Saturday, July 19, 2008

Eris along the sideral zodiac: historical correlations

Thanks to Catherine of Visual Astrology, which I strongly recommend, here it goes a list of Eris travelling through the sideral zodiac and associations with main historical events:

Aries - 1507: discovery and imposed colonization of Americas, great expansion of commercial trade to India and Japan. Sedna is in tropical Aquarius too ;)
Perseus (the Hero) - 1568: the start of many religion wars. Sedna is entering tropical Pisces meaning the slow end of the old order (church, monarchy)
Camelopardalis (the Giraffe) - 1616: religion wars, 30 years war, Eris in tropical Cancer.
Ursa Major (the Greater Bear) - 1650: curiously there has been during these years the "northern wars" between sweden, denmark and russia. great fire of london and great plague of london
Canes Venatici (the Hunting Dogs) - 1679: start of age of reason, britain glorious revolution (things change for better after this point; Eris crosses Libra echinox). Newton starts his famous works
Coma Berenices (Berenice’s Hair) - 1686: start of age of reason, age of enlightnment, with great scientic and artistic advances (Eris in tropical Libra)
Virgo - 1697
Libra - 1717
Hydra (the Water Serpent) - 1723
Centaurus (the Centaur) - 1727
Lupus (the Wolf) - 1730
: great awakening, protestants
Norma (the Carpenter’s Square) - 1742: some wars
Ara (the Altar) - 1751: french and indian war, seven years war
Pavo (the Peacock) - 1763: great social revolutions; Eris is in tropical Capricorn
Indus (the American Indian) - 1800: is it a coincidence that Eris is in this american indian sign at a time of harsh colonization against the native americans indians?
Tucana (the Toucan) - 1810
Grus (the Crane) - 1820
Phoenix (the Phoenix) - 1840
Sedna, Pluto and Uranus are now entering tropical Aries, and the industrial revolution starts
Sculptor (the Sculptor’s Workshop) - 1877
Cetus (the Sea Monster) - 1930
: already a bit of Aries sense; evolution at a fast pace, the symbol of unconscious collective points well to a warlike mentality, economic crash and world wars. Great inventions and then prosperity. Sedna is in Aries but enters Taurus by 1960-80 and we have the actual stable and money-based society.
Pisces - 2036
Aries - 2065

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