Thursday, June 5, 2008

Obama will certainly win

Our bet: Obama will almost certainly win.
Obama / John Edward will be the possible combination

With Obama representing the sixties revolution and McCain the fiery thirties, with Obama having transits to his Mars and Venus, and McCain to his Saturn, Node Venus but in 6-12th house axis, Obama has more changes of winning. McCain will enter a more introspective period of his life. And, differently, Obama will become more and more the icon of change.

*But with Uranus-Saturn transit, many unexpected things may still come to pass, Obama or McCain could quit the race, Obama elect a new woman as Vice pres or a republican, something huge could happen and delaying the election, or the elected one becoming not the next president! The Uranus influence will probably bring lots of tension and uncertain, but we still think that despite all of this, Obama wins*

There are the following birth times on the web:
Obama Aug. 4, 1961, at 7:11 p.m, Hawaii.
McCain, Aug. 29, 1936, at 11 a.m, Panama.

Obama is Leo sun/Leo rising, with incredible Uranus, Pluto and Node aligment from the sixties in its rising sign! A powerful and changing energy. The upcoming, cardinal square between Uranus, Pluto and Saturn in 2008-2014 will bring again issues from the sixties (peace, environmentalism, social unrest and change), so this is a major factor for Obama. He represents the winning change in the Saturn-Uranus combination.
Furthermore, he has neptune in third house squaring sun and taurus moon in ninth house close to MC, both optimal for inspiring people.
Now that he is having Neptune just crossing the descendent, he is inspiring and reaching out for the people, and this will continue. Pluto is also opposing his 11th house Venus and quinqucx his natal mercury (powerful communication). More importantly, Uranus is now opposing his second house Virgo Mars so he will fight to bring its cause and if elected help the country to restore values, peace and finances. This will be a fighting time for him (look mainly at September 2008 and February 2009).
Even more important than everything, the upcoming Saturn-Uranus opposition will happen from November-March 2009 right in his second house Mars! So, he will be a major player in this global tensive change, and probably he will be elected.
Saturn transiting through his first house will greatly help Obama balancinghis novelty with the more conservative values, a bonus to Obama strenght.

If he his elected, with Jupiter entering his in seventh house will mean he will meet many governments around the world, bringing them fresh hope, and with his Uranus entering eighth house means he will e part of a revolutionary time after 2009 in which world finances, resources and shared values with other countries will undergo radical shifts. This will happen whether or not Obama is elected, but having he this, is a great factor. Obama may also awaken to some world secrets (such as corporation corruption, the war agenda, alien contact, etc) and help the world to awaken to these.

While Obama was representative of the sixties revolution, inspiration and change, McCain is a representative of the thirties fiery and dramatic energies. The time of economic depression and global extremism leading to world war.
So, McCain may represent the more saturnine side and the more fiery mars side. McCain is Scorpio rising, a powerful sign, (but since Hillary, another Scorpio. was defeated, this is of no help to him). But he also has a strong 11th house energy, a very good factor to him. Having Mars and Pluto close to MC would make him a very military president! And since he has Uranus squaring these, from the descendent, this would even had more to his revolutionary side. So, McCain is a milirary revolutionary, but in a hidden way.
Having Saturn aspecting 11th house Neptune and Pluto opposing his Moon, making him less public, less inspirational, but more less ilusory in his ideals.
Unfortunely for him, Saturn is not entering first house as his for Obama, but 11th house instead. in July he will probably push harder ahead his experience side, since he will have his Saturn conjuncting his natal sun.
Then Uranus-Saturn make their opposition, with Uranus in its natal Saturn and Saturn in its natal Venus: which is a not very happy combination, and since the US chart is experiencing more a transit to mars, this may favour again Obama.
But he has Pluto (his ruler) conjuncting his Sagittarius third house north node, but by itself is not a sign that will he could win. However, McCain will have slighty more aspected planets during the upcoming 2010 cardinal T-square. Since he will have also Saturn going for 12th house, that is again of no help for him; he will go for a introspective period and return possibly again as a 2012 candidate when Saturn enters his ascendent.

*Contrary to what other astrologers say, the inauguration day of elected president is not that bad, is it fiery changing; mercury retrogade with sun may mean solely that global society in onto a crises that the president cannot escape from *

Who will become vice-president: John Edwards or Kathleen Sebelius
Accordingly to Guardian we would have:
- the obvious Clinton ticket
- Kathleen Sebelius another woman Kansas
- Jim Webb, a reputed and military background (very likely)
- Ed Rendell, another reputed blunt person, very likely
- John Edwards, also very likely
- John Kerry, another likely
- Wesley Clark, also military background but not so likely
- Even someone from the republican party, who knows!
- Al Gore, ???
- Bill Richardson, likely but still has other controversies
- Ted Strickland is unlikely due to his more religious side

Accordingly to the charts, Jim Webb is one aquarius with a shaking chart but not bidding for becoming a VP; John Edwards, a more gemini and libra influence, may bid well, Obama could choose him, the cardinal square will aspect his natal sun, and pluto is opposing his mars, two decisive factors!, furthermore they are of closer generations which helps even more; Kerry, a Sag, has also very good looking possibilities (Jupiter seems a recurrent theme with Obama), the cardinal transits will aspect heavily his chart!; Kathleen the good-looking woman option, may bid well, even more when considering she is a taurus (Obama will have transits to Venus), her transits are not that striking but still a good option, she is having uranus square uranus; Rendell is experienced, it may greatly help Obama weakness, and has fiery Mars-Uranus conjunction and Capricorn, both very good, cardinal square aspecting his saturn. Obama would never choose Hillary, he could choose a old man as a candidate and Kathleen.
In my opinion, and accorindingly to my intuition, Kathleen would be a great choice but adds a too-young option for Obama, Kerry and Webb are no reliable options, Edwards is a probable choice, Rendell is a excelent choice but he may refuse it.

John Edwards followed by Kathleen Sebelius and Ed Rendell are most likely choices.

The hard thing to swallow is that both Clinton, Edward or Kathleen already went to a BG group meeting. Who will Obama choose?
Edward is under big pressure (possibly by the BG), Kathleen will radically shift in a few months (possibly preparing for one attempt in four years) and Clinton is out of the race. Obama, if smart would pick other people, like Rendell, Dennis Kucinich (unlikely when looking for chart) or Ron Paul, a conservative yet clever person (more likely chart). However has selected a team that includes another BG member to choose the VP for him. So, Obama will become president (aided by media and by his inspirations) and Edwards or Kathleen VP (and controlling the powerful lobbies). Possibly Edwards is first choice. Obama is under pressure, as seen in his chart, it would be hard for him to choose another person (like Ron Paul or Ed Rendell), but that would certainly be the most radical and refreshing thing to do, although very risky for him or both of them.

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Maju said...

A woman. A white woman. Hillary is the most obvious choice but maybe she declines or whatever but somehow Obama needs to attract Hillary's supporters and specially women and white low and middle class voters.

Astrologically they are not the most obvious tandem (the most evident formation is a t-square, wow! - and their nodal axis are also saquaring each other) but there are some harmonies too: Obama's Venus trines Clinton's Sun but specially among success and public planets like Jupiter and Uranus (sextiles).

But the vicepresident is not very important (unless the president dies or must resign), so maybe it's the best role Obama can get for his former opponent. The key issue is to secure the Clinton vote in any case. It would help is Hilary's Moon would be Aries (the default is late Pisces but I don't know her exact birthtime), as Obama's Moon is surely early Gemini (so that would be another sextile).

Problem is that vicepresidency seems like not enough for such an ambitious woman who's already been sort of that (first lady, a very prominent one).

But you can surely discard a man in any case. Hillary or some other woman, preferably one of the Clinton camp.