Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Esoteric astrology

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Lunar days and weather

I am now reviewing the tropical versus sideral systems on astrology.

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When moon crosses the sideral signs, weather is affected. For example its June and here the weather is usually hot this time of the year, but with some rain sometimes.
Last week, moon was in sagittarius, and for two days the weather was fairly hot, then when moon reached aquarius the weather became cloudy but hot and windy, then moon moved to sideral pisces and weather became rainy, the temperature dropped. In aries some sun came again between the clouds but then is again rainy and a bit windy, as moon crosses taurus and approaches new moon in gemini.

The weather is not directly correlating neither sideral or tropical exactly, but it seems to approach the sideral counting fairly well.

The moon exerts a big influence on human behaviour, plant growth, the weather and ocean life