Saturday, July 19, 2008

Future USA, Portugal and Austria

Main changes will come in 2009-2011 period, then again until a peak in 2014, and a new order appear around 2020.

Judging from 1776 natal chart of USA, the states will continue their deep transforming which will continue dramatically during the next decade as Pluto transits the US first house since 2001 and Uranus enters the fourth house in late spring 2010 and remains there mking a square and aspect with Pluto to the US natal sun in 2014! Eris is also transiting US fourth house since 1930. Much will be unstable and radically changing in home affairs, possibly in what relates to economy crisis and climate crisis. Saturn will be alo transiting the country tenth house in 2010-12. In 2012 Pluto will be conjunted with Eris, a powerful changing and controversial change. It is not greatly expected involvement with war since Pluto already squared Mars in 2003-6.
In 2020 we have Pluto return and a complete reform of US approach to resources.

For Portugal, (using the Cancer rising natal map) the change will not be smaller. Uranus will shortly, in early 2009 transit the country natal Sun, natal Saturn and the MC. It will be a changing decade for the governmental structures like it was during the 1930s. Pluto is also now squaring Saturn, pointing to another change in governmental structures. Possibly the change will be not so big since Pluto is not now transiting the ascendent.
All around 2009, Sedna also conjuncts natal Pluto in eleventh house, once in 10000 years, so we do not know what to expect, again brutal. Saturn entering fourth house in 2010 and making the T-square with Uranus and Pluto will mean a serious time for families. Again it is possible that the country can hold on despite a world economic crisis. At this time the square will be also aspecting Eris in the fourth house, pointing to internal revolution. People will go to the streets in 2009-2010. This was also aspected when Portugal lost its independence. In 2015 Pluto will enter the DSC (like happened in 1760), Portugal will change its relationship to its neighbourhood (maybe Europe will change during that year), anyway we would do good to reinforce our indepedence and self-sufficiency.
Accordingly to Sao Mamede battle natal chart map (Libra-Neptune rising; sun in Cancer); Pluto will be approaching in 2013 the IC (like in 1770s) and Uranus the DSC in 2012 (like it was in the early thirties). Again in this map, we predict aggitation and rebeldy for spring 2009.

For Austria, Leo 4º pluto 4º Ari eris, sedna 20º ari
Main changing events:
1593 war with turks, eris end tau, plu ura ari, nep leo
1618-48 pluto tau-gem, nep lib, eris gem-can, ura can-sco, sedna end aqu
1672-1714 wars: pluto in leo, uranus can, eris lib
1770 authoritarian rule
1792 war with france
1800-14 wars with napoleon; eris end cap, pluto pisces, nep sco, ura vir
1814-48 authoritarian rule pluto in aries
1914-18 uranus in aquarius, pluto in early cancer, sedna aries
1935 ura tau, sedna ari, eris ari, pluto can-leo, nep vir

1894, 1810, 1716, 1632: uranus in scorpio
1792, 1706, 1618: uranus in leo
1918, 1824, 1740, 1656: uranus in aquarius
1932, 1848, 1764, 1680, 1596: uranus in aries
1945, 1861, 1777, 1693, 1609: uranus in taurus-gemini
1918-45, 1668-95 pluto in cancer-leo: austria in power and rude
1780-1850, pluto in capricorn-aquarius-aries: authoritarian

Seems that a Aries-Taurus is important as well as Cancer-Leo/Capricorn-Aquarius axis. Rising or MC may be Cancer or Leo, or Capricorn
If Cancer-Leo is choosen, Aries-Taurus is at MC. Capricorn at DSC.
Pluto passage through Ari-Tau, Can-Leo and Cap and then again Ari is powerful.

Next years, Uranus will sit at 0-5º Ari (before was 1926, 1842, 1758, 1674; coinciding with a start of a more agressive period), Pluto in 0-5º Cap (before was 1762, 1517, profound changes in the country leading to its future), Eris in 22-25º Ari (Pluto was here before in 1842, 1595), Sedna in 22-25º Tau, pointing to outside influences causing profound changes in the country (mainly political and idealistic).

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