Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thoughts about Sedna, Eris, Makemake, Ceres. Quaoar astrology, Ixion astrology, Orcus astrology....


is a highly-charged planet of confusion, transformation, aspirations, strive for diplomacy and rebeldy, it is a probable ruler of Libra (Eris perihelion) and is since 1930s in Aries, influencing this eclectic, competitive, agressive and individualistic period. Eris mundane influences are well described. Eris may be rebalance, reconciliation and understanding through revolution and discordance. Eris may relate to terrorism, civil rights, art movements, etc.

is a more introvert planet, yet genial, guiding, expansive and fighting. It could be the ruler or Gemini or Taurus (Sedna perihelion). It is since the sixties in Taurus, bringing our age of indulgence in pleasures, resources and money. Sedna can very well describe a age by the sign where it is located. Sedna energy seems a bit watery, and is still under study. Sedna may relate to our struggle with ecology and climate change. Sedna is a more liberating planet than Eris. Together with Eris, their influence seems notorious.

Makemake (2005 FY9) is still a object of study. From solely my natal chart analysis, makemake astrology may relate to Saturn, endurance, challenge, awakening, nature, spiritual purpose and practice of life mission (it is the Eastern Island God of fertility). Makemake was designated a dwarf planet along with Pluto, Ceres and Eris. 2003 EL61 (Santa) is still not named, but it may relate to the unconventional, magic, devotion, understanding and wisdom. Both have sizes just a little smaller than Pluto. Both have perihelion in Cetus, near Pisces.

is a co-ruler of Virgo, identically to other asteroids, it brings a feminine component, need for healing and nurturing, Ceres is also the goddess mother of agriculture and harvest. Vesta is a devotional influence and stewardship, our attitudes to sexuality and health. Juno ruling relationships, love, what our partner may be, and marriage needs. Pallas is a intelligent and skilled energy, ruling our ability to achieve, find and solve patterns and making crafts. Their influence is small, except when forming important aspects in the natal chart.

is a bridge between Saturn and Uranus, linking possibly to our ability to heal wounds, learning lessons, and bridging new methods of communication, medicine and education, and also nuclear energy. I never found much relevance of Chiron in my natal charts. However Chiron in mundane astrology seems to have quite an important factor. Chiron may rule Virgo, which is its perihelion! Some astrologers also use Nessus (a bridge to Neptune and involving sensuality, non-civilized aspects of behavior, and hidden issues in relationships) and Phollus (bridge to Pluto, fated transcendence, simplicity?).

is together with Varuna, Orcus and Ixion a transplutonic body. All of these are under astrological study. Quaoar is a native american myth. Quaoar astrology may relate to a return to natural law, indigo children, transformation, powerful catharsis, liberation, a transcended Saturn relating to spiritual security and order. Orcus is a darker influence than Pluto. Powerful and intense, strong and exotic meanings, violent and the underworld, plutonic change but through external means unlike Pluto which goes by internal means. Orcus astrological effect may be more oppressive than any other outer planet. Ixion is a disciplined transformation, catharsis through manipulation, abuses of power and liberation, life versus death, civilized versus wild. Varuna is expansive aspirations, insights and visions, beyond the real, mental quality? Quaoar and Orcus seem to have stronger influence. Varuna and Ixion astrology are poorly understood. All the four have perihelion in Cetus, near Pisces or Aquarius.


tim50stroud said...

Excelent; I've been keeping an internet eye on how astrology is taking the new dwarf planets/ asteroids and transpluto's; must have a look at my chart tonight!

Anonymous said...

Interesting what you say about Orcus here: I have Venus/Mars/Jupiter/Orcus all conjunct in Cancer 1st house sextile Uranus and Pluto, trine Neptune. I'm struggling to try and understand what I'm supposed to be learning about in life here because I've been a sex worker and now at 46 I keep getting males that are bad (aka unavailable for one reason or another and therefore oath-breakers) chasing after me; I'm trying to walk away from all the bastards but they just don't let up. My Pluto is aspected all over my birthchart too, for the most part in +ve aspects..... why is it that I have so many positive aspects yet such a hard time with males? I read somewhere else about the Orcus marker for Alzheimers when the Soul is not able to achieve the life goal ~ I'm praying that I get Alheimers because I want to forget all the heart pains.