Friday, May 30, 2008

Expect mass migrations or mass social changes beggining summer 2010 and unfoldiong during 2011.
Expect spiritual revolutions around 2009 and in 2012.
Expect main environmental changes and revolutions around 2010-11

December 2007: A conjunction of the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto near 0° Capricorn opposes Mars retrograde in the first few degrees of Cancer, joined by the Full Moon at 1° 50' Cancer on December 23. This starts the activation of zero degrees of cardinal signs, which are probably the four most sensitive points in the zodiac.(7) Pluto is now at the degree of the 1988 Saturn-Uranus conjunction.

* Late January 2008: Pluto enters Capricorn for the first time in 247 years. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn was during the U.S. revolutionary war. (Pluto was opposite this point, at 0° Cancer, during 1912-1915.) Neptune is still septile Pluto. This is a critical time in the U.S. presidential primary season.

* Mid June 2008: The Full Moon at 27° 50' Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto at 0° Capricorn. Mars at 22° Leo opposes the Chiron-Neptune conjunction along the lunar nodal axis. One possibility, with Chiron-Neptune in Aquarius that year, is the formation of local groups specifically focused on self-reliance and prosperity through alternative approaches to food and energy production.

* November 4, 2008: Election day in the U.S. sees an exact opposition of Saturn and Uranus at 18° 58' Virgo-Pisces (the solar eclipse degree of September 2007). This is the first opposition of the cycle that started with their conjunction in 1988 (at 29° Sagittarius). These two planets were last in opposition during 1965-66, with Saturn in mid Pisces and Uranus in mid Virgo. Environmental issues will be huge in this election, and major reforms could be instituted.

* 2009:The entire year of 2009 features a Chiron-Neptune conjunction in late degrees of Aquarius, exact in February 2010 at 26° Aquarius; this is the first conjunction of these two since September 1945. Jupiter joins Chiron and Neptune in mid December 2009, with an opposing Mars turning retrograde in Leo. Whoever is elected U.S. president in 2008 might now undertake an emergency mobilization of alternative energy production, if the problem has continued to be swept under the rug.

* November 15, 2009: The most powerful configurations are beginning. Saturn squares Pluto at 1° 42' Libra-Capricorn, while the Moon and Venus join Neptune and Pluto in a septile pattern. The Sun septiles Saturn as well. Public fears of terrorism or war are accentuated at this time. This Saturn-Pluto square repeats on January 31, 2010 and again in August 2010. These are key dates in terms of oil shortages, oil price hikes, and international cooperation (or lack thereof). The increased use of coal raises new concerns about air pollution and accelerated global warming.

* June 5-6, 2010: Things really heat up starting in mid May, as Saturn opposes Jupiter and Uranus. Then, Uranus enters Aries and, a few days later, is joined by the Moon and Jupiter at exactly 0° Aries. Meanwhile, Pluto is at 4°+ Capricorn and Saturn is at 28° Virgo, forming a t-square with the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus. Mars at 29°+ Leo (conjunct Regulus) opposes Neptune and Chiron. This seems to me to have the potential for a major popular movement (at best) or an armed revolt (at worst). The key is to channel all this energy in constructive ways.

* June 26, 2010: The lunar eclipse at 4° + Capricorn conjoins Pluto and activates a grand cross involving the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, the Moon, and Saturn - all within 5° of the four cardinal points. This will be a very important event, for better or worse, with a huge impact on global public opinion.

* July 30-31, 2010: This marks another intense few days. Mars joins Saturn at 0° 49' Libra, opposing the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus in Aries and squared by Pluto. Again, large masses of people may be affected by so much planetary energy concentrated near the cardinal points. Since cardinal signs are action-related, there may be a lot of people on the move (demonstrators, troops, refugees). The Mars-Saturn conjunction is on the Midheaven in Indonesia, China, and the South China Sea, creating conditions for a crisis in that area.

* August 6-7, 2010: A cardinal grand cross is formed, involving Jupiter-Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, the Moon in early Cancer, and Venus joining Mars and Saturn in early Libra. The Sun at 15° Leo makes stressful aspects (45°/135°) to the entire grand cross. We'll need to remain calm and balanced to deal with the relentlessly stressful aspects this summer. The electricity grid may be threatened; unusual Earth or weather changes could be part of the picture.

* December 13, 2010: Conditions will have eased up a bit in terms of the cardinal cross, but on this date there is a tight conjunction of Mercury, Mars, and Pluto at 4° Capricorn septile Neptune-Chiron at 26° + Aquarius. Fanatical thinking or extreme acts are possible.

* April 9, 2011: Uranus is at 0° declination; the last time this happened was in 1968-69. Pluto stations retrograde at 7° 30' Capricorn. The Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter in Aries oppose Saturn in Libra. Neptune has just moved into Pisces. Spiritual renewal and new ideas challenge outmoded structures. Radical new laws are passed and political movements reach critical mass this year. A growing optimism spreads as the energy of the Neptune-Pluto septile winds down.

* 2012: Uranus squares Pluto at 7° - 8° of cardinal signs. This is the waxing square of the cycle that started in the mid 1960s, with the conjunction of these two planets in mid Virgo. This square is a symbol of innovation competing directly with the entrenched power elite (corporate power may be challenged in a new and positive way, especially in a U.S. election year).

In the coming years, we can step up and apply our minds and hearts to the challenges that arise. With all the cardinal-sign energy in these configurations, we can become active agents of change and make the most of a very precarious situation, choosing to break free of longstanding collective patterns of greed, warfare, and the politics of fear.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The most abrupt changing times in past 250 years

If you trace all hard aspects (conjuntions, squares and oppositions) between the outer planets, like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, you will find the periods of most abrupt change in the past centuries.
These are around: 2010-12, 1965, 1931, 1891-1901, 1878, 1851, 1811-1820, 1794, 1782 and 1761.
Some periods are harder than other such as in 2010, when planets make closer aspects and in more important degrees of the zodiac such as in start of cardinal signs.

And these corresponded to:
1968 the sixties, arrival of man to the moon and social demonstrations
1931 the big depression (events leading to world war)
1901-1891 with mass production of automobiles, first flights and skyscrapers, and depression
1878 wars and invention of light bulb and telephone
1851 advances in oil distillation, communications such as telegraph, railroads and in science, famines and revolutions in europe, battles lead to US civil war, the second industrial revolution
1811-20 tambora napoleon and american wars, famines
1794 french revolution
1782 american revolution and industrial revolution
1761 steam engine and the severn years war.

Curiously I have noticed that Uranus was discovered in 1781 aspects, Neptune just before 1851 aspects and Pluto later in 1930 aspects!

The signs where the aspects occur tell us much about it:
1968 the sixties, arrival of man to the moon and social demonstrations The important alignment in cardinal Libra was a harbinger of social idealism, revolution and change
1931 the big depression (events leading to world war) (pluto in 22º cancer form a T-square with uranus in aries, saturn in capricorn and mars in libra) A T-square between karma of governments (saturn in cap), mass transformation of families, savings and national structures and unstable times and revolutions (uranus in aries)
1901-1891 with mass production of automobiles, first flights and skyscrapers, and depression (pluto and neptune conjunt in 10º gemini form different aspects to outer planets mainly in sag) Gemini pointing to car and transport production, which expand in a sagitarian way
1878 wars and invention of light bulb and telephone (pluto joined by mars in 23º tau squares uranus in leo and also node and jupiter in aquarius) Pluto in Taurus is still bringing industrial revolution, this is the least strong aspect from this list
1851 advances in oil distillation, communications such as telegraph, railroads and in science, famines and revolutions in europe, battles lead to US civil war, the second industrial revolution (saturn, pluto, uranus and mars align in ari/tau and square node in late cancer) Pluto and Uranus in late aries brought a brutal industrial revolution and liberation
1811-20 tambora napoleon and american wars, famines (uranus and neptune in sag/cap square pluto, saturn, node and jupiter in pis/ari, mars forming a T-square) Uranus and Neptune are now in the idealistic point of 1760s, showing that surprises still occur and karmic and pluto change in the piscean aries transition (brought the famine and wars)
1794 french revolution (uranus in 20º leo opposes pluto in aqu, squaring saturn in tau, with mars forming a grand cross in scorpio) There are still revolutionary times, as marked by the pluto in aquarius, and uranus in leo
1782 american revolution and industrial revolution (uranus in 5º can opposes saturn, jupiter in cap and square neptune in libra, cardinal t-square, mars forms a grand cross in aries) Besides Pluto in capricorn, this cardinal T-square brought the sag/gem revolution with a tint of cap/can, and neptunian ideals
1761 steam engine and the severn years war. (pluto in sag/cap squares uranus, saturn, jupiter in pis/ari, in cardinal degree; mars forms a T-square from libra) Pluto in sag/cap was bringing big expansions leading to global change and the square to pis/ari prompted the event leading to french and american revolutions

In 2010 we expect again unstable times and revolutions (Uranus in aries), then mass transformation of global structures (akin to 1930 but of a more corporation and global way) and bringing karma from the sixties of issues of virgo/libra: environment, peace and war and relationships (between people and countries).

2010 will look like 1960s, 1810s and 1760s, idealistic and religious change, some famine, earth changes and issues of the environment
2020 will look like 1930s, 1850s and 1770s, finally bringing a so-needed abrupt global revolution

These cardinal degrees were aspected before in 1810s and during the late 1760s, which were marked by important wars, famine, social revolutions and the industrial revolution. We do not expect such big idealistic change such in 1760s (those are more for 2020s), but rather more like 1810s, possibly with guerrila wars, famines and earth changes. Famine is likely due to earth changes or economic depression (akin to 1930s) but this is less likely as Pluto should only bring this brutal and global drastic revolution by 2020s (at 20º Cap degree, like happened in late 1770s) as Uranus also arise to 20º Aries, like happened in 1850s (in the second industrial revolution). If oil is to end (or climate change occurs) it will start now but revolution will solely occur five-ten years from now, between 2014 and 2020.

The karmic point of Libra is the same where Uranus and Pluto were in sixties, Neptune in american revolution, a social change of idealism and revolution which will be not this time desired but imposed by Saturn, triggered by the mass global transformations of Pluto and unstable times of Uranus in Pisces and Aries. Social idealism is imposed.

With climate change, oil and food crisis, spiritual awakening and a need for a shift in agriculture, govermental and society structures, this seems to be already unfolding right now. Look for then change starting in mid 2010 and unfolding mainly through 2014 and 2020 and following years.
2010 is expected to not bring so brutal change but more events that will lead to latter brutal change by late 2010s. 2010 will be more like late 1750s and early 1760s, and also like late 1810s, with some earth changesand some global unrest. In 2016-17 the change is expected to be more like 1930 with economy crisis and unstability. By 2019-20 brutal global revolution is expected to be unfolding around the world. The period will also resemble 1770s and 1850s, when industrial revolution was unfolding and there were the important american and french revolution. During these periods there was also the little ice age, which could be unfolding also during 2020, at a time when new technologies energies are emerging, new ways of making society work and communicate and nations work. Then world goes through a revolutionary aquarian time in 2030s with social revolutions and new changes in resources, technology and economy, with more T-squares coming in 2043, 2048 and 2073.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sedna, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, Vesta, Juno transits

Hi, as these novel minor planets transit over my chart I am recently been able to deduce further evidence on their possible planetary energies.

Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas TRANSITS
Ceres in natally placed in a grand cross pattern, formed by a natal 8th house Jupiter-Ceres conjuntion, opposed by a 2nd house Sedna, and squared by 12th house Venus and 6th house Orcus. This pushes me strongly for natural ways of living (ecology, devas, plant growing, etc) due to the very natures of nurturing agricultural goddess Ceres, second house neptunian-like Sedna and the twelve house Venus.
Ceres transited my ASC in Dec 2006 when I start growing plants again in my balcony after years without doing it.
Pallas, which is related to crafts, crossed my ASC in October 2007, and at that time I got further involved in artistic painting and also doing handmade crafts for the first time in my life. See the connection?
Juno is currently stationary over my natal sun, and it makes sense since I am living with my girlfriend for the first time, and Juno is a symbol of lovers, a taurean-like planet. When I start dating with her, it was just transiting my 7th house (which was about the same time that Saturn also transited over the DSC, a sign to change in relationships).
Finally Vesta, a protective caring virgin, crossed my ASC also during this spring, when I start living together with my mate. As you can see, when planets and asteroids start transiting over our rising signs, they generally point to a start of a entire new cycle of that planetary energy.

Nessus and Phollus TRANSITS
Nessus, which is a centaur bringing issues of a sensual nature, transit over my natal Venus in late 2006, when I met my current girlfriend (and about the same time I start growing the plants). Nessus is much seen as a bridge between Saturn and Neptune, as Chiron is seen as a bridge between Saturn and Uranus.
Phollus, more seen as a bridge between Saturn and Pluto, fated transcendence, was over my natal 9th house Uranus in mid 2006, during a time when I was definitively in a very uranian time, visiting spiritual communities which gave later to a series of other important events and decisions. Phollus is now approaching my MC and I hope that will finally bring some hard closing decision to my carreer decisions, which were under revolution last year when Pluto transited in my natal Sun.

Sedna was for a long time (about the past 3 years) opposing natal 9th house Ixion-Quaoar conjunction, poiting to a return to a natural law (quaoar) to which Sedna neptune-like energy very well blends into.
Quaoar, in the other hand, was squaring by transit my natal moon, putting a good order and nature in my personal relationship, certainly not without lots of plutonian transformation! Quaoar transited before, in 2002, over my MC, when it prompted a spiritual awakening in myself. Pluto had just transited my MC in 2000, bringing a depression and philosophical crisis. Last year, Pluto crossed in my 10th house sun bringing professional crisis and in two years Quaoar will transit the sun too, which I hope will bring a spiritual taste to my professional living (curiously during my first saturn return), due in 2010.
I will write on my Eris, Orcus, Chiron, Varuna and Ixion transits later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The road to 2012.

2008 predictions, 2009 predictions, 2010 predictions, and 2012 predictions,
A decade ago, Terence McKenna devised a new theory of time and evolution: the timewave.

Using a mathematical fractal model based on the millenar I-Ching chinese book, Terence attempted to plot the ebbs and flows of the novelty in the universe. Strinkingly, we discover that the plot correlated spectacularly with historical events such as the fall of rome, the fall of the dinossaurs and the appearance of homo sapiens and the industrial revolution. What was even more strange was that curve ended and reached infinite novelty in late 2012, not knowing that this was also the end of the mayan calendar.
Using TIMEWAVE software, I plotted the possible future events by correlating the novelty curve with the events that ressonate with a specific time period:

2001 corresponding to 1200s, medieval thoughts after 911, bringing a shift in world. it corresponded to a spiritual awakening in many people, as happened also in later years (corresponding to end of the medieval ages and the appearence of homo sapiens 45000 years ago, and multicellular life 200MY ago, a time of begginings and awakenings)
2003 corresponding to 1400s, bringing extreme weather events, such happened before the onset of the medieval little ice age. Sars corresponds to black plague.
2005 corresponding to 1500s, where increasing awareness of global systems came as with the discoveries and enlightment, Katrina and Tsunami correlating with mini ice age. the year 2006 corresponded to an enlightment/solution in the path of many spiritual-minded people
2007 corresponding to 1600s bringing awareness of global systems, global solutions to problems such as global climate change and destruction of ecossystems. The asian bird flu corresponds to medieval plagues. a start of change in the scientific thinking begins.
May 2008 corresponds to 1724, with the prelude to the events bringing the revolutions that will sweep the world during 2009. In summer there may be a change in catholic religion (corresponds to rise of protestants). In the end of the year, there may be a significant earthquake (1755 earthquake) March 2009 corresponding to 1770s will bring social revolutions and changes around the world (identical to french and american revolution), possibly linked to Barack Obama victory, extreme (cold?) weather events (people deepen the climate change talk) and a volcano.
June 2009 corresponding to 1780s will bring increasing global tensions, at least a great hurricane in summer, and still weather events, there will be much talk about global environmentalism akin to the industrial revolution (possibly some tech breakthrough), maybe due to ongoing economy depression (it is happening from June to December 2009, the economy crash).
December 2009 corresponding to 1820s could bring a world social change (stock crash? we should really move from oil to alternative economy at this time) and maybe a significant climate shift which corresponds to ice age end, maybe also a big volcano event (corresponds to Tambora). spiritual insight for a green ecological and human revolution (this time corresponds to end of ice age, 1821, 1MY ago and 60MY, a time of drastic change and evolutionary advance)
March 2010 corresponding to Irish famine (stock crash and oil peak prices leading to food crises, and maybe after a strange winter), some kind of technological or social revolution ongoing
June 2010 corresponds to 1850s, a peak of world changes, a summer with hurricane, extreme weather (cold?), the first big solar storm of the new solar cycle (society is reestructuring significantly or collapsing) All around 2010 big ideas and changes are the keynote.

August 2010 should be the peak of these last global tensions, maybe meaning the end of the oil economy as we know it, as some other important changes. big astrological aspects will happen during this month as this time will resemble 1863, when oil was explored, there were drastic advances in transports, in the states, and in science and technology
2011 corresponds to 1884, bringing big technological and spiritual changes, a new volcano, change in world blocks and nations and possibly pandemic. if not before, the economy will crash this year and things will get complicated (a rebirth is proposed by many spiritual-minded people)
2012 starts with new technologies and a sense of change, who knows, ufos, a spiritual revelation by june and significant breakthroughs in human consciousness ans society by mid year. from june on, 4D awareness may be occuring.
in last month before the winter solstice everythings goes berseck and magical.