Sunday, December 23, 2007

Other cycles, Pluto-Uranus, Pluto-Neptune and Neptune-Uranus


Uranus-Pluto cycles

1090-C First crusade
1141-O Second crusade, Portugal was born

1201-C Mongol invasions by Khan
1239-s idem, more
1286-O idem, more

1343-C Black Plague
1455-C Fall of Constantinople, Ottoman empire tries to enter Europe
1597-C Anglo-Spanish war, French wars of religion, recurrence of plague, Russia anarchy
1710-C Napoleonic invasions
1794-O French Revolution

1850-C deep social changes, lead to US civial war
1901-O Russia and China revolutions; mass production of automobile; Several wars and Einstein revolutions
1933-s Big Depression and rise of nationalism

1966-C Global social changes all around the world!
2012-s big world changes light vs dark!
2046-O new social integrations, 60s?! (like space age, hippies, peace)

2104-C new social integrations, 60s?!

Well, I intent to live around 2012 in something like this.
At least I believe that much of man kind will live in much more ecological and self-suficiency ways many from 2010 up until 2046. The real start of Aquarian Age?

Uranus-Neptune cycles
1910-O Russia and China changes
578 BCE 8 Taurus
84/83 BCE 15-16 Taurus Christ consequences in Rome
411/412 CE 22-23 Taurus Rome fall
905 28 Taurus
1398-99 2-3 Gemini - start of global village (Gem), european explorations... Renassaince
1891-92 7-8 Gemini - start of a big new cycle... plenty of seeds prior to 20st Century
2384 12-13 Gemini - new unfoldments

The new unfolding society of normal 2030?

Pluto-Neptune cycles
411-C, Rome fall
1399-C, start of european overseas, start of a brand new cycle
1891-C, the new technological age, start of a brand new cycle

Auroville, in India.
A giant city futuristic community, where thousands of people live, from all of over the world in a beautiful communion of spiritual and nature dedicate people. A trend for the future?
Our cities need urgently some cleaning and inspiration. Perfect for a Pluto that will migrate from Capricorn into Aquarius in a few fifteen years

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