Sunday, March 16, 2008

2010 next economic crash and onwards . PEAK OIL - how to survive

In 2010 a major T-square involving most of planets will occur, and even more surprisingly in the strongest points of the zodiac, the cardinal points.
Starting in 2009 fall and climaxing in summer 2010, Uranus and Jupiter in first degrees of Aries will oppose Saturn and Mars in Libra and all will square Pluto in Capricorn, which did not happened since 1760s, a time that preceeded the american revolution and the french revolution.

Of course, one aspect is never the same. In 2010, the coming T-square will resemble some aspects that happened in the 60s but more similarly to those that happened during the 30s, during the Great Depression. Pluto is now entering Capricorn, first time since 1760s when those important world changes happened. During the Great Depression, Pluto was exactly in its opposite sign, in Cancer.

In 2010, due to a similarly of aspects, it seems rather assured that at least a small major economic crash is coming. Pluto will make this a worldwide change affecting business, governments and the basic structure of society. The Pluto-Uranus aspect (which will happen from 2010 until 2015) will recreate the instability from the revolutionary times of the 30s and the 60s, bringing worldwide tensions and radical change.

It may be climate change, terrorism or war, oil industry collapse, a second big depression or simply a combination of these. Some economic experts already pinpoint a coming economic collapse (we can see its signs begining already- the huge fall of dolar, the house market crash and the huge increase in oil, gold and wheat prices). Some of these point to 2010-2015 the coming crash. In another way, the oil industry is predicted to start declining or even crash around this time, exactly the same period when many people predicted drastic weather changes, while others predicted a novel era beginning.

Pragmatically speaking, a economic crash in 2010 would put oil in prices five ten-fold higher, economic fall, fall of prices, general unempolyment and collapse of goverments and companies, what Pluto in Capricorn may mean after all. But, like Pluto also simbolizes, it will the birth of a new society, bringing new technologies, new ways of living, etc.
When the crash comes, if it comes, we must start preparing growing our own food, using solar or eolic energy, reducing our needs and dramatically changing our habits. All of this seems also a bit of aquarian, which will certainly unfold during Pluto entry into Aquarius. It may be that growing our own food may be mainstream like happened during the 30s or happened in the 90s in Cuba. Or it may bring social chaos and refugees then resorting to those solutions later on. Either way, it will be the first drastic fall of oil industry, since Pluto-Uranus-Saturn will align again since the former crises and Neptune will enter Pisces and then Aries.

Moreover, the sun, MCs, ASCs, moon and other important points of the natal charts of several western countries like the US, Mexico and Canada, UK, Spain, Russia, Germany, France or Portugal , China and Pakistan, almost all Middle East and most Asia southeast will be affected. Please read for more. Less affected countries seem to be Sweden and Finland and South American like Brasil and maybe some parts of Africa.
At least I hope more for a worldwide depression and change than other sort of stronger changes.

Search "self-sufficiency", "self-suffient", "peak oil", "self-reliant", "ecological living", "simply living", "voluntary simplicity", "growing our own food", "alternative energies", "green building", "homesteading", "intentional community", "law of abundance", "co-housing" for some pratical clues and solutions.

By 2025, a new sense of ideal will permeate the world (Neptune entering Aries)
By 2060, when Pluto enter Aries, surely a new age will be starting, since it will resemble such a new cycle compared to that that industrial revolution brought (last time of Pluto in Aries).

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