Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sideral Astrology birthdates

This is the groupings of a study where I tried to fit every celebrity to each sign.
The results are more closely related to sideral constelational astrology than tropical sign-based astrology.
But zodiac seems a continuous blending of energies, one into the next other.
Underlined are irrefutable examples of people belonging to the following archetypes

Aries 15 April - 2 May: The following are fiercy people, not Taurus as tropical astrology would put!
Leonardo da Vinci 15 Apr (or later, date is not certain)

Charlie Chaplin, Dusty Springfield, Pope 16
Miró 20
Hitler 20
Iggy Pop, Elizabeth II 21
Robert Smith (The Cure) 21 Apr
Lenin 22
Michael Moore, Shakespeare 23
Barbara Streisand 24
Al Pacino 25
Smamuel Morse 27
Penelupe Cruz 28
Salazar 28
Saddam Hussein 28
: there is a abnormal concentration of dictators around these dates
Andre Agassi 29
David Beckham 2 May : two fiery and sportive people

Taurus 5 May - 22 May: Have you thought that the following were Gemini? Although celebrities, these make emotional music, delicate and shy movements, and are sensual people!
Craig David 5
Karl Marx 5
Freud 6
Tony Blair 6
George Clooney 6 May
Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) 9

Bono (U2) 10
Dali 11
Alison Goldfrap, Samantha Morton 13
Stevie Wonder 13
David Byrn 14
George Lucas 14
Janet Jackson 16
Emiliana Torrini 16
Tracey Gold 16
Andrea Corr 17
Enya 17
Pope John II 18
Cher, Joe Cocker 20 Probably Gemini?
Naomi Campbell 22 Probably Gemini?

Geminis 25 May - 10 Jul: Have you thought that the following were Cancers? Think twice!

Taurus or Eridanus 19 May - 3 Jun ; Oríon 4 Jun - 27 Jun ; Gemini 28 Jun - 10 Jul
Miles Davis, Mike Myers 25

Kylie Minogue 28
Noel Gallagher, Danny Elfman, JF Kennedy 29 May
Clint Eastwood 31 May
Morgan Freeman 1 jun
Marilyn Monroe 1
Alanis Morissette 1
AngelinaJolie 4
Prince 7
Kournikova 7
Matthew Bellamy 9 June
Michael J Fox 9
Johnny Depp 9
Paul McCartney 18
Nicole Kidman 20
Dan brown 22
George Michael 25
Orwell 25
Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana 1 July
Franz Kafka 3
Tom Cruise 3
Sylvester Stallone 6
George Bush 6

Dalai Lama 9
Nikola Tesla 10
Thoreau 12 Possibly Cancer ?
Bill Cosby 12
Pablo Neruda 12

Harrison Ford 13 Probably Cancer ?

Cancers 14 July - 26 July: Aren't the following more introvert and sensitive than the formers? Have you though these were Leos instead of Cancers? Canis Minor 11 Jul - 20 Jul ; Cancer 21 Jul - 26 Jul
Ingmar Bergman 14 July
Rembrandt 15
Emilie Simon 17
Nelson Mandela
Carlos Santana20
Robin Williams 21
Cat Stevens 21
Rick Davis (Supertramp) 22
AmaliaRodrigues 23
Martin Gore (Depeche Mode) 23
Travis 23: all these last are clearly Cancer
Jennifer Lopez 24
Sandra Bullock 26
Kubrik 26
Carl Jung 26
Aldous Huxley 26
Mussolini 29 probably Leo?
Kate Bush 30 probably Leo?
Schwarzenegger 30 probably Leo?

Leo 3 Aug - 6 Sep

Hydra, Leo and Sextans
Barack Obama 4
Louis Amstrong 4

Jeff Gordon 4
Neil Amstrong 5
Mata Hari 7
Fidel Castro
, Hitchcock 13
Napoleon 15
Madonna 16
Robert de Niro 17
Régine (Arcade Fire) 18 Aug
Bill Clinton 19
Tori Amos 22
Debussy 22
Tim Burton 25
Elvis Costello 25
Mother Teresa 27
Garbage 26
Ingrid Bergman 29
Elizabeth Frazer 29
Cameron Diaz30
Richard Gere 31
Gloria Esfetan 1 Sep
Freddie Mercury 5
Roger Waters 6: these last ones are defitively Leos instead of Virgo

Virgo 7 Sep - 27 Sep

True Virgos from 16 Sep on
Owen Pallett 7 Sep
Hugh Grant 9
Moby 11
Fiona Apple 13: now these also show Virgo traits, as well as some Leo
Agathe Christie 15
Oliver Stone 15
David Copperfield 16: very much Virgo
Mama cass Elliot 19 (curiously my mother's birthdate is here)
Nick Cave 22: plenty Virgo and Libra
Bruce Springsteen 23
Julio Iglesias 23
John Coltrane 23
Catherine Zeta Jones 25: a bit Virgo, a bit Libra
Christopher Reeve 25: again the same
Gershwin 26
Marcello Mastroianni 28 Libra?

Libra 2 Oct - 25 Oct
Sting 2 Oct
Gandhi 2
Adriana Calcanhoto 3 Oct
Putin 7
Tom Yorke 7
Verdi 10
Paul Simon 13: until now all show very Libra traits
Oscar Wilde 16
Eminem 17 Libra
Van Damme 18 Libra
Picasso 25 : very possibly Libra

Scorpio-Libra transition 28 Oct - 17 Nov Possibly still Libra
Bill Gates 28: slighty more Scorpio the last ones
Laura Bush 4
Carl Sagan 9: Libra traits? but introspection as well
Leonardo DiCaprio 11: Libra or Scorpio?
Neil Young 12 a bit of watery scorpio
Condoleezza Rice 14: Scorpio?
Jeff Buckley 17 : watery scorpio
Danny DeVito 17

Scorpio 20 - 28 Nov
Bjork, Voltaire 22: defitively Scorpio!!
Charles de Gualle 22
Bruce Lee 27: again defitively Scorpio!!
Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner 27: a bit Sag traits, but also a bit Sco
Dante 28: again definitively Scorpio!!!
CS Lewis 29 Probably Sag?
Mark Twain 30
Probably Sag?

Sagittarius 1 Sag - 25 Sag (diverse sub-classes)

or Opphicus until 18 Dec; Sagittarius from 18th Dec on
more emotional in beggining, then visionary, then more outgoing
Woddy Alen 1
Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado 2: now, looks like these are Sags!
Walt Disney 5: looks very much like a Sag
Tom Waits 7
Sinead O Connor 8
Jim Morrison 8
John Maklkovich 9
John Milton 9
Frank Sinatra 12

Nostradamus 14: definitively Sag, visionary!!!
Hundertwasser 15
Arthur C Clarke 16 definitively Sag, visionary as well!!!
Milla Jovovich 17
Beethoven 17
Van Dam 18
Brad Pitt 18
Christina Aguilera 18
Steven Spielberg 18 seems also definitively a Sag
Frank Zappa 21
Stalin 21
Eddie Vedder 23
Carlos Castaneda 25 wasnt he also a visionary? a Sagitarius?

Capricorn 26 Dec - 19 Jan
Henry Miller 26 probably still Sag?

Mao Tse tung 26
Anthony Hopkins 31 Dec
Beth Gibbons (Portishead) 4 Jan
Newton 4
also a visionary Sag?
Marilyn Mason 5 jan
Teresa Salgueiro (Madredeus) 8
: these last are a sort of mystical transformative but earthy energy

Aquarius 20 Jan- 27 Feb

First ones, until half of February are sideral Capricorn (frequently genius or peculiars), then Aquarius, more soft detached people
David Lynch 20: bit Cap, bit Aqu?

Del Naja (Massive Attack) 21
Mozart 27 : genial aquarius appear generally at last part of January
Phill Collins 30
Daniel Tammet 31
Justin Timberlake 31: Aquarian for sure
Shakira 2 feb
Natalie Imbruglia 4 Aqu : more rebel and airy

Bob Marley 6 : rebel influence
Sheryl Crow 11
Darwin 12 : again revolutionary
Abraham Lincoln 12
Robbie Williams 13 : seems aquarian
Peter Gabriel 13 : also humanitarian related
Galileo 15
Horacy Andy (Massive Attack) 16
J Travolta 18
Copernicus 19
Kurt Cobain 20 : seems aquarian
Nina Simone 21 : aquarian
Chopin 22
George Washington 22 : seems aquarian
Renoir 25
Victor Hugo 26 : seems much an aquarian

Johnny Cash 26
Ariel Sharon, Elizabeth Taylor 27 : at least Taylor has that typical magnetic Aquarian aura

Pisces 2 Mar - 30 Mar

Until 20 Mar these are soft Pisces, then Cetus influence
Bon Jovi 2 mar : a bit aquarian?
Lou Reed 2
Gorbachev 2
Karen Carpenter 2

Daniel Craig 2 : these last seem more piscean (at least soft people)
Vivaldi 4 Aqu

Michaelangelo 6
Yuri Gagarin 9 some aquarian influence

Einstein 14 Pis: here starts what seems another different piscean influence: more shy genial people

Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan 17 Mar: Pisces for sure
Bruce Willis 19
Houdini 24 : genial
Bela Bartok 25 : genial Pisces
Diana Ross 26
Mariah Carey, Quentin Tarantino 27
Celine Dion 30
Norah Jones 30
Eric Clapton
30 : three soft piscean voices, still social
Van Gogh 30: genial

Cetus 30 Mar - 11 Apr
these are more fiery than Pisces, but still emotional and maybe not pushing like Aries
Al Gore 31

Ewan Mcgregor 31 mar: Pisces for sure
Eddie Murphy 3 apr
Marlo Brando 3 seems Pisces

Colin Powell 5
Francis Coppola 7 Pisces
Ravi Shankar 7 Pisces
Kofi Annan 8: Pisces too?
Dennis Quaid 9
Winn (Arcade Fire) 11 emotional but already a bit fiery
Andy Garcia 12
Samuel Beckett 13

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cycles of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Eris and Sedna in Sideral Astrology

Cycles of Uranus
Extremism, idealism and changes in religion, spiritual and humanitarian/ecology now, in a few years new world leaders, economy and resources crises, alternative energy, more internet and space travel

Uranus is now passing from Aquarius into Pisces. It was during 1995-2001 in Capricorn. During the 1910s it also passed through Capricorn, during a period of technological advances, and bringing world war and important social an political changes. By 1920, it was right into Aquarius, bringing new discoveries such as TV and flight, as is bringing now. We can parallel the time when Uranus brought these new technologies with the Internet and space travel and cheap airflights now.

By 1925, as it at 2008, it is in cusp of Pisces, Uranus was just in the crazy twenties, a few years from the social endings (associated with Pisces archetype) which would occur by 1930s when the stock market collapse and political changes and instability lead to wwII (Uranus entered Aries in early 1930 and then Taurus). So possibly, by 2011 and into 2018, when Uranus entered this unstable zodiacal zone, a new world 84-year period will be started, but with illusions falling off, particularly those of market and those of politics. Uranus in Aries also tends to bring famous leaders, for better or worse (like religious or political extremism or liberation leaders). Uranus in Taurus by 2025 will bring lots of alternative energy and possibly free energy or nuclear fission, as well as new ways of self-sufficiency.

It was formerly transiting Pisces and Aries from 1840 to 1850, when independence wars would lead to formation of the united states and the invention of steam engine, and in 1756 to 1766, when important technological creations (communications, machines, travelling) were achieved after a period of economic difficulties during 1840s.

Uranus entered Gemini in fifties (new technological advances and computers), Cancer in 1950s, Regulus by 1962 (world crises), Scales in 1979 (models of relationships and family change), Scorpio in 1983 (nuclear tensions), Sag in 1990 (fall of berlin wall), Capricorn until 2001 (the world by the internet and mobile phones), Aquarius until now, and is now again entering Pisces.

An outlook of the future: Uranus and Neptune passing through Sagittarius and Capricorn during last two decades meant the important setting of a new world order after a rather intense period of change when these planets pass in Scorpio and changed relationships, nation alliances and peace standards during the sixties when these were around Libra. These planets are now creating a change in science advances, new technology frontiers and a humanitarian awareness for issues like poverty, global warming and ecology of the planet (Aquarius) and will, in the next two decades, create changes in religion systems, bring new spirituality ideals, eco-living and caring for the world (Pisces) and a important new unfolding period for the world marked by tensions and leaders (Aries) a resources crises and change (Taurus): Uranus from 2018 on, Neptune from 2030 on.

Cycles of Eris

Eris is since 1930 in Cetus, bringing strong world change and technlogy, before it was in southern constelations such as Scultor (1915-1880) during the european world expansion (which was curiously towards the southern world), and in south Scorpio around 1500, during the medieval period. It was close to B-Cetus in 1930-45, coincident with a time of unstable and radical change, and will approach Mira by 2040.

Cycles of Sedna

Sedna seems even slower. Sedna was in Aquarius from 1000 to 1780, one unfolding age; it was approach Pisces cusp around the beggining of last century and then Mira during 1945 to 1965 (radical change), it was near a-cetus in 1980-2000 and will now approach Aldebaran (meaning possibly resources and economy changes ) by 2040. Since te archetypes of Eris and Sedna are still under research, there is still little to be said for sure about the transits of these two mini-planets.

Cycles of Neptune
science for the masses, illusion of capitalism fall off, and in two decades spirituality for the masses and more care for the world

This planet just is entering Aquarius at the moment, bringing science and humanitarian awareness to the masses. It was in Aquarius last times in 1845-1857. It was then in Pisces afterwards, in Aries from 1875-80 and in Taurus in last decades of this century and Gemini entering in 1900. It is the setting of new world ideals that Neptune created when transitin through Aquarius to Aries. The same will happen from now until roughly 2035.