Friday, January 18, 2008

Jupiter-Neptune cycles - discoveries in Science

Jupiter Neptune cycles bring major major technological and scientific breakthroughs! Such as the internet, first cloning and genome sequence, first computers, discovery of atom power, genetics and theory of evolution, check it!

2009, late Aquarius: we predict a major biology breakthrough (possibly linked to stem cell science or DNA nature). And since former Aquarius conjuntion brought first telegraph and Neptune prediction, we predict now a major breakthrough in some novel communicating technology, and possibly some new cosmological breakthrough as well! Who knows what may be "discovered" by conventional science regarding the programation of consciosness nd reality in the molecular imprint of cells and in the universe! Artificial organs? Time-Travel?
A new Internet? Discovery of a Earth-like extrasolar planet?
1996, late Capricorn (in 1997 Jupiter-Uranus in Aquarius): Dolly cloning, first yeast sequencing! Next opposition in 2000 saw the anouncement of complete Human Genome sequencing
1983, early Capricorn: pcr reaction (would lead to genome and cloning), anntibodies discoveries, discovery of AIDS, creation of internet! Next opposition in 1988 saw the start of Genome project.
1971, early Sagittarius: Intel first microprocessor, in computers, Apollo missions
1958, early Scorpio: creation of NASA, magnetosphere is discovered
1945, early Libra: first "computer" created, atomic bombings and tests, next opposition was shortly before the discovery of DNA.
1932, Virgo, discovery of Neutron, Haldane's combination of genetics and evolutionary science
1920, Leo, Tuberculosis vacine, Einstein Nobel prize, confirmation of Relativity Theory
1908, Cancer, first long-distance radio communication
1895, Gemini, the electron is discovered
1882, Taurus, Nicola Tesla's inventions
1869, Aries, Germ's theory of disease
1856, mid Pisces, Mendel starts studying Genetics!
1843, mid Aquarius, first public telegraph! prediction of Neptune existence
1830, mid Capricorn, Darwin starts his famour travelling (check paralelism with next Capricorn conjuntion with first cloning and genome sequencings)
1817, first Stirling engine (check paralelism with Apollo missions and first computers)

Curiously, and as expected, spirituality movements also correlated well with this cycle. For instance, the Theosophical society became first international, in 1882 (conjuntion). Rudolf Steiner began his first Waldorf school, brining forward the revolutionary movement of spiritual science from his own Anthroposophy movement in the conjuntion of 1920, and around the same time, Alice Baily had his first Tibetan contact which would bring later all of its famous esoteric books.
In another way, Paramahansa Yogananda which brought Yoga into the western world (!) published the famous Autobiography of a Yogi in 1946, around the conjuntion in early Libra (in the powerful first degrees of the sign).
Some major well-known channeled books were published under Jupiter-Neptune aspects: Seth material book was published in 1971 conjunction, Ra's Law of One and Abraham's Law of Atraction also in 1983 conjunction, Kryon in 1989 opposition, and first book from Conversations with God series was published in the conjunction of 1996, so we prophecize a novel hit for 2009! Keep a eye on it!

Why Jupiter brings to Neptune scientific discoveries? Are those Neptunian collective dreams?

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