Sunday, March 23, 2008

Am I a Hydra rising, have my Moon in Sextans or my Venus in Orion?

Accordingly to the ascendant should be not the point where eliptic crosses the horizon, but the constelation itself which crosses eastern point in horizion around the time of your birth.
After all, that WAS the sky during that moment and not the product of a astrology software!

So, we would have 16 risings to choose from: Pisces, Cetus, Eridanus/Taurus, Orion and Monocerus (corresponding to Gemini rising), Canis minor (Procion star, corresponding to Cancer rising), Hydra (a long long constelation which rises east when Leo is also rising), Sextans (when Leo also rises!), Virgo, Serpens Caput, Opphicus, Serpens Cauda, Scutum/Aquila and Aquarius.
Yes, Aries never rises now over eastern horizon, but did it thousand years ago (due to procession movements; the reason why there are no more heros, accordin to lulu.astrology)

Myself have Aquarius-Pisces rising but Sextans descendent, and Opphicus was culminating over south horizon, when I was born. And very curiously, Pluto which maybe 6th house over my astrology software chart, is however setting in western horizon using a sjy simulator software; so it was not in 6th but really in 7th house cusp!)

Furthermore, during somewhat common declinations in orbit, Mars may be in Cetus as well besides Aries, Venus maybe be in Orion and the Moon in Sextans or Hydra! What does this mean???? has some insights on it. Some star astrology books also provide new insights.

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