Monday, June 9, 2008

The change begins this year, racing up in mid and late 2009 and peaking after may 2010.

2008, 2009 and 2010, a dramatic global change

A great social change, a economic crash and stop, a climatic shift, a big conflit, a shock attack, a cosmic event or just a little big change is about to happen. What it is, will transform our society in dramatic and revolutionary ways and a lot of people will be involved.

We will have hints of what is coming in 15th August of this year, October and November and by 11th December 2008.
Change will happen by February 200 and will become big by mid August 2009 and end 2009!!
The change will huge from May or June 2010 on, peaking in August 2010, and decreasing over the following years.

Um conflito grande, um colapso económico e paragem social, um atentado choque, um shift climático, evento cósmico, descoberta soberba ou apenas um pouco mais de mudança forte

Seja o que for irá transformará a sociedade gradualmente e irreversivelmente, e afectará imensas pessoas de um modo revolucionário.

Seja o que for teremos indícios no próximo dia 15 de Agosto, Outubro e Novembro, e 11 de Dezembro de 2008
Segunda mudança virá em Fevereiro de 2009. A mudança tornar-se-á muito mais forte a partir de meados de Agosto de 2009 e final de 2009!!
A partir de Maio ou Junho de 2010 as coisas tornar-se-ão drásticas, culminando no Agosto desse ano. E diminuindo gradualmente ao longo dos anos que se seguem.

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When is the best time for a safe decision/move?

The time will be clear for safe change and for safe decisions around the end of this year and during the spring of 2009.
After summer 2009 and until May 2010, things will be moving fast, and this is the last change for a calm change (moving away from the cities may be better).
After May 2010 mass migrations or change may be occuring.

Other things:
- mid june by full moon, look for a destiny move.
- nuclear or energy issues may be crucial during february, december 2009 or early 2010.
- social change will be hard evident during november 2009-january 2010. possible earth climatic changes may be happening during this period!
- june 5, june 26 and august 6, 2010 are the key peak event dates. an eclipse happens in 22 july
- by april 2011 radical change (such as radical laws, treats and moves) will be unfolding after the previous hard times

the 2010 will make intense hard aspects to my libra mars and square my sag mercury, during my first saturn return! in my case (and maybe in your own) saturn has make a former square in june 2003, and recently jupiter in late september 2004 (by conjunction) and late december 2007 (square) and by mars in early january 2008 and early march 2008 (squares) and will make in soon in the next lunar eclipse in 18 June, wednesday (square).

Mystic sextile hexagon of 2013

In a fantastic configuration, after the winter solstice 2012, in 29 July 2013, nearly all planets will be forming a big hexagon in the sky,a mystic combination of sextiles, meaning opportunity, in solely feminine signs: jupiter and mars in 8º cancer, moon in early taurus, neptune in 5º pisces, pluto in 10º capricorn, saturn in 6º scorpio and venus in 9º virgo. The sun will be aspecting this from 7º leo and uranus will be squaring mars from 13º aries. it will conjunt my scorpio jupiter and ceres, and aspect my natal venus and sedna that year.

Other past aligments, but not comparable to the ones in 2010 and 2013 were:
- In 5 february 1962 there was also a grouping of a moon, sun (lunar eclipse), mercury, venus, south node and jupiter all in 16º aquarius, squaring neptune in 14º scorpio, and saturn and mars were also conjunted in 3º aquarius. with so many planets in aquarius this was a dramatic shift in social and technological worlds, marking for many the entrance into the age of aquarius
- In 5 may 2000 there were plenty of planets grouped around taurus, but not in close aspects. it was the year of my spiritual awakening, although in a rather brutal way
- In 17 august 1987, an event called "harmonic convergence", many planets were creating trines in fire signs, marking therefore the metaphysical dawing of a new era
-In 9 november 2003 there was another grand sextile between many planets in 10-20º degrees of feminine signs. this make aspects to my virgo moon, and that was an intense and bright month for me.

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