Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sideral Astrology

Today I was studying sideral astrology.
How different people I knew of their birthday could fit into nearly 20 archetypes, during which the sun passes over a year. This deep analysis is making me changing my ideas about the start and end date for each sign/constelation. After all, after some much confusion between sideral and versus astrology, constelational or equal sign astrology, one has to watch several person born for each day of the year and conclude where does one sign begin and end.

For example, there are many people, supposely Taurus in tropical astrology, born in late April, that for me seem definitely Aries, some genious and dictators for example. But people born in early May are defitively Taurus due to their strong sensuality and earthy qualities (this works for celebraties and for my friends)
Again in early July, people do not seem like Cancer, they are too airy and highly active, something that late July born people have not so much. So, I would suggest early July people to be Geminis and late July to be Cancer, and not Cancer and Leo as most tropical astrologers assume.
Definitively arond 16-25th September most people correspond to their Virgo archetype, but before and after this blend into the Leo and Libra energies.
For November, December and January born people, I am still trying to distinguish Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn properties. Sagittarius characteristics seem to be appear all over December, but blending into Scorpio for late November and blending into Capricorn for some late December people. But real Capricorn (ceptic and saturnine people) only seem to appear more often after the new years day.

Please understand the zodiac as a continuum of constelational energies which is not boundary-cut defined but in which a energy merges and blends into the following.

Here it goes the approx loosely correspondence to birthdates:
This may apply for predicting weather conditions, world events and plant growth!
Aries 17 Apr - 1 May (a lot of fiery genious or dictators, or both! are born curiously between 18 and 30 April, such as Hitler, Lenin, Salazar, Saddam Hussein, giving in my humble opinion more credit to sideral astrology than tropical; this fiery place is from the Aries start, in Mira until star Hamal)
Taurus 1 May - 4 Jun (early sideral Taurus gives sensual and extrovert people, until hiades and aldebaran star light; middle and later ones are more serious, critical and thinner people, a bit between taurus and gemini archetypes, from around 12-19th May onwards, after Aldebaran; all are practical and sensual people)
Gemini 5 Jun - 28 Jun (Oríon) (these still seem Gemini)
Gemini 28 Jun- 10 Jul (until early July, particularly by early July in between the gemini figure, all people are definitive Gemini, talkatives restless people)
Gemini emotionals (Canis minor) 11 Jul - 21 Jul (from 11th on, Geminis are more emotional, still artistic-oriented but more of a watery and not so airy mood; would these be Gemini or Cancer? these are born just with the sun outside the gemini figure, on its way into cancer)
Cancer 21 Jul - 2 Aug (particularly until around 1 August, when sun passes through the middle of crab, people are shy and sentitive ones, then more leo-like)
Leo 3 Aug - ~30 Aug ( the Leos seem rather clear all around this time period, particularly in second half of August; leo seems to be located around Regulus star plus 10º for each side)
Leo more virgo-oriented (Sextans) 1- 15 Sep (in early September some seem very concerned with pratical ways, like Virgo, would these be Virgo or Leo? this occurs as sun is leaving leo into virgo)
Virgo 16 Sep - 3 Oct (late Septembers are very clear Virgo prototypes, when sun passes through the Virgo first part)
Early Libras 4 Oct -17 Oct (After Spica, the virgo archetype starts blending into Libra)
Libra 18 Oct - 20 Nov (around 1-15 November are a bit of intense Libra people, social promoting, atractive, easy going, enjoyable, calm, some rather assertive, people; these are a bit more energetic and social after sun crosses the scales in 12 Nov; the strongest people are those born with their sun between the scales)
Scorpio 20 Nov - 30 Nov (shy, committed, intense and deep people, as sun passes after the scales into Antares and the scorpio sting)
Opphicus 30 Nov - 18 Dec (rather diverse group: around 30 Nov these are more open than former scorpios, then around 2-3 Dec again more extrovert and powerful, when sun conjunts Antares, then again scorpio like around early 4-8 December, then more extrovert starting from 10 December, as sun passes right in the figure of opphicus; and still by 17-19 Dec or even 21 Dec, as sun crosses galatic center into Sagittarius)
Sagittarius 19 Dec - 4 Jan (again this group seems a mix of Sag and Capricorn energies, these are social, fun and sport-loving people, but not philosphical, emotional open, especially in early January; maybe this is due to all the mess tropical astrology has caused into our preconceived concepts about signs; particularly intense is the passage of sun above the trapezoid figure of the constelation)
Capricorn 4 Jan - 28 Jan (Aquila) (all capricornian like, some in early Janurary may share sagittarian traces of optimism, thought and independence; for January second half, they tend to be more airy like; this occurs as sun crosses all void space between sagittarius and capricorn constelations)
Aquarius type I (real Capricorn) 28 Jan - 16 Feb (the first are mostly aquarian, particularly by first half of February, strangely this occurs as sun crosses through the capricorn constelation! this are airy, rebel, bright and hard working people, although work-oriented and worrying)
Aquarius type II (real Aquarius) 17 Feb - 10 Mar (these are gradually more piscean, more social and soft guys particularly by first half of March; as sun passes through aquarius figure, these are more detached and less-worring than first aquarian ones)
Pisces shy types (Pisces) 11 Mar - 27 Mar (until 27 March, all are friendly easy going people, most social, soft and easygoing, a few very shy - mostly until 19 March -, a few a bit more extrovert and talkative, maybe due to their risings)
Pisces animated types (Cetus?) 28 Mar - 16 Apr (after 28 March, when sun just passes close to Cetus border, some are fiery already, other piscean, but none that fiery or genial when compared to late April born ones; more piscean types occur with the sun entering again last fraction of pisces constelational figure)


The 13rd constelation in Opphicus which the sun passes in December but of which I still dont know the archetype. Opphicus (~30Nov-17Dec) seems to be a philosophical energy more extroverted than Scorpio, identically to Sagittarius, but more vivid and densily emotional. Sideral Sagittarius (~18Dec-15Jan) seem to create more social people, less serious and wanting to have more fun, at least taking from my wide list of birthdates I have analysed.

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