Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sedna, Eris, Ceres, Chiron, Vesta, Juno transits

Hi, as these novel minor planets transit over my chart I am recently been able to deduce further evidence on their possible planetary energies.

Juno, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas TRANSITS
Ceres in natally placed in a grand cross pattern, formed by a natal 8th house Jupiter-Ceres conjuntion, opposed by a 2nd house Sedna, and squared by 12th house Venus and 6th house Orcus. This pushes me strongly for natural ways of living (ecology, devas, plant growing, etc) due to the very natures of nurturing agricultural goddess Ceres, second house neptunian-like Sedna and the twelve house Venus.
Ceres transited my ASC in Dec 2006 when I start growing plants again in my balcony after years without doing it.
Pallas, which is related to crafts, crossed my ASC in October 2007, and at that time I got further involved in artistic painting and also doing handmade crafts for the first time in my life. See the connection?
Juno is currently stationary over my natal sun, and it makes sense since I am living with my girlfriend for the first time, and Juno is a symbol of lovers, a taurean-like planet. When I start dating with her, it was just transiting my 7th house (which was about the same time that Saturn also transited over the DSC, a sign to change in relationships).
Finally Vesta, a protective caring virgin, crossed my ASC also during this spring, when I start living together with my mate. As you can see, when planets and asteroids start transiting over our rising signs, they generally point to a start of a entire new cycle of that planetary energy.

Nessus and Phollus TRANSITS
Nessus, which is a centaur bringing issues of a sensual nature, transit over my natal Venus in late 2006, when I met my current girlfriend (and about the same time I start growing the plants). Nessus is much seen as a bridge between Saturn and Neptune, as Chiron is seen as a bridge between Saturn and Uranus.
Phollus, more seen as a bridge between Saturn and Pluto, fated transcendence, was over my natal 9th house Uranus in mid 2006, during a time when I was definitively in a very uranian time, visiting spiritual communities which gave later to a series of other important events and decisions. Phollus is now approaching my MC and I hope that will finally bring some hard closing decision to my carreer decisions, which were under revolution last year when Pluto transited in my natal Sun.

Sedna was for a long time (about the past 3 years) opposing natal 9th house Ixion-Quaoar conjunction, poiting to a return to a natural law (quaoar) to which Sedna neptune-like energy very well blends into.
Quaoar, in the other hand, was squaring by transit my natal moon, putting a good order and nature in my personal relationship, certainly not without lots of plutonian transformation! Quaoar transited before, in 2002, over my MC, when it prompted a spiritual awakening in myself. Pluto had just transited my MC in 2000, bringing a depression and philosophical crisis. Last year, Pluto crossed in my 10th house sun bringing professional crisis and in two years Quaoar will transit the sun too, which I hope will bring a spiritual taste to my professional living (curiously during my first saturn return), due in 2010.
I will write on my Eris, Orcus, Chiron, Varuna and Ixion transits later.

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