Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturn-Pluto cycles, the deep changes

Cycles Saturn-Pluto

1878 new empires, new world order
1887 economica depression
1895 ----
1905 russia revolution

Cycles of world wars
1914-C WWI
1922-s economic regressions lead to nationalism movements
1931-O big depression
1940-s WWII

Cold war, hippies and Israel/oil
1947-C cold war and recession, Israel born
1955-s cold war; Israel at war with Egypt
1963-O hippies and riots in US; six day war by Israel
1974-s Israell war and oil recession

Wars on oil
1982-C china rises as a major power, regional wars in Iraq, Iran, Afegn
1993-s after fall of berlin wall! Gulf war
2001-O 911!, some bankruptcies
2010-s major world changes, major changes around oil/ economic shock/ new middle east order

2020-C a new global peace world order


It could well be that by 2012 a major solar storm could knock down our main electrical infrastrutures leading to worldwide rethinking in the way how we use technology, take things for granted. Maybe a sign to awake and invoke the peace that lies within us...
Saturn-Pluto cycles seem lately related to world powers, search for oil and nuclear power. I believe in low-tech natural alternatives.

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