Friday, July 4, 2008

30 Euros per horoscopes and natal chart interpretation

Contact me to segurelha ATT gmail DOTT com

Receive a detailed natal chart with transit readings, predictions and much many advices for solely 30 Euros.
Contact me for more information or if you want your natal chart reading.

A natal chart reading includes:
-Natal chart reading and interpretation
-Major aspects of planets and their interpretation
-Includes new planets such as Eris, Sedna, Quaoar, Asteroids, if requested
-Includes astrology of other cultures (Celtic, Egypt, Mayan, Aboriginal, Native American)
-Transit interpretation and predictions
-Aspects of love life, professional life, social life, aspirations, health
-All in a 20-30 page report (only available in English language)
-Further ongoing advice (conservation by email, if you want to)

Contact me to segurelha ATT gmail DOTT com

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