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Periodic floods in ancient history

This is a bit off-topic but has relation to astrology.

Either there has been catastrophic and periodic meteor impacts in the past, caused by a companion star, or periodic event that causes pole shifts (the same cause; companion star); procession may be due to revolution around companion star (see links in the end). Even if pole shift does not happen, something happens and changes climate and civilizations. At least, close passage of comet swarms may trigger changes (for example triggering geological activity and solar storms). Because something has to cause worldwide delluge/flooding.

There seem to be two cycles, the mayan 5125 year cycle (fifth of procession cycle) and 3600 pole shift hypothetical cycle. But look.

Look at the following periodic events:
14000BC: flooding of caspian sea caused by melting of scandinavean ice sheet
10800BC - 9792BC - 9500BC: end of ice age, delluge and sea level rises 130 meters, there are also accounts of mass extinctions, volcanoes and perhaps the dissappeament of atlantida, greek myth of ogyges flood; young dryas event caused by sea level rise. Possibly comet swarm meteor impacts
8788 BC: 5125 years before start of mayan calendar and noah's flood
8239BC: 3600 years before former flood. Possibly when Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. In 7640BC there is evidence meteor strike and also evidence of climate change.
6300BC - 5600 BC: burst into black sea caused by rapid sea level rise
(the sea seems to be always rising!!! or are these tidal waves caused by another event?), 3600 years before exodus, mythical tower of babel destroyed?? There is evidence of large climate change around in 6100BC caused by a large melting of the north american ice sheet (possible pole shift) and then also some smaller climatic change in 3900BC when sahara desert started.
3114BC and ~2900Bc or 2339BC, start of mayan calendar, khrisna death and start of new yuga; a few delluge myths, and possibly the time of Gilgamesh flood sumerian myth, Deucalion greek flood myth and Noah's ark myth (all three with the same story): there are survivals to pass the story, egyptian civilization rises afterwards and also plenty others; there is a report (Tollman's hypothesis of a meteor strike in ~3110BC). There is evidende of climate change around 2200BC.
1600-1500 BC Thera/Santorin great eruption and possibly tsunami, jew Exodus, Plagues of Egypt and parting of the waters (great event, isnt it?) (egyptians and mayans also survive sheltered in pyramids), dardanus flood greek myth?
~2012, end of mayan calendar past 5125 years, and 3600 years after exodus and thera (this may be also some more decades into the future up to 500 years, if the calendars are not exact)
However the correlations do not make precise periodic cycles. Some of the dates of these past events may be also incorrectly dated.

5125 year cycles: ~2012, 3114BC (noahs, meteor), 8788BC (maybe former flood), 12380 (old dryas)
3600 year cycles: ~2012, 1580BC (exodus, thera), 5180BC (maybe date of 5600BC), 8780 (maybe date of 9700BC)
But assuming 4000 year cycles: ~2400, 1580BC (exodus), 5600BC (real noahs ark flood?), 9600BC (ice age end)
There is also a possibly ~3200 year cycle of meteor impacts dating 13000BC, 9800BC (ice age end), 6370BC (large climate change, flood, impact, destruction), 3150BC (mayan date, noahs flood), 2012? This is for me what makes more sense.

Accorindly to one website look out for the solar eclipses in: 1 August 2008, September 2008 onwards, 22 July 2009 (around date of forecasted economic crash) and 11 July 2010 (around mass event of 2010); some sources speak first of a big geological change in 2009 and then 2012. Whatever happens is between 2009-2013.

What causes may be a solar super storm caused by galactic aligment or cosmic rays, a brown dwarf passing by or a meteor strike caused by an incoming comet swarm.
Whatever causes, what it happens may be a pole shift (even if small), great floods and tidal waves and some small climatic changes, mass migrations and destruction mainly in coastal areas, earthquakes in faulty lines, huge and long rainstorms for weeks, and possibly some lack of sunlight for a few days. Then civilization is rebirthed.

See also revolution arouns sirius and true about precession this is very insightful periodic and worldwide tales of delluge

Finally it may be said that maybe precession is nothing more than a wobble that persists for millenia after the pole shift (continuation of its momentum), and if that happens then during a pole shift an age of aquarius may shift for age of capricorn in a few hours! Or maybe the solar system revolves another star, and then this explain the precession, and in that case, precession is caused by aligment to a center of gravity, and even it may be the agent that causes the pole shift itself (or not), or maybe it just periodic meteor swarms (caused by the revolution around another star). If so, the north star would change dramatically and even axis orientation could change (that would pretty well explain the ice ages and interglacials). If that happened, the zodiac would be the same, only the equatorial line in the sky would have been father apart (due to the larger inclination).

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