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The road to 2012.

2008 predictions, 2009 predictions, 2010 predictions, and 2012 predictions,
A decade ago, Terence McKenna devised a new theory of time and evolution: the timewave.

Using a mathematical fractal model based on the millenar I-Ching chinese book, Terence attempted to plot the ebbs and flows of the novelty in the universe. Strinkingly, we discover that the plot correlated spectacularly with historical events such as the fall of rome, the fall of the dinossaurs and the appearance of homo sapiens and the industrial revolution. What was even more strange was that curve ended and reached infinite novelty in late 2012, not knowing that this was also the end of the mayan calendar.
Using TIMEWAVE software, I plotted the possible future events by correlating the novelty curve with the events that ressonate with a specific time period:

2001 corresponding to 1200s, medieval thoughts after 911, bringing a shift in world. it corresponded to a spiritual awakening in many people, as happened also in later years (corresponding to end of the medieval ages and the appearence of homo sapiens 45000 years ago, and multicellular life 200MY ago, a time of begginings and awakenings)
2003 corresponding to 1400s, bringing extreme weather events, such happened before the onset of the medieval little ice age. Sars corresponds to black plague.
2005 corresponding to 1500s, where increasing awareness of global systems came as with the discoveries and enlightment, Katrina and Tsunami correlating with mini ice age. the year 2006 corresponded to an enlightment/solution in the path of many spiritual-minded people
2007 corresponding to 1600s bringing awareness of global systems, global solutions to problems such as global climate change and destruction of ecossystems. The asian bird flu corresponds to medieval plagues. a start of change in the scientific thinking begins.
May 2008 corresponds to 1724, with the prelude to the events bringing the revolutions that will sweep the world during 2009. In summer there may be a change in catholic religion (corresponds to rise of protestants). In the end of the year, there may be a significant earthquake (1755 earthquake) March 2009 corresponding to 1770s will bring social revolutions and changes around the world (identical to french and american revolution), possibly linked to Barack Obama victory, extreme (cold?) weather events (people deepen the climate change talk) and a volcano.
June 2009 corresponding to 1780s will bring increasing global tensions, at least a great hurricane in summer, and still weather events, there will be much talk about global environmentalism akin to the industrial revolution (possibly some tech breakthrough), maybe due to ongoing economy depression (it is happening from June to December 2009, the economy crash).
December 2009 corresponding to 1820s could bring a world social change (stock crash? we should really move from oil to alternative economy at this time) and maybe a significant climate shift which corresponds to ice age end, maybe also a big volcano event (corresponds to Tambora). spiritual insight for a green ecological and human revolution (this time corresponds to end of ice age, 1821, 1MY ago and 60MY, a time of drastic change and evolutionary advance)
March 2010 corresponding to Irish famine (stock crash and oil peak prices leading to food crises, and maybe after a strange winter), some kind of technological or social revolution ongoing
June 2010 corresponds to 1850s, a peak of world changes, a summer with hurricane, extreme weather (cold?), the first big solar storm of the new solar cycle (society is reestructuring significantly or collapsing) All around 2010 big ideas and changes are the keynote.

August 2010 should be the peak of these last global tensions, maybe meaning the end of the oil economy as we know it, as some other important changes. big astrological aspects will happen during this month as this time will resemble 1863, when oil was explored, there were drastic advances in transports, in the states, and in science and technology
2011 corresponds to 1884, bringing big technological and spiritual changes, a new volcano, change in world blocks and nations and possibly pandemic. if not before, the economy will crash this year and things will get complicated (a rebirth is proposed by many spiritual-minded people)
2012 starts with new technologies and a sense of change, who knows, ufos, a spiritual revelation by june and significant breakthroughs in human consciousness ans society by mid year. from june on, 4D awareness may be occuring.
in last month before the winter solstice everythings goes berseck and magical.

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