Friday, August 8, 2008

Former transits of Pluto in Capricorn

Big aspects and rise and fall of civilizations

Going backwards before 2012, we have the following dates of Pluto entering Capricorn and having in some cases powerful aspects to outer planets (underlined in red):
2010 seems to have a cardinal cross in similar strength to 1764, 1026 and 534 (American and industrial revolutions; Byzantine decline and extreme weather and famine). Bigger is solely 42AC, Christ crucification. However this is a configuration similar to other former minor but important climatic shifts, meteor impacts, with social impacts. And please note that in 2020 Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be conjunct in Capricorn squaring Eris in Aries.

2010, Oil, global and climate crisis; while square to Uranus in Aries and to Saturn in Libra
1764, American revolution, industrial revolution, little ice age maximum; while Uranus in mid Aries and square to Saturn in Aries. Eris is also conjunct in Capricorn.
1518, Discoveries and rise and peak of different empires (Ottoman, Iberians); while trine to Uranus in Taurus, Saturn was conjunct in Capricorn. Eris is in late Aries
1271, Mongolians conquests; Crusades start, Jews settle again; while Uranus in mid Taurus and opposition to Saturn in Cancer
1026, Arabs conquest India, decline of Bizantine empire, while Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn, opposition to Uranus in Gemini, square to Saturn in Aries
778, Vikings attacks, while Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in mid Cancer
534 extreme weather events and famine, caused by a possible volcano or meteor impact, while Uranus in Leo quincunx, and opposition to Saturn in Cancer, square to Jupiter in Libra. Eris is near opposition to Pluto!
288, crises of third century (near collapse of Roman empire), conjunction of Jupiter in Capricorn, square to Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Virgo
42, Christ crucification, while Saturn in Scorpio square to Uranus and Eris in Libra, square to Jupiter in Aries, Sedna and Quaoar are too conjunct in Capricorn: powerful indeed

203BC, small environmental disruption, Opposition to Saturn in cancer, Uranus in Scorpio climate change, Sedna in Capricorn
451BC, lack of important events, Jupiter in Cap, Saturn in Aries in square, Uranus in Sag
695BC, lack of important events, Uranus conjuncted in Cap
939BC, lack of important events, Uranus in mid Cap, Saturn in opposition
1184BC, Fall of Troy, Square Saturn in Aries, Uranus in Aquarius
1429BC, lack of important events, Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aries
(one possible time of Exodus) Eris, Saturn and Jupiter opposition in Cancer, Square to Uranus in Aries, important changes in Egypt

Other important Holocene events:
2807BC pluto in aries, op neptune and uranus, saturno in capricorn (meteor impact)
1627BC, pluto-sat in aqu square sedna in sco, neptune sag square eris in virgo, uranus in libra (Sartonini eruption and ,possible time for exodus)
7640BC pluto-sat in cap, opposed uranus
7911BC before eris and pluto in cap, uranus in cancer, and sedna there (meteor impact)
11275, 11023, 10768BC pluto, uranus and jupt/sat in aries (end of Ice Age)
9530BC uranus, eris, saturn and quaoar in Capricorn, pluto in aries
9276BC cross: sedna and eris in libra, uranus in cap, sat in cancer, pluto in aries
(end of Young Dryas)

- In 44BC Roman Republic passed to Empire with Julio Ceasar's dictatorship. Pluto was in Cancer cusp squaring Uranus in Libra cusp and opposing Saturn in Capricorn cusp!
Similar to the 1929 and second world war configuration!

- Further changes (Augustus rulership) occured in 27BC when Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter conjuncted in Leo cusp.

- The division of roman empire (!) came when Pluto entered Capricorn cusp! in 286

- Rome fall occurred in 476-480 when Uranus was in Capricorn cusp squaring Saturn (and Saturn was conjuncted with Pluto in Leo in 477).
- The end of Eastern Roman Empire, with fall of Constantinople, occurred in 1453 when Pluto and Uranus were at Leo cusp squaring Saturn in Scorpio cusp, and Jupiter and Neptune were opposed in Aries and Libra cusps!

Briefly, Pluto was in Capricorn cusp in 39-42AC (Uranus square from Libra, Jupiter goes from Capricorn to Aries), 285 (Uranus and Neptune in Leo, opposing Saturn in Aquarius), 531 (receives opposition from Saturn), 777 (receives opposition from Uranus, in Cancer, and square from Jupiter in Aries), 1023 (Uranus is in Gemini and squares Saturn in Pisces)

Check events for the following dates:
1315-22 great European famines
395-476, 1453 Falls of Roman empire (and big eruption in 1453)

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