Sunday, July 6, 2008

Birth of Mayan calendar - great astrological aspects in the past

It was the birth of Mayan calendar, death of Khrysna and maybe around the time of the mythical flood of Noah and earth changes. Around year 3106BC, in April, there was a conjuntion of Pluto, Mars and Uranus in Aries squaring Saturn and Neptune (9º apart) in Capricorn. Then in April 3105BC, Pluto and Uranus conjunted in Aries formed a T-square with a triple conjuntion Saturn-Neptune-Jupiter in Capricorn and Mars in Cancer!!! At least both events (birth of Mayan calendar, death of Khrysna) are well dated to this decade.

In spring 1586BC, Pluto, Mars and Uranus conjunted in Taurus (in Aldebaran), forming a T-square of Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn in Leo; Neptune was in Aries. This was the time of thera volcano great eruption and possible time of exodus and ten plagues of Egypt. Great transits isnt it? At least the volcano is dated to between 1650-1600BC. Exodus is assumed a few decades later.

In 2010 something similar may happen, since a spectacular T-square will be formed between Uranus and Jupiter in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn and Mars in Libra, maybe not so big as last ones! Similar aspects happened before near 1929 crash, early 19th century, in the sixties and in 1770s american revolution.


Maju said...

I don't believe much in Mayan calendar "predictions", sincerely. But I see important things coming in 2010 and thereafter anyhow:

28-May-2010: Uranus enters 0º Aries (stellium w/Jupiter, opp. to Saturn, T-square to Ceres, square to Pluto - Pluto and Ceres, the cosmic "in-laws" in stellium at early Capricorn).

6-Jun: Jupiter enters in 0º Aries. Same aspects as before but Mars and Neptune are opposing and making a t-square to Mercury too.

14 to 26-Jun: Sun and Mercury transits around 0º Cancer make a Great Square. The t-square to Ceres is replaced by one to Pluto (more violent and radical).

21-Jul: Saturn enters 0º Libra.

30-Jul: Mars enters 0º Libra, enhancing that t-square. The only good thing is that Mars in Libra is "weaker", more diplomatic than aggresive.

7-Aug: Venus enters 0º Libra, again reinforcing that t-square to Pluto.

14-Aug: Uranus goes back into Pisces.

9-Sep: Jupiter goes back into Pisces.

6-Oct: with the transit of Mercury, the series of t-squares to Pluto reach an end (with my usual orbs: 6º for squares)

20-Oct: NN and Ceres exact stellium 8luto also involved). Weak aspects otherwise.

27-Nov: NN and Pluto exact stellium.

22-Dec: rather large (but loose) stellium at 0º Cap: Sun, Pluto, NN, Mer, Mars. squares to Jup+Ura but otherwise unclear aspects (mostly sexiles).

But the really exciting stuff begins in 2011:

23-Jan: Jupiter re-enters Aries (sq. nodes).

Late February: massive stellium at late Aquarius.

12-Mar: Uranus re-enters Aries inside a large chain-stellium of 5 planets.

28-Mar: exact opposition Jupiter-Saturn. Jupiter is at the extreme of a chain stellium at early Aries but there is also a tight stellium Ceres-Venus-Neptune at early Pisces.

2-Apr: Mars enters Aries (its natural sign) in stellium with Uranus, as the Sun has joined Jupiter against Saturn.

4-Apr: Neptune enters Pisces finally. Five planets in Aries, 3 in Pisces, Pluto as earth singletone and Saturn as air singletone. Looks like a very stressful, yet innovative moment.

9-Apr: recreation of the T-square to Pluto (fast-moving planets, last until 2-May).

13-May: Again recreation of the t-square to Pluto as Uranus opposes Saturn retro. Becomes great cross by late Spring and early Summer, as the Solar court transits Cancer.

11-Jul: Ceres enters Aries as the cardinal great cross is still active (Venus).

21-Jul: the t-square to Pluto is broken.

Late July/early August: t-square to Uranus and Ceres at early Aries.

17-Aug: Sun, Ven, Mer in tight stellium opposing Neptune.

Late August: Great Earth Trine. My business advise: buy stocks since June 4 (Jupiter enters Taurus and trines Pluto) and sell them before the earth GT ends in September 6.

Since 15-Sep: new wave of t-squares to Pluto (Solar court) ending in Oct-5 (Libra stellium around Saturn).


Since 2-March we have another series of earth GTs (until 20-May) that can help the business savvy person. But beware of Neptune squaring the Lunar nodes since 12-May and the transits through the SN soon after.

4-July: Yod to Pluto!!! It's accompanied by two t-squares to Neptune and Uranus and those planets (Ceres, Jupiter, Venus) conjunct at the SN. Looks like a major event and, the coincicence with USA's birthday looks suspicious to say the least. Mars entering Libra again. Pluto again earth singletone. If the markets don't collapse (even more!) that day, I'll invite everybody to dinner. But I guess it's marking an evn more important and dramatic event than just a market collapse that is already happening and will persist anyhow.

1-Sep: Yod o Uranus (weak) Accompanied by Mercury and eptune opposite squaring the nodes.

Sep-Oct-Nov: GT at air/water by Neptune, Saturn and Ceres. Confusing because it's accompanied by a series of t-squares - and even a Great Corss around Nov 1.

20-Dec: Yod to Jupiter. Lasts till the end of the year.

The question is what exactly is going to happen in each and the whole series of these events. I think my imagination isn't really able to figure out. Certainly Pluto in Cap means recession but also subversion of the structures, of the dignities, of the status quo in general.

As Uranus transits into Aries, the changes should become more and more obvious and extreme. When Neptune abandons Aquarius, the neocon social consensus (for me Aqua is about social structures and dynamics: dialectic) may be heavily damaged.

Historically, Pluto in Cap hapened in the late 18th century, when the Old Regime was mined by crisis (preluding the major changes of Pluto in Aqua).

Uranus in Aries happened last time in the 1928-35 period: also marking a major economic and social crisis that cuminated in the rise of Hitler. Previously it defined the 1841-51 period that included the revolution of 1848.

Neptune in Pisces happened last in the 1849-62 period that was instead pretty quiet. It was the core of the Romantic Age and was in between the revolutions of 1848 and the national unifications of the 1860s and 70s. Maybe it has a balming, meditative effect after all (Anyhow, the 1850s included the Crimean War and the 2nd Opium War, and preluded the Italian unification wars, as well the USA civil war). But remember that Pluto will enter Aqua in 2024 and Neptune will follow it into Aries in 2026. Then it will become really interesting, specially as global warming catastrophe will be much more advanced and impressive than now and the readjustment of global powers (China, India and Brazil are rising stars) will be also more intense and dramatic.

segurelha said...

Put it all together. The Uranus revolution and unstability of a new period, Neptune romantism, spirituality and dreams, Pluto transformation and reform of main powers and structures of society.
The tight cardinal cross signifies dramatic and big events, either economic collapse, war, revolutionary period, climatic or geological changes, mass migrations, dramatic changes in people lifes, social unrest and riots, big inventions nad innovations...I have put several examples of past cardinal crosses.
If a big event happens around 2012 it is well tight to these aspects and to mayan calendars. It could be a meteor impact, polar ice meltings triggering a huge climatic change, a massive solar flare or ET contact, either of these would be revolutionary and dramatic to say the least. But apart from economic crisis, social unrest and subsequent lifestyle changes, I am just speculating.
A possible middle east war, climatic extremes and the consequence of end of oil economy would be enough to be considered a dramatic shift. We need a more ecological based living for all planet.

Maju said...

I don't put much faith on scholarly contested claims about the Maya calendar cycle. The same we don't think that changes of century by itself are something that may bring catastrophes, the Mayas did not aprently believe that the end of a calendaric cycle was anything but an occasion for a huge party.

Also it seems that the inventor of this neomyth was speculating on his own, with very different tools, rather than actually following any Maya tradition, that he apparently knew only little about.

But I do think that 2010-12 is, using only Western Astrology standards, a period that will bring some major changes. What exactly? I don't really know. But the entrance of Uranus in Aries is in itself a major event: the planet of Dialectic has been "aslept" as of late in Pisces and its entrance in Aries marks a new day (in the cycles of this planet, a day of some 84 years).

That means that "the world", the cycle, that began in 1930 (Big Crisis, but also the official discovery of Pluto) is already in its very last moment and that something new is about to arise.

Good morning, Earth. ;)

segurelha said...

Yes, I think its without time, that we need a sort of revolution.
Our economical and political models do not work well. We still engage in fights and militarism, and globalization created huge problems of resources, poverty and ecological issues.
We need to create more self-sustained societies, based in the people power, in the local power, based in freedom and communal help between everyone. It can be an utopia, but the other option of killing ourselves through runaway pollution or conflict, seems unappealing. Its unfair that one person nowadays can have easily access to internet, science and a mobile phone, contraception, but no self-generated energy, no self-grown food, no stability guaranteed for creating a future family or a healthy environment around us.
Anyway, Earth is a spiritual school for souls. And we have still a lot to learn and apply.