Friday, July 4, 2008

Virgo and Sagittarius in several different astrology systems

Virgo (September born people) is:

Celtic vine tree month: description of discriminating, authoritative, perceptive, aesthetic, setting high standards, eye for detail, sensitive, vulnerable, tendency to worry, sign of a spiritual initiation and sacred knowledge
Mayan ZIP serpent god: gift of command and leadership (mayans point more for august born people for analysis ability)
Chinese Rooster: organized, neat, accute, practical, critical, puritanical and perfectionist
Native American Bear: practical and methodical, generosity, level-headness, shy, modest, patience, temperance, great teachers, skeptical and reclusive
Aboriginal Lizard: quietly active, discriminating, critical, hard-working, methodical, logical, self-reliant, health-concerned, pure-minded, security
Egypt Thoth and Mout: excellent organizers, accurate, problem-solvers, impatient, god of learning
African "the traveler": maternal, fluctuance and permanence, cosmic messenger, complex inner nature, reconsiliation of inner and outer trips and illusions and tempers affections

Sagittarius (December born people) is:

Celtic elder tree month: lively, self-sufficient, outspoken, dislike routine and pressure, restless, energetic, thrive on change and challenge
Mayan MOL the wise one: the one who collects all pieces and researchers
Chinese Rat: intolerant, ambicious, charismatic, disciplined, sociable and hardworking
Native American Owl: changeable and mutable as wind, easy-going, careless, adventorous, sensitive, enthusiastic, great teachers, artists and conversationists
Aboriginal Kangaroo: energetic, self-centered, truthful, know-it-all, outspoken, visionary, versatile, good sense of humour, outdoors, philosophical, soft-hearted
Egypt Sekhmet and Osiris: eloquent, highly controversial in all field, god of war and rivalry, adjustable, witty, impatient, quarrelsome, sport-tendency, writers, brilliant mentality, optimism and imagination
African "harvest granary": full, sober, spirit of grandeur, favored by fate, creative of their own fate, loyalty, generosity, wisdom, acting in right moment, enthusiasm, trust in intuitions and be firmness, water element

Most of the following dates shift forward in all these calendars, compared to our western based astrology:
Chinese, Celtic, African, Aboriginal, Mayan and Egyptian push forward the dates. by a few days.
Particularly Chinese (7.12-5.01), African (4.12-3.01) and Aboriginal calendars (Set/Dec).
Mayans start later (4.9-23.9 and 13.12-1.01) and Egyptians (29.8-27.9 and 27.11-26.12)
Celtic put Virgo as 2.9-29.9 and Sags as 25.11-23.12.
Solely Western and Native american mantain the usual dates.

I have put Virgo as 5.9 to 25.9 similarly to all those, although Egyptians start in late August and Chinese and African end in early October, opposed to Mayans. This can also make sense.

I have put Sagittarius as 1.12 to 26.12 similarly to all these, although Egyptians and Celtic start in late November and Chinese, Mayans and African end in early January. Mayans start only in mid December. All these differences may be due to procession too.

Later on, I will go into detail of the four cardinal directions and their influence in the astrology of many cultures, including oriental and native american astrology.

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