Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 2007

Hi all,

I will describe here how I was living life during last months accordingly to latest astrological influences on my chart.
First to give you a brief, I had my first Uranus (1st h) hit to natal Moon (7th h) and a nearly first hit of Pluto to natal Mercury (both in 11th h), which also nearly squares natal Mars (7th h).
So, this is a year after my long and dense Pluto conjucting my piscean-like Sun-Neptune in 11th house, which finally told me you will change your career, by making me see my most-lovingly dreams that I had burried during the teens.
But for the three or four hits of Pluto, changes were bigger, but I kept on the same job, while exploring more and more alternative realities. I also found my soul mate partner (sun rules my leo seventh house!). Now its time for Pluto to strike Mercury, a few degrees ahead of natal Sun-Neptune and then return, somewhere in autumn, to the last and fifth hit to natal sun!
Of course, with Pluto changes are mostly internal and kept for ourselves. With Uranus now things are revealing themselves to outside!
Shortly before first Uranus hit, emotions start to boil inside. I kept them while I decided that I will quit and move. Shortly after Uranus hit, situation was no longer manageable (due to health starting to breakdown) and I announced external world that I would move temporarly out of my job. Note that my girly is also planning moving (she's having lots of Uranus transits) and my Moon is, of course, in my seventh house under this Uranus strike. Moon rules sixth house, hence the health issues as a catalyst and Jupiter recently sitted on MC (what better luck!!!), squared the Uranus-Moon transit: emotions are wild these last days.
Of course, every signal of a Moon waking up: I dream of moving house, moving abroad, moving to countryside, moving with my love, moving to become self-sufficient with the latest uranian ecological (and free-from-society) ideals.
I shall add during April-May, the Sun, then Mercury and then Mars went to join Uranus on this swing party: Mars gave the final step. Note that all thse are or were in my piscean first house where Uranus sits since 2003. It's also my second big change on my life after Uranus entered my Aquarius-Pisces cusp Ascendent that year (dont ask me what I am, I guess both!).

Now, Saturn will give his last Descendent hit, which of course I guess may be my moving together to share life with soul mate. Jupiter in MC/10th house will help to give me finally a good insight into what I want to do in life (career).

In 2008, Pluto will exactly conjunct Mercury and square Mars. I predicted mainly eleventh and seventh house related changes (again the seventh house focus). It should bring as catalysts fourth/fifth/seventh house issues (gemini and virgo houses), so I guess residence moves, relationship focus and possibly (who knows) a child. Mars rules second house and nineth, so finances and academic living/travels should again do changes.

Sun in several houses in 2007: twelth house was a introspective period of thinking, first house was as usual a enthusiastic and active period, second house concerning now mainly spiritual values and the issue of stability and also self-worth, on third was a new and important book and much writting on work.


segurelha said...

Now as I write, December 2007, Uranus has made its second hit to natal Moon.
I came back and persisted in the same job. I adopted a much healthier and positive approach to it.
Uranus moon transits induce constant tension, so I examined every aspect of my life, daily habits and conclude that I approach the daily routine with much stress and now I am slowing it down, focusing the uranian energy with enthusiasm and performing new hobbies.
Jupiter entering my tenth house was more of a much needed omen. I finally found solutions to my job situation, concerning a more positive outlook and drive.

Pluto is now transiting natal Mercury. Everything in dail routine is slowly changing. I am thinking of starting writting. I am modifying the way I think (more positively). And there are some communication issues in my relationships I am working with.

segurelha said...

Currently (July 2008) Pluto has been squaring natal Mars: powerful changes in understanding sexuality and direction of life. A fighting spirit (which can be in a good sense).
Pluto has been conjuncting Mercury, which is amazing, since I learn so many new things of Astrology in these last months (sideral astrology, astrology of new dwarf planets, astrology of other ancient cultures). This is a heavy devotion to research and mind transformation.
Uranus and Neptune have been both aspecting my natal Neptune: new dreams, new ideals, new approach to spirituality. And will aspect my natal sun next year: career changes.
Saturn will conjunct my moon next October: keep coming here at the blog...