Sunday, December 23, 2007

Uranus-Saturn cycles, making revolutions

Today i was studying a bit the saturn-uranos cycles, and I got to some peculiar and interesting conclusions!

I clearly see that this cycle correlates well to society changes between Uranian and Saturnine trends, between radical change and maintaining of old structures and economy

WAtch how these cycles with seed events starting during conjuntion, culminating in opposition and merging into next cycle again

O-opposition, s-squares, C-conjuntion

CYCLE1: main changes bringing the 20st century world order and start of technological age (civil war in US)

1853-C some wars leading to other future wars and first major technological advances
1864-s US civil war, railroads
1875-O new empires, pos civil war in US
1886-s after krakatoa eruption, technological advances

CYCLE2: big rearrangemnts on the world, leading to the big depression and world warII and globalism latter:

1897-C post economic depression in US, scientific advances
1909-s, no particular event ?
1920-O first world war, after russian revolution
1931-s the big depression

CYCLE3: from second world war, going to 60s and then latter significant progress in civil movements and URSS breakup

1942-C second world war
1953-s conservadorism, cold war, rock n roll
1965-O the 60s, vietnam war, going to the moon
1976-s oil shocks, some society movements

CYCLE4: now in globalized society, new issues arise, mainly trying to deal with global economy, nuclear energy and the notion of global powers

1987-C black monday stock crash, chernobil, events leading to USSR breakup
2001-s US Bush election, 911
2010-O, US 2008 election, possible economic and world changes? oil crashes? new energies?
2021-s global shifts towards peace
2032-C new World unions and peace

Saturn-Uranus cycle will want to bring forward the humanitarian and radical new in substitution for the old and conservative. The way is to make peace between radical impulse, change and structure and desire for stability. But sometimes while resisting for conservative choices, all goes down the toilet.
We shall see more of these by 2010.
This is the only way to end terrorism and enrich the economy.

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