Sunday, March 16, 2008

Astrology of new planets and asteroids

There are six novel trans-neptunian planets. The first two are much farther away than Pluto.

Then there are four asteroids used in astrology (Ceres is more than half the size of Pluto and considering it is much closer, one should clearly include it in natal chart analysis) Aditionally there are some asteroids located between Saturn and Uranus, called Centaurs, such as Chiron, which by itself it is not too big (and maybe one should not attach its meaning as wounded healer just because someone named it as such)

TRANS-NEPTUNE PLANETS-----------------

SEDNA: Initially, I was not sure what was its effect, something idealistic and peaceful
Now, this very very distant ~10000 year rounding planet, takes a role of a bit of neptune-like, showing allowance, allowing a feminine principle. This may be linked to its very long-term cycle around the sun. Only its redish colour dont make sense!

It may be now effecting resources issues for mankind as it travels through Taurus, bringing all these idealistic economy schemes and struggles for ecology protection and global warming. Funny, about one Sedna cycle ago, mankind was eventually through the end of the ice age and atlantida civilization. Sedna, it seems to me, may bring guidance, disease or rest, peace, surely a calm and freeing planet

ERIS, XENA: initially named as a warlike venus, now as a healer of discordia myth
and its myth may make sense. Eris, through either my chart analysis of world events, seems to bring rather charged energies, confrontation of pending issues and sensibility to vibes or powerful things. Bringing harmony or not, bringing diplomacy or not?
Related to world art events? Novel periods in world building arts. Libra traits (may co-rule Libra)
Looking at my Eris transits, may bring eventually powerful images, dreams, colors and charged energies, a half calm half active planet
surely a desire for equilibrium for healing and understanding and concordia (it is of a bright withish colour)
a little bit uranian nature? It disrupted pluto nomenclature as a planet!!!! at a time of reconsiliation and weather changes and surely some people associate Eris to a new Uranus.
Although some people associate it with discordian events, for me it seem it brought heavy dilemas which are now turning into a new revolution of ideas
Note that Eris was and it is still for long in Aries, in a century marked by wars and new starts.
I have both Sedna and Eris in my second house and thankfully now I can explain why I have such a heavy second house nature without any known planet, node or sign in Taurus or 2nd house. The two are heavily aspected in my chart too :-)

In a word, Sedna seems a neptunian allowing planet bringing guidance, Eris a charged changer aiming for reconsiliation and new artistic patterns or harmony

QUAOAR: through my very first look at it, seems to act a bit like Pluto.
Through a generational calm slolwy transforming way, yet very very powerful
Maybe even more transforming than Pluto, but that was my initial judge.
Fateful changes, people and confrontations with things
yes, it may bring slow profound change.
Other astrologers associate with its archetype: return to natural law, sacred, natural world
And for me it surely makes sense, as I sense a scorpio or pisces nature to it
in my chart it created very strong changes, of a global nature, as it transited my MC
note that was discovered shortly after 911

Some people associate Quaoar to a liberator, or a transcended Saturn, maybe a new Jupiter bringing new philosphy, or concerned like Saturn to spiritual security and order instead of material or social security (for me this also made sense when it transited MC as it shattered my world view, awakening spirituality on me)

IXION: first insights: "more discipline oriented, detailed, mentally or organized",
"purposed-oriented, brings insights?" "these last are plutonian like calm, slow planets"
"saturn quality??"

My research found that Ixion is maybe related again to Pluto-like issues, abuses of power, tiranny and liberation. Surely its transits on me were also related to this but more.
Some related it civilized versus natural dilemas (again a heavy part of its transits on my chart), life vs death (still I assume a bit or ordering saturnine atribute to it)

VARUNA: first insights: "mental quality, visions, insights, transformations, plans, aspirations
sagittarian?" well, then I realize I hit on its meaning fully! Varuna seems a beyond visions and aspirations, beyond real and everything, influence. A inspirative Neptune-like. I say the same. I have it right on my IC.

ORCUS: the other side of pluto
first insights: "strong and powerful meanings"
"not as dramatical as last ones but surely exotic"
"far away change and desired dreamt change/manifestation"
"a sagittarian or exagerated pluto?"
"guidance? drastic, may bring violence or confusion/pluto-neptunian quality?"
Now I continue to attribute a underworld atribute to it. Maybe dark for some people, but although strange it was a wise influence as it transited my DSC. (Again Pluto trine the DSC as well at the same time!) R
emember that even it sounds like a different Pluto, it is now moving in tandem in Pluto, so maybe it is just Pluto interfeering. In my chart it coincides with powerful changes. Discovered at a time of terrorism wars. One astrologer said it acts more through external means unlike Pluto which is more internal-related.

In a word quaoar is fateful catharsis, ixion strutucturing, varuna is mental visions, and orcus is exotic change and contact to hidden worlds


NESSUS: artistic? uranian? further away than chiron
cooperation between astrologers and astronomers. Astrologers associate with it a theme of sensual or sexual awakenings, and hidden issues in relationships. Almost non-civilized sensual nature. A bridge to Neptune?

PHOLLUS: a bit venusian, bringing peace, loveness, simplicity. Ok, these were my first thoughts. One astrologer associate with it a fated transcendence learning influence, a bridge from saturn right to pluto.

CHIRON: link between saturn and social and uranian depths nature
HEALER, HEALING ISSUES, promoting lessons, related to conventional vs natural healing methods?


CERES: nurturing, feminine nature, nature, slight venusian nature
taurean?? the "mother"

VESTA: again feminine natures, humble devoting, stewarship and gratitude

JUNO: taurean needs (one astrologers associates the asteroid of soul lovers, true lovers)
possessions, needs, marriage needs WHAT AND WHO OUR LOVE PARTNER WILL BE

PALLAS: effort, wisdom, crafts, active quality, manifesting, ideals and good ideas
achievement (yes, in some charts I could see clearly its wise, crafting influence, a bit virgoan or libran as well?) THE ABILITY TO SEE PATTERNS, AND RE-ARRANJING THINGS

in a word ceres is nurturing, vesta the protective caring feminine and pallas wisdom acting
these seem also very related to feminine universe, equilibrating influence.

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