting fairly well.

The moon exerts a big influence on human behaviour, plant growth, the weather and ocean life

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Activation of outer planets transits

This is interesting stuff.
I have designed a moon-based astrological callendar for following during the months ahead our biggest cosmic influences, such as new moons and full moons, important transits, when planets or the sun or the moon enter a particular house.
Basically, I start drawing the twelve houses and then put when the house reaches these. Then, I marked all the full moons and new moons and when the sun and planets enter a specific house. At last I mark particular events such as long-term transits and global meditations or solstices.

I have noted that during an astrological transit of Uranus, Neptune or Pluto, there are four things that can charge and activate that transit. First is a new moon or full moon near the point of the transit. It happened also during lunar eclipses, bringing powerful events, even if the moon was 5º from the transit axis. Secondly, the normal passage of the moon on that house, such every time that the moon passes on my tenth house, my issues of carrer get more stired, due to my Pluto transit there. Third, powerfully and funny, the passage of the Sun, Mercury and Mars specially mark and activate those transits when they pass there, making an aspect, conjuntion, sextile, trine, square or opposition.
This happened in my transiting Uranus opposition my natal Moon. Mars conjucted Uranus-Moon and activated much of the uranian energy. Jupiter is now also squaring the Uranus-Moon transits and emotions have gone, I must admit, a little bit crazy. At last, the moon passing through my water houses, such s 8th or 12th may also help bring those energies, since the person is more sensible. But I am honest, I like when moon passes on my twelth house (time to stay at home, meditating and sleeping long), since I am a quite piscean person.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 2007

Hi all,

I will describe here how I was living life during last months accordingly to latest astrological influences on my chart.
First to give you a brief, I had my first Uranus (1st h) hit to natal Moon (7th h) and a nearly first hit of Pluto to natal Mercury (both in 11th h), which also nearly squares natal Mars (7th h).
So, this is a year after my long and dense Pluto conjucting my piscean-like Sun-Neptune in 11th house, which finally told me you will change your career, by making me see my most-lovingly dreams that I had burried during the teens.
But for the three or four hits of Pluto, changes were bigger, but I kept on the same job, while exploring more and more alternative realities. I also found my soul mate partner (sun rules my leo seventh house!). Now its time for Pluto to strike Mercury, a few degrees ahead of natal Sun-Neptune and then return, somewhere in autumn, to the last and fifth hit to natal sun!
Of course, with Pluto changes are mostly internal and kept for ourselves. With Uranus now things are revealing themselves to outside!
Shortly before first Uranus hit, emotions start to boil inside. I kept them while I decided that I will quit and move. Shortly after Uranus hit, situation was no longer manageable (due to health starting to breakdown) and I announced external world that I would move temporarly out of my job. Note that my girly is also planning moving (she's having lots of Uranus transits) and my Moon is, of course, in my seventh house under this Uranus strike. Moon rules sixth house, hence the health issues as a catalyst and Jupiter recently sitted on MC (what better luck!!!), squared the Uranus-Moon transit: emotions are wild these last days.
Of course, every signal of a Moon waking up: I dream of moving house, moving abroad, moving to countryside, moving with my love, moving to become self-sufficient with the latest uranian ecological (and free-from-society) ideals.
I shall add during April-May, the Sun, then Mercury and then Mars went to join Uranus on this swing party: Mars gave the final step. Note that all thse are or were in my piscean first house where Uranus sits since 2003. It's also my second big change on my life after Uranus entered my Aquarius-Pisces cusp Ascendent that year (dont ask me what I am, I guess both!).

Now, Saturn will give his last Descendent hit, which of course I guess may be my moving together to share life with soul mate. Jupiter in MC/10th house will help to give me finally a good insight into what I want to do in life (career).

In 2008, Pluto will exactly conjunct Mercury and square Mars. I predicted mainly eleventh and seventh house related changes (again the seventh house focus). It should bring as catalysts fourth/fifth/seventh house issues (gemini and virgo houses), so I guess residence moves, relationship focus and possibly (who knows) a child. Mars rules second house and nineth, so finances and academic living/travels should again do changes.

Sun in several houses in 2007: twelth house was a introspective period of thinking, first house was as usual a enthusiastic and active period, second house concerning now mainly spiritual values and the issue of stability and also self-worth, on third was a new and important book and much writting on work.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Astrological transits

I am 25 years old Sagittarius sun , Sun Neptune Mercury conjuntion, in 10-11th house border. Recently I had Pluto transiting over Sun and Neptune and in 2007-8 it will finish over Mercury.
Pluto transited in 10th house last decade.
I have a 28º Aquarius ascendent, a kind of Aquarius-Pisces ascendent, with Neptune now approaching it, and Uranus well into 1st house conjuncting my 7th house Natal moon in Virgo (in 2007-2008).
I also have Venus in 12th house in Aquarius and Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in 8th house. Mars is 7th house and Uranus 9th house near MC.

Here it goes my personal experiences.
Note that general events are just general they indicate tendencies and therefore one can only say that under this transit you will feel awakening or changing and on another you feel dreaming and dreaming.

Pluto transiting Sun: there was a complete transformation of my life mission goals. I rediscovered my childhood dreams of living on natural and simple standards (sun-neptune conjuntion). I pass one entire year (and I'm still into) wondering if I should quit my job and my career altogether. I was obsessively persuing of knowing more about these dreams and how to create them. Pluto destroys and creates anew. I lived abroad and during that time the dream of living in nature came (pluto transforming a sagittarius sun). These are mainly 10 and 11th house issues. Nothing with father (just a decrease of his influence) and I met my grandfather (with whom my father dont speak for years) on a fateful movie-like way and on the fateful pluto first hit over the sun. I had a four-months relationship with deep emotional issues involved and during that the girl attempted suicide, it break-up as she got involved on another afair. There was some talks about sexuality issues and I met a few during that time too (but I mantained my heterosexuality). I had important talks with scorpio-like people. A few friends had accidents (11th house theme) and I also had one near-accident. There was the probability of getting sexually involved with some female friends (but I choose not to). During Pluto themes of self-control are very often present. At first hit I went to a psychologist, at the second hit I reflect and I obsessively visit some intentional communities and thought of joining one. After that, I fatefully met my girlfriend. One intense year!

Pluto transiting Neptune: there was a complete transformation of ideals, dreams and spiritual goals. My emotional patterns alter and I quit experimenting with some entheogenic drugs (I had a bad trip during my first pluto hit). However it was one enlightning very dense experience. I had a urge to break free from all life and quit my job and even run away one night from home (on other night I fought of suicide). Confusion issues but leading to different dreams.

Pluto transiting MC: at that time I entered university and I quite didnt fit into its life. It was a dense period. With lots of melancholy, suicide thoughts, a six-months depression. Obscure when its comes to society integrations. It was the most plutonic period of my life.

Uranus transiting Ascendent: after years of feeling shy, stuck into 12th house shyness, I rocked changes on my self-expression. I awaked. A quite fast-lived, quick, full of changes lperiod. I went abroad for the first time, got my first girlfriend and sexual experiences and then ended abruptly, experiment with entheogenic drugs for the first time, lead a life of rebeldous ways. Then, I was rushes into entering a job and rushes into the first one (probably it was not the best idea). But hey, it openned this long decade of novelty of uranus in first house (every year is a completely exciting and unpredictable one! but now I am much more used to this)

Uranus square Uranus: almost at same time of Uranus in ascendent but it extended a year ahead. Mostly focused on experimenting with entheonic drugs, living abroad and travelling, living a bit chaotic and free way. My first girlfriend ended abruptly. I entered the alternative world of the theather (self-expression) and this exposed me even further to alternative things and friends (but note, I am an aquarius rising!). I start studying astrology. Time for exploring and awakening.

Uranus transiting Moon: well... not time for emotional stability. Emotions flare to side of stability and then uranian risk. Rush, rush. The envolvment with my girlfriend causes me to flare with new ideals, uranian causes and emotions for breaking-up my "old living" and join her. Rush to quit job, career and city living and join countryside living. Three things changing dramatically: belonings and security notions, women and home (at home, I started composting, recycling a lot, planting my own food and I also though of building in future a house with my swettie love, and buying a property, well its uranus rushing over the moon!) Problems and dilemas as much as excitement!

Neptune transiting Venus: well.... i was painfully, deeply emotionally falling in love several times, just on that diffuse neptunian feeling, mostly based on illusions. It served me to rediscover my heart and become mysef much more emotional and sensible in love issues.

Saturn sextile Saturn: as time goes by to my first saturn return in two-three years, the sextile that is last to that approachin period, brings a brink of opportunity for what may be that serious unfolding saturn return. In my case, I am now completely engaged in a serious relationships and with my companion love we plan the first steps towards our self-sufficiency as a way as we can fulfill our life mission of building something that may be of serving to others. I am searching prices of properties and old rural houses to recover (saturn is in my eight house hence this is about money, property and intimacy issues). In this building for structure, it seems things go easy although slowly.

Saturn square Saturn: before this last saturn sextile, I had two and a half years ago, my last square. Well, on that month I turned vegetarian and at the same time got a schollaship of my job (which by the way I do not like it so much and at that time the obtaining of the scholarschip was not of my greateast pleasured). However, now I see it as the one step towards the achievement that would be fully unfolding at the saturb return (the vegetaria thing has to do with my dream of becoming a self-sufficient spiritual person of service to others and living in full harmony with nature, yet, at that time it was just a health readjustment)

Saturn in descendent: this time you'll get much more serious in relationships. You will only want stable, serious, fullfilling relationships. You want structure, you want compromise, but you will also face problems in the same or other relationships that dont work and are old. So, either you go or you quit. I also feel presured to seek a job of more public contact but face my shyness problems too. I also face the compromise value on jobs and career. No, its not depressing or make your relationships worse, you just want assurement and face your own issues. I met my present love during the first hit (second will still come).

Neptune trining Saturn:

Pluto square Moon: your relationships with women will alter dramatically specially if you also have your moon in seventh house like me. I felt in love with one, obsessively but id didnt work (but hey, I learned a lot about women and relating and emotions). I awoke to emotions and our their model my way of viewing the world. Some depressing days during that period but issues were solved on the first hit (my moon is not aspected). Then, I got my first relationship with a female overcoming my shyness. Nothing with mother, nothing with home life.

Pluto square Mars: its beggining this transit. It will only be complete in 2008. It has something to do with direction of life, of life impulse to built things, with making or breaking contract (mars in seventh house), with sexuality (rising up of sexual energies towards my heart chakra and dealing with the first two)

Jupiter transiting Uranus: a period of relief, of excitment, of novelty, of new begginings and specially of opportunities. It did not bring me great fortune, but I felt very free, very excited with my life after I return from abroad to my home country (curiously my uranus is in nineth house! in my case it expanded my life purpose, a nineth house issue)

Jupiter transiting Moon: time of my first girlfriend. On the day of contact we start the relationship. Well, it was jupiterean in the sense I just softly learned about women and relationships.

Jupiter transiting MC: bless this is. we will wait. Its still on MC. I am feeling more confident to change career and I finally start exploring the many scenarios of earning money and making a real contribution to society. I am visiting many social groups this time. With Jupiter you will feel good but you do have to take action and not procastinate. Aim high. Luck may help you.

Pluto over 1oth house: after this 5-10 year period you will definitely not see career and work and society as the same thing. No, no, no. With me, it was so different after five years. All meaning of life indeed has changed. I had entered a career of biology in beggining (academic) and now I feel pushing into a living with no academics, no degrees, just my simple ideals. Plutonic will dig off your hidden career desires.

Uranus over 12th house: electrically sleeping I call it. A seventh year period of shyness and maybe melancholy and some erratic emotional periods. From my uranus in first house perspective, I now sense it was from that period that I have awaked to life, awake to spirituality, awake to my self-expression. At the end of the long transit I start shifting confusion into spiritual ideals and shyness/emotions into self-expression/actions.

Neptune over 11 and 12th houses: a time of ideals, of shyness, of sensitivity, to universal things, to spiritual and humanitarian ideals, we may suffer with friendships or finding a little bit alienated from the world, but surely also making some very other close and beautiful friendships (most were just very untouchable if you do understand me)

Saturn over 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th houses:
Saturn over 6th house: a thought, down to earth period, but good after all. Two themes: work/service and health. First health. At first I got many colds and flu and adopted a vegeterian diet, quit going out at night, adopt more healthy and rigid routines, start doing meditation (in the end), start waking up early in the day and going early at night, took off old routines stuff, clean my house more frequently and state "health implies structure!". I dont sick anymore thanks to saturn. I have more "rituals (spiritual ones in my case). Relating to work, it was a hard-working period, complains from supervisors, with routines, deadlinesm achievments but I question is this service to others? and then now I am thinking how to put this newly found service in sevice of others when saturn stroke the descendent. I entered yoga at the end of the transit and fought of adopting a pet.

Jupiter transiting the chart: jupiter over 1st brought me entrance to university and moving to a different city, jupiter in second more money and resources in daily life, jupiter in third more social and reading life, jupiter in fourth I got a new house, jupiter in fifth I was pondering entering theater and doing volunteering (but I did it only after saturn in fifth), jupiter in sixth I was working abroad (jupiterian issue) and I had my first contact with vegetarian diet (I only became a fully vegetarian with saturn in sixth), jupiter in seventh I got my first girlfriend and my best real friend (but I only endured a serious relationship with saturn in seventh), jupiter in eighth I got the first payment for a job and had expanded sexual life (although issues were coming to conscious mind), jupiter in nineth I went living abroad for a year and travelled to croatia, hungary, spain and still in eighth house to the amazon forest!, I discovered also hinduism, began practicing yoga and mantras (all nineth house issues! and expanded surely my life purpose), jupiter in tenth the first time I was seeking my several possibilities of entering university (different possible areas), now I am trying to them in practice and also exploring the scenario of adopting a part-time living way.

Ultimately, we have all the power and will to choose how to manifest a particular event. Astrology is just a tool-art for mapping our life energies and trends