Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sedna and Eris in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and now Aries again

ERIS in ARI 1400s: start of the ocean discoveries, great commercial expansion
ERIS in CAN1630s: religion wars and changes towards the new modern age
ERIS in LIB 1690s: age of enlightnment and reason, artistic advances
ERIS in CAP 1760s; great social revolutions
ERIS in ARIES 1930s: world wars, individualism and a greater pace of inventions. Between 2030 and 2070 Eris will enter Taurus and life will be challenge in material terms and resources. Local self-sufficiency will be the key.
SEDNA in CAP 33: Christianity, Roman Empire: our first social structures were laid then
SEDNA then was one millenia in Capricorn (dark ages) and then rapidly went through Aquarius and Pisces during the discovery of americas, industrial age and great social revolutions. In Pisces the old order was cast down. Sedna was in Sagittarius during the time of Greek philosophy and Egypt pyramids.
SEDNA in ARIES 1860s: the start of a modern age of a rapid and individualistic pace. Now Sedna in Taurus questions us to use wisely resources in a money-based society. Soon, Sedna will enter Gemini by 2021 and a age of communication and new energy will arrive, another fast pace of inventions. Then in 2065, Sedna enters Cancer and the world will again be more difficult; maybe to a change toward a more local and sustainable society due to the destruction of ecossystems, climate change and sea level rise.

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