Monday, August 25, 2008

Recession and major world tension starting in late 2008 and growing in 2009 or 2010.

October-December 2008: economic turndown and recession, growing tension for a larger middle east war, cold winter in northern hemisphere with some flooding events. look for both early October 2008 and mid December 2008.
December 2008-August 2009: probable start of major middle east war, economic recession crashing, and minor probability of some global coastal disaster, possible cold weather during the summer; great social unrest in several countries, including western world. Look for spring 2009 and August 2009.
August-December 2009: cold winter, with economic recession there will be some famines and food lines, major middle east conflicts grows or at least major world tension in military and economic areas grows. This is when the change of will become more apparent. As a positive side, there will be really important scientific discoveries in this year, some concerning life sciences, clean energies and the environment. Look for the whole period.
2010: there will be at least some major social unrest in the world, at least caused by breakdown of some society structures (i.e. banks, market) and recession, or at worse by major war (could be nuclear), economic depression or/and some global disaster. At least people will start changing gradually their lives, or at most this will be a dramatic world change and may be the start of a global epic insurrection, revolt and riots. The astrology alignments points to change at least as significant as it was during the sixties and probably bigger. Look mainly for late spring and summer 2010, and then December 2010. But everything points to changes of magnitude like the ones of the America and French revolution, and the thirties great depression between 2010 and 2025.

Following the global agitation between June and August 2008, more is to come in late 2008, all in 2009 and dramatically increasing to a climax in 2010.
There are some people predicting a stock market crash, or at least a pronounced downturn around 7 October 2008. This is when Uranus and Saturn get into opposition, there will be some unrest just before the US election. Anyway the winter 2008 to 2009 will be a tense one. With oil prices unstable, a major war preparing in middle east will bring gradually a collapse of the world economy and the stock market crash. Banks may collapse, stock market may have a small crash, the winter of 2008-2009 will be a cold cold one with some extreme weather events. It may be the start of some sort of a climatic shift. There are people predicting major chaos from October 2008 to March 2009 when weather events, military activity and economy turndown, will cause bigger troubles and concerns. There may be food lines and signs of a great depression coming in 2009. Other speak of a global coast event in 2009 with some sort of water disaster and at the same time of major social change a global revolution and revolt of the masses unfolding. This will peak around 2010 onwards.
Look for the days of mid 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th December 2008 for major events and a prelude of what mid 2010 may bring. Then major social unrest and maybe important climatic, war, economic or geological events happening in early 2009, probably around March 2009, and most certainly between January and August 2009. The war we speak in Middle East, if happened, would bring bad but not terrible consequences. It could start as early as in late 2008 with Israel, US and Iran involved, and growing more by 2009. It could start later, but probably before the end of 2009, since 2010 points to the major world tension.
Look for our previous long-term predictions:

Start of changes: late 2008
Recession and world tension: 2009
More dramatic world tension: 2010
Great scientific advances: 2010 onwards
Depression, wars and social unrest, mass awakening: 2010-2015
Economy depression, anarchy, manifestos and revolts: 2015-2018
Depression crash, facing the consequences, new ways of living: 2019-2021
Progressive times, reform of world order: 2019-2025
End of dramatic changes: circa 2020-2025
Revolutionary times, revolutions: 2023-2030
Spiritual, religion and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Small local-based community revival: 2020-2030
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035
Environmental and resource issues: 2020-2050

Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Obama, Aquarius rising or Scorpio rising? Better for us that he wins.

There are two main charts proposed for Barack Obama, one with Scorpio rising, another with Aquarius rising. Natal chart analysis seems to favor more the Aquarius rising chart, but since the Scorpio charts makes also some sense it is difficult to say which. Considering the transits the Scorpio rising chart seems to be better.
If this chart is correct, he will be a powerful and changing president, and the transit of Saturn in MC seems to confirm. He would reform values, resources and the economy (Pluto transiting 2nd house), a powerful idealism (Saturn transiting 11th house) and appeal to a cultural or religious union (Neptune transiting 4th house). If we would have the chart with Aquarius rising, the same would be true (Uranus transits 2nd house, Neptune 1st house and Pluto in 11th house, Saturn in 8th house). Some harsh dealing with reality and suffering seems also to be keys, due to Saturn and Neptune transits.

Anyway he has a clear Sun-Neptune square, Sun in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo.
The two charts give similar transit cycles but it seems that the Scorpio chart makes a little bit more sense. This makes a powerful leader, with idealism and inspiration but potential for self-delusions, suffering and much soul-searching.
The coming Uranus-Saturn will make to him a big pressure as conjuncts his natal Mars (perhaps how he will be confronted with the option of war) and then the cardinal cross in 2010 will aspect his natal Venus (it's not really an easy transit). Jupiter will however enter his first house considering the Aquarius rising map.

It seems more likely based in my latest chart analysis that McCain may win. But of course the choice of the destiny is from the people votes. If Obama wins it would be better, even with with some delusion and economy suffering. He would have Saturn ruling. If McCain wins, war is certainly the prospect as well as use of authoritarian power. It seems a sign of some big agressive energy, more of Pluto, Sedna and Eris kind. Civil riots seems more likely with him.

Assuming the Aquarius chart, Obama had Pluto entering MC in 1995 and then opposition to fourth house Moon in 1997 (aspected with seventh house Pluto). Publishes first book and runs as a senator, and then is elected and has first child.
Assuming the Scorpio chart, Obama had Pluto entering ASC in 1990 and then opposition to the seventh house Moon in 1995 (aspected with fourth house node). Coincident with first leadership position in Harvard and then publishing his first book while traveling to Bali, and runs as a senator. This seems an option that makes more sense.

Aquarius rising chart:
It makes sense Neptune in ninth house (idealism, religion and spirituality and cultural issues), Moon in fourth house (family-oriented, much interest in cultural roots, popular at home, parents separation), Mars in eighth house (may add a transformative, forceful and intense influence), Sun in seventh house (popular, easy in marriage); Mercury in Sixth house (a thinker, concerned and hard worker), Venus in fifth house (a bit theatrical, love of children), Pluto and Uranus in seventh house (unconventional in relationships, attracts unconventional, dangerous, or powerful people), Saturn and Jupiter in 12th house (likes to work in some secrecy or meditation)
Scorpio midheaven, Leo descendant
Moon in Gemini (a communicator)
Uranus squares IC-MC (peculiar roots and social exposition)
Mars sextile to MC (forceful and combative campaign)
Pluto (7th house) squares to Moon (4th house): separation of parents leads to its cultural searching for roots, very demonstrative of its early life (and powerful change or influences leads to popularity in adult life)
Transits: 1969 Neptune transiting MC (moving back to Indonesia without father), 1981 Uranus transiting MC (father dies, goes to University in US, then community work), 1987 Saturn in MC (community work and entered law school), 1994 Saturn in ASC, 1995 Pluto transiting MC (publishes first book about the father; runs as a senator), 2000 Uranus transiting ASC (assuming more unconventional position), 2005 Neptune transiting ASC (idealism, second book), 2007 Saturn in DSC (run as a president; does not make much sense)

Scorpio rising chart:
What makes sense: Neptune near ascendant, Moon in seventh house (popular, moody or dependable in relationships due to parents separation), Uranus and Pluto in tenth house (important, powerful and eccentric social role, father missing), Mars in eleventh house and Sun/Mercury in ninth house (strong idealism), Saturn and Jupiter in third house (a communicator but some trouble in some opinions)
Leo midheaven, Taurus descendant, but there are no aspects to MC except the presence of Sun and Uranus nearby
Moon in Taurus
Transits: 1964 Neptune transiting ASC (moving back to Indonesia), 1979 Uranus transiting ASC (returns to US and goes studying in University, father dies, then community work), 1985 Saturn in ASC (after father death, community work and entered law school), 1990 Pluto transiting ASC (graduated from Harvard and would soon get into power positions and run as a senator; mets his wife), 1995 Saturn in IC (publishes first book about his father), 1998 Sedna transiting DSC, 2000 Uranus transiting IC and Saturn in DSC (assuming more unconventional position, first children), 2006 Neptune transiting IC and Saturn in MC (idealism and run as a president; second book)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The great awakening of 2012 and 2010-2014

Coinciding with a economic depression, a world crisis and major earth changes, humanity is set for a gradual awakening during 2010 and 2014. The future will be a bright one, but dramatic changes will first happen during the next years.

Recession and world tension 2008-2010
Great scientific advances: 2010 onwards
Depression, wars and social unrest, mass awakening: 2010-2015
Economy depression, anarchy, manifestos and revolts: 2015-2018
Depression crash, facing the consequences, new ways of living: 2019-2021
Progressive times, reform of world order: 2019-2025
Revolutionary times, revolutions: 2023-2030
Spiritual, religion and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Small local-based community revival: 2020-2030
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035
Environmental and resource issues: 2020-2050

Former changes in world order occurred when Pluto transits Capricorn. From 2008 to 2023.
Last ones were in 1764-79, 1516-31 on and 1268-83 on, respectively the America revolution, the Discoveries and the crusades.

Great times of changes, revolutions, instability and awakenings occur when Uranus transits Aries. Last ones were in 1926-33, 1842-49, 1758-63, 1674-81 and 1590-97. Next one is due 2010-17.

Periods of great social unrest, dramatic changes and awakenings occur whenever Pluto and Uranus aspect each other.
Last periods were around 1966 (sixties), 1931 (great depression), 1902 (some revolutions and first cars and planes), 1877 (long depression and second industrial revolution), 1849 (the year of revolutions) and 1821 (many national independent movements). Next period is 2010-14. Do you notice the patterns of awakening and reinvention?

Wait until mid December 2008 to see a preview of what may be coming.
The climax of events will start around mid 2009 and unfold through 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Pluto transiting Capricorn 2008, 2010, 2020, world war in 2010?

In summary:
Recession and world tension 2008-2010
Great scientific advances: 2010 onwards
Depression, perhaps nuclear war and social unrest: 2010-2015
Economy depression, anarchy, manifestos and revolts: 2015-2018
Depression crash, facing the consequences: 2019-2021
Progressive times, world reform: 2019-2025
Revolutionary times, revolutions: 2023-2030
Spiritual, religion and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Small local-based community revival: 2020-2030
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035
Environmental and resource disruption: 2020-2050

NOTE/DISCLAIMER: we are not affirming these things will happen as certain. There is just a great probability judging from the curious patterns observed for times before. The circumstances of the moment and past events give us a opportunity to speculate what the future decade may bring.

When Pluto transits through Capricorn the world undergoes a major societal transformation. It's akin to someone that has had Pluto transiting over his/her MC, like I had. I would wish that the change would be easier now.
It brings deep changes in our identity, and depending in ourself, we undergo a phase in which we either feel powerless or powerful and therefore deep changes in our direction happen.
Unfortunately most mankind governments see power based in aggression instead of love, service and consciousness. Therefore, Pluto in Capricorn has always brought deep wars, and collapse of civilizations when one nation imposes over the other.

Looking back to centuries ago, we had the nearly Roman Empire collapse (288) caused by political and economic instability (we have now the same in USA, Europe, Africa, certainly Middle East and even Asia), external invasions and civil wars. Pluto transiting Capricorn also brought times of famines (534), and empires attacking others such as Vikings (778), Arabs (1026), Mongols and Crusades (1271), Portuguese and Spanish (1518) and Europeans eliminating Indians during the American revolutionary war (1764). Pluto tends to exacerbate the conquering power of civilization.

What empire conquers in a Pluto transit in Capricorn, is surely doom to failure in the next cycle, 250 years later, but it seems that one event links to the next one. For instance, Vikings suddenly invade Europe in the 8th century maybe due to environmental changes and this created many new colonies in Britain, France and Iberian peninsula. But then during by 11th century most of those colonies were in trouble and the Byzantine Empire was also in decline, but Pluto in Capricorn was making another turning point and the Islamic civilization was reaching its zenith and expanding eastwards to India; this would set of inventions would bring the scientific revolution also to Europe. In both these positions Uranus was in Cancer, reforming much of the national and family-based societies. Saturn in Aries (1026) solidified that inventive period.

Then in 1271, Mongols which start conquering in 11th century reached again for eastern Europe and the Crusades start, and so the Arab empire start receding giving space for the current European nations: another important turning point. Saturn in Cancer in opposition was symbolizing opposing factions leading to war. 250 years later, a great arrive: the discoveries and most European nations climbed to power and colonized most of Africa and Americas, sadly eliminating many of peaceful tribes in the way, that set for the beginnings of modern age today. Saturn also in Capricorn and Eris in Aries at the time reinforce the powerful and straight-forward moves of Europeans.
In 1764 the Europeans reclaimed independence in America, at a time when many empires reorganized around the world and the industrial revolution start. Uranus and Saturn in Aries were reinforcing these ideas of bringing things forward forcefully and inventively. Eris in Capricorn brought a completely new and controversial look of the world order.

Now, in 2010 the same checking point comes again. Eris has moved now to Aries like during the discoveries, bringing again a brutal time, in the name of values (democracy) that Eris rules. This is surely linked with war (remember that Eris has been in Aries during most of last century). Uranus in Aries reinforces more the revolutionary mood of the times, bringing instability and crises which precipitates change. The moves in 2010 will be aggressive, inventive and forceful judging from Eris, Uranus and also Jupiter (it will make things grand!) in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. Remember that Uranus solely brings social, economical and political unrest, despite scientific innovation and revolutions.
However Saturn in Libra will cool down the aggressive mood, bringing it to opposition (starts already in late 2008 and 2009), and possibly the reform the world alliances and confrontations between different world blocks and between the people and their governments, since Libra rules harmony and peace.
Putting the puzzle together, it seems that by around 2020 economic depression will happen since Uranus will be entering Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Before during 2010-2014 the stage for war, conflict or tension will unfold, and maybe precipitate the economic crises further. Now I see that the Middle East, Iran, Russia, USA and Europe tension may lead to a small nuclear war somewhere between 2009 and 2014: a small world war III. Looking at the natal charts of several countries, I find that there is a great likehood of a big conflict starting between mid 2009 and early 2010 involving Iran, Israel and then Syria. For Israel the aspects are particularly pointing to something drastic may happen in 2011. By 2011, things start to look dramatic for both US and Russia, and grow for several years until 2017. In other European countries, we also see evidence of instability but not as great (we see important transits for example in Spain map in 2012, in Portugal for 2010-2014, in Great Britain in 2010, in Austria in 2009 and more in 2011 and 2013, even in Iceland in 2009 onwards and in Canada or Bahamas in 2012). Why is this so, we don't know, that there is evidence for at least two turning points in late 2009 and in mid 2012.
We have to remember the hard aspects of 2009 (Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces), 2010 (the powerful cardinal T-square), 2010-15 (Pluto-Uranus square), 2015-2017 (Eris-Uranus conjunction), 2019-21 (the big Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn in square to Eris) and 2025 (Neptune-Saturn conjunction at 0º Aries in sextile to Sedna-Uranus conjunction and sextile to Pluto). Or do you think that these widespread and dramatic transits point to something global such a pandemic, climatic or economic catastrophe, or meteor impact?

The consequences will be socially terrible of a possible war: due to some environmental damage and mainly social unhappiness, the masses will disagree and revolt, maybe in brutal ways, and some governments will rule with a hard hand, typically of a Uranus-Pluto square. Beware that 2010 and 2011 may bring mass migrations and perhaps the economic bubble bursting. In the positive side it will be a great time of spiritual, cultural and scientific renewal. I even speculate that the inventions of electric or flying car, space flight, time travel (using singularities created in lab), more confirmation of soul existence, great genetic advances, artificial intelligence, large-scale clean energy (solar, hydrogen cells) and free energy, most will be brought to public around 2010. What if life would be discovered around another planet? If even alien contact would be announced or disclosed to public? A new extraterrestrial earth? A new big planet in the outer solar system? Or a great comet passing or solar flare like many predict for 2012? During 2011-2016 time frame the social unrest, world conflict and famines will unfold. Anarchy, manifestos and revolutions will be increasing (brought to public attention by 2020-2025 and having far reaching consequences). It seems that a big depression, political economically and socially sets up. I can't even imagine how the oil price will increase and people turn their heads away from governments. Surely recession or a small economic crises will set up in 2010-2011, possibly gradually through a series of events (Node will be transiting in Capricorn which usually correlates with these times). Things will only get harder as 2013, 2014 and 2015 progresses (not to mention the 2012 year!). Optimistically, if there is no nuclear or widespread war, then it will be oil price climbing that will push the change and unrest, and this although hard, will be better than the war scenario. Social shock by oil price peaks may cause social disruption and add to the need for much need changes. Other things may happen too, including the reform of governments, democracy, religion, the economy and big businesses, or the formation of new world alliances. When Jupiter and Saturn conjuncts Pluto in 2019-2020-2021, the check point will be challenging: we will face the economic and the social consequences of world extremism, oil, food and climate crisis and economy depression (2020). Brutally between 2023-2030 Pluto transiting Aquarius will bring forward the scientific and revolutionary mood, new spiritual, communal and idealism revival (Neptune in Aries), but the economy and resources will be greatly in trouble (2025) and challenged due to Sedna and Uranus transiting Taurus. I don't imagine a climatic shift around 2010-2012, it seems early, and eventually it seems that between 2020-2050 the time for ecological disruption is more apparently, although not catastrophic. The scenario of a geological shift or meteor impact seems slightly likely but perhaps more so, in coming decades too.
Surely a new age of governing, world economy, world powers and religion will unfold during the next two decades, but with the usual progression of gradual tension, destruction, rebirth and new creation as Pluto always does!

Also check these predictions:
Laws to control religion, and big business
Religion will break down further
People will revolt against big powers
People will get tired of extremist governments (US, Iran...)
Major conflicts where one country tries to annihilate or conquer the other
A new scientific, industrial (environmental/ technologically) revolution
There is a great change for a big revolution in a important country; it will succeed
There is a change of a global pandemic and a significant volcanic eruption
Great leader and explorers will be born and succeed
Empires rise and crumble
Rampant economical inflation
A new age for culture
(Major events in catholic religion happen with Pluto in Cap)
(Major invasions of a important country)
(Great popular revolts, persecutions, religious wars)
(Major scientific breakthroughs)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Next great depression in mid 2010, with famines and social unrest (2011-2016), anarchy and manifestos (2015-2019) and a new world revolution by 2025

In summary:
Recession 2008-2010
Economy depression and social unrest: 2011-2016
Anarchy and changing time: 2015-2019
Progressive times, world change: 2019-2025
Revolutionary times: 2023-2026
Spiritual and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035

It's not difficult to know what the future is for and plan accordingly if we follow what astrological cycles in history have brought.
Patterns are not at all difficult to recognize.

Next global Great Depression is to follow between 2011 and 2016.
Either through a sudden stock market crash in 2010, or by a series of mini market crashes and recession deepening into deep economic depression along the next four years.
The unfolding will progress along late 2008, 2009 and early 2010, with some riots and increase in food prices, inflation, the unstable price of oil or collapse of housing markets. This may happen particularly in late 2008 and in spring 2009. Then, by 2009 and by spring 2010 there will be the usual bubble just before a possible major crash around May to July 2010.
We don't rule out other major events happening, such as some climatic, geological or war event, in late 2009 and 2010.

Anyway, by 2011 and 2012 the change will become apparent. The need for new models and new beginnings. This is also the well-known 2012 year of many prophecies, of which the Mayan end of calendar is the main. It is very well possible that some climatic shift may happen and worsen the effects of the economic depression and social unrest around the world. War is less likely, but authoritarian measures by the powers may happen.
The hard years should be 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.
It would be well to relocate to a safer place and living a more self-sufficient life.
This will be the hardest years of the square between Pluto and Capricorn, as happened during the sixties, the great depression, the long depression, during the industrial revolution and during the French revolution (the different aspects then caused different types of change).

By 2013 a spiritual renewal will also gradually occur. Mostly because the dramatic social changes and disappointing will trigger a new to believe in new ideals.
But it will be only by 2020s that this wave of idealism and progressive thinking will manifest in mainstream society.

After the hard years of 2012-2015, anarchy may be more apparent between the years of 2015 and 2019, with many riots, some famine and revolutionary ideals. However, if measures and common sense are to be applied, these will be shortly live as were during the sixties.

Come 2020 and a spectacular time of reconstruction will gradually unfold. We hope that no major catastrophe really happens (be war, oil crises, meteor impact or climatic shift). We have the power to choose a small and easier change for our society and our lives, caused by Pluto transit in Capricorn.

Between 2023 and 2026 and onwards, truly revolutionary years will come, many nations will reform their economies, way of making economy, communication and transport, job lives, and most importantly ideals. This will be Pluto transiting Aquarius. There may be new constitutions, new nations, new manifestos. We hope that Uranus transiting through Aries and Taurus does not bring the worse side of extremism between 2010 and 2025 but only reform, great initiatives and inspiring leaders. We may think of Gandhi, inspiring prime ministers, people revolutions, and inspiring books. This is also a time of dramatic scientific invention that will start in the next few years.

Neptune entering Pisces and Aries will surely reform our main religions, cults and our individual sense of spirituality and idealism. And in 2025 its conjunction with Saturn, will change this and the way we apply ideals to reality and vice-versa. It will probably mean also the end of oil age, or at least once again a big reduction. New alternative energies and technology will be put forward.
Them, during the 2030s there will be a quite moody and unstable, and still revolutionary time (Uranus in Cancer, Pluto in Aquarius, Neptune in Aries). There will be many changes in nations in early 2030-2035, regarding Pluto and Uranus transits. During the 2040s, when Pluto again opposes Uranus, the key note is barely similar (Pluto in Pisces, Neptune in Taurus, Uranus in Virgo), the focus will be in health, job life, religion, resources, economy and environmental issues. A major time of reflection happens around 2048. We solely hope we don't confront too big consequences by then. It seems a less changing time between 2035 and 2045, a time probably for more introspection. We speculate that the reflection will be in health, family living, environmentalism, consequences of nuclear technology or pollution, sea level rise (if happens) and climatic change.

Whatever happens, in the next thirty years, our routines will change, our spiritual perception and our views of economy, resources and world society at large. So a good time for self-sufficient and new human ways of making a living.

EDIT: Please visit my recent updates here, here and here

Friday, August 8, 2008

Former transits of Pluto in Capricorn

Big aspects and rise and fall of civilizations

Going backwards before 2012, we have the following dates of Pluto entering Capricorn and having in some cases powerful aspects to outer planets (underlined in red):
2010 seems to have a cardinal cross in similar strength to 1764, 1026 and 534 (American and industrial revolutions; Byzantine decline and extreme weather and famine). Bigger is solely 42AC, Christ crucification. However this is a configuration similar to other former minor but important climatic shifts, meteor impacts, with social impacts. And please note that in 2020 Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will be conjunct in Capricorn squaring Eris in Aries.

2010, Oil, global and climate crisis; while square to Uranus in Aries and to Saturn in Libra
1764, American revolution, industrial revolution, little ice age maximum; while Uranus in mid Aries and square to Saturn in Aries. Eris is also conjunct in Capricorn.
1518, Discoveries and rise and peak of different empires (Ottoman, Iberians); while trine to Uranus in Taurus, Saturn was conjunct in Capricorn. Eris is in late Aries
1271, Mongolians conquests; Crusades start, Jews settle again; while Uranus in mid Taurus and opposition to Saturn in Cancer
1026, Arabs conquest India, decline of Bizantine empire, while Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn, opposition to Uranus in Gemini, square to Saturn in Aries
778, Vikings attacks, while Saturn in Scorpio and Uranus in mid Cancer
534 extreme weather events and famine, caused by a possible volcano or meteor impact, while Uranus in Leo quincunx, and opposition to Saturn in Cancer, square to Jupiter in Libra. Eris is near opposition to Pluto!
288, crises of third century (near collapse of Roman empire), conjunction of Jupiter in Capricorn, square to Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Virgo
42, Christ crucification, while Saturn in Scorpio square to Uranus and Eris in Libra, square to Jupiter in Aries, Sedna and Quaoar are too conjunct in Capricorn: powerful indeed

203BC, small environmental disruption, Opposition to Saturn in cancer, Uranus in Scorpio climate change, Sedna in Capricorn
451BC, lack of important events, Jupiter in Cap, Saturn in Aries in square, Uranus in Sag
695BC, lack of important events, Uranus conjuncted in Cap
939BC, lack of important events, Uranus in mid Cap, Saturn in opposition
1184BC, Fall of Troy, Square Saturn in Aries, Uranus in Aquarius
1429BC, lack of important events, Saturn in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aries
(one possible time of Exodus) Eris, Saturn and Jupiter opposition in Cancer, Square to Uranus in Aries, important changes in Egypt

Other important Holocene events:
2807BC pluto in aries, op neptune and uranus, saturno in capricorn (meteor impact)
1627BC, pluto-sat in aqu square sedna in sco, neptune sag square eris in virgo, uranus in libra (Sartonini eruption and ,possible time for exodus)
7640BC pluto-sat in cap, opposed uranus
7911BC before eris and pluto in cap, uranus in cancer, and sedna there (meteor impact)
11275, 11023, 10768BC pluto, uranus and jupt/sat in aries (end of Ice Age)
9530BC uranus, eris, saturn and quaoar in Capricorn, pluto in aries
9276BC cross: sedna and eris in libra, uranus in cap, sat in cancer, pluto in aries
(end of Young Dryas)

- In 44BC Roman Republic passed to Empire with Julio Ceasar's dictatorship. Pluto was in Cancer cusp squaring Uranus in Libra cusp and opposing Saturn in Capricorn cusp!
Similar to the 1929 and second world war configuration!

- Further changes (Augustus rulership) occured in 27BC when Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter conjuncted in Leo cusp.

- The division of roman empire (!) came when Pluto entered Capricorn cusp! in 286

- Rome fall occurred in 476-480 when Uranus was in Capricorn cusp squaring Saturn (and Saturn was conjuncted with Pluto in Leo in 477).
- The end of Eastern Roman Empire, with fall of Constantinople, occurred in 1453 when Pluto and Uranus were at Leo cusp squaring Saturn in Scorpio cusp, and Jupiter and Neptune were opposed in Aries and Libra cusps!

Briefly, Pluto was in Capricorn cusp in 39-42AC (Uranus square from Libra, Jupiter goes from Capricorn to Aries), 285 (Uranus and Neptune in Leo, opposing Saturn in Aquarius), 531 (receives opposition from Saturn), 777 (receives opposition from Uranus, in Cancer, and square from Jupiter in Aries), 1023 (Uranus is in Gemini and squares Saturn in Pisces)

Check events for the following dates:
1315-22 great European famines
395-476, 1453 Falls of Roman empire (and big eruption in 1453)

Neptune in Pisces and Aries, mundane astrology

Neptune in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries
1998, 2011, 2024: new spiritual awakenings and faith renewal, revolutions and new social manifestos and idealisms, new advances in music, and mass communication, famines, oil and food issues, changes in our view of evolution, solar flares, and electromagnetism
(look for for a new "communist" manifestos and new models for economy; look out for new ways of going into human mind, of making music; oil will change, and famines may occur, but surely new and great advances will happen, who knows if linked to electromagnetism, new magnetic technology; our way of understanding human evolution will probably also greatly change; possibly by either life discovered in other planets, alien contact and some spiritual discovery by science; new religion will probably be created)
1835, 1848, 1861: great awakening, year of revolution, new faiths, anesthesia invented and principles of economy, communist manifesto, invention of saxophone, first use of telegraph, Charles Darwin, electromagnetism theory, first use of oil, great Irish famine, Neptune was discovered, Thoreau, transcendentalism and origins of ecological movement
1671, 1684, 1697: Newton's laws, tea is sell worldwide, revolutions, first newspapers, Halley predicts the comet return, some plagues and fires in London, age of reasoning and rationalism
1507, 1520, 1533: protestants, discoveries, Galileo, changes in religion, Luther, renaissance painters and philosophy
1343, 1356, 1369: black plague, some famines, some revolts
1179, 1192, 1205: around the peak of Islamic golden age of science, arts, development and inventions
34, 47, 60: the beginning of Christianism

Important events in the past

At Julio Ceasar death, there was a powerful configuration of Pluto in Cancer cusp, Uranus in Libra cusp, and Jupiter and Sedna in Capricorn cusp, in 44BC. Saturn moved to Capricorn by then. Pluto in Cancer usually represents deaths and national sadness, last time it happened was during the big depression and second world war.
Then, around 1BC, when Christ was born, Uranus was in Aries cusp, Pluto and Jupiter moved to Libra cusp, Saturn in Cancer cusp, and Sedna in Capricorn cusp! Both Uranus and Pluto point to the new beginnings now unfolding, while Sedna represents the focus in powerful changes in the world. Eris was in late Cancer.
Around 41AC, Pluto moved to Capricorn cusp with Sedna and Quaoar, Uranus and Eris in Libra cusp, Jupiter in Aries cusp, and Saturn was again in Scorpio. This was the time around Jesus crucification. Later in 47AC, Pluto and Saturn conjuncted in Capricorn! Quaoar probably indicates the return to natural law, along with Sedna cosmic force, while Saturn and Pluto clearly represent world and governmental change brought by an ideal of peace and love (Uranus in Libra). Curiously the Pluto-Saturn conjunction will happen again in 2020, while Uranus was in Libra last time during the sixties (a clear time for peace and love ideals). Neptune was entering Pisces (the spiritual in the masses)
Later on, when Nero probably set fire to Rome and then his reign finished, around 64, Sedna, Uranus, Ixion and Quaoar were all in Capricorn, while Pluto and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Neptune in Aries (new spiritual beginnings), pointing to the revolutionary and unstable times.
In 536 weather extreme events around the world, brought collapse of civilization caused by Pluto in Capricorn cusp opposing Eris in Cancer cusp.
Then, between 622 and 632, when Mohammed lived, Pluto was in Aries, and Uranus in Libra cusp, after a triple conjunction with Neptune and Saturn in Virgo, and then Jupiter, Saturn and Eris also had a triple conjunction in Scorpio.
At the time of Buddah, Pluto and Uranus had a conjunction in Capricorn, and Neptune entered Pisces and Aries (new spiritual beginnings).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Solar activity minimum in 2030, next cold period

Here we have the former solar minimum, with start and end year (and possible time range with peak year) with a time cycle related to orbital influences by Jupiter and Saturn of around 180 years
1010-1050 Oort minimum
1100-1250, medieval maximum
1280-1340 (1310): around the time of great famine, Wolf minimum
1420-1570 (1430-1490-1550), Sporer minimum
1645-1715 (1610-1670-1730), little ice age, Maunder minimum
1790-1830 (1790-1850-1910), Dalton minimum
2010- 2090 (1970-2030-2090), next cold period
2110, start of next little ice age

Accordingly to several researchers solar activity may remain high during the beginning of 21st century but then decline, bringing a cold period around 2030. We are already seeing this. Solar activity may increase by end of the century but then in about 150-200 years we will be entering the next severe cold period, much like the little ice age. The ice age is due to start in this millennium.

Sacred Geometry and the Solar System, Astrology

Sacred ratio is visible in planet orbital movements:
1,618 is Golden Ratio (Phi)
Mercury period is approx. 88 days x Phi= 142 days
142 days x Phi = 230 days, very close to Venus period (224 days)

224 x Phi=362 days, very close to Earth year
362 days x Phi = 586 days, curiously very close to Venus cycle in our sky
586 x Phi= 948 days (Mars with 686 day period does not fit into the figure)
948 x Phi = 1535 days (4.2 years), orbital period of asteroids
6,85 years, and by successively multiplication by Phi:
11,1 years, close to Jupiter orbital period
17,9 years, close to synoptic between Jupiter and Saturn
29,0 years, close to Saturn orbital period (29,66 years)
48,0 years, close to Chiron orbital period (50 years) (from here on, the differences in orbital periods seem to be stretching a little bit longer away), and synoptic between Saturn and Uranus
50 x Phi= 81 years (close to Uranus orbital period, 84 years)
84 x Phi= 135 years (nothing there)
150 x Phi= 242 years, close to orbital period of Pluto, at 248 years
165 x Phi 266 years, which is in the middle range or orbital period of kuiper belt objects (pluto, Varuna, Quaoar, Orcus, 2003 EL61, orbitals of 248 and 285 years)
If we multiply 266 x Phi: 434, 703, 1137, 1840, 2978, 4819 years
If we multiply 285 x Phi: 462, 748, 1209, 1957, 3167, 5125 years
Which may be the cycles of periodic civilization collapses of 3200 and 5000 years.

Interview with a Mayan Shaman....

- People come now to the sacred pyramids, which is good, they are awakening
- If mankind does not change, collapse will come, many things have to be changed, particularly thinking and all technology and pollution, and restoring balance with ecology.
- 2012 is a misinterpretation, created by western people. Mayan calendars are very difficult to read and require a deep higher consciousness. The shaman suggest us to learn first Hindu and then Mayan.
- In future, mankind will relearn some very important thing, by communicating with the nature spirits, which Mayans did in the pyramids (return to nature? oneness?)
- Cycle Venus, learn to live with the influence of Venus phases on Earth
- Every 500 years important changes happen due to Venus transit (next one in 2012)
-Earth and Venus come in synchronization every year (8-important cosmic number: see numerology)
- Those are twin planets and much came from Venus, a planet of high vibration
- The moon was very important for Mayans too, since takes 13 months. In April there is a portal caused from the moon during the full moon (Easter?) Only happens one time in the year, and maybe any period during the day or night, it depends on Moon movement.
- Echinoxs and solstices (more the echinoxs) are also important: cosmic celebrations to sun and moon and the creator, of gratitude. Sacred geometry in always included pyramids, affecting our vibrations, and those of cosmos, and has many purposes such as acoustic resonance inside the pyramid for instance. There are many things western culture do not know yet.
For other Mayan shamans the calendars are important to be based on cosmos, not the Gregorian calendar. Solstices and echinoxs mark very important transition times (we know that from astrology). Shaman don't understand the logic of the current 13 Moon Mayan calendar, invented by some scholars, saying a misinterpretation by westerners. They also argue for the manipulative behavior of our governments and religions.
- Space does not exist in between two points. Illusions. There is energy and may things that maybe we cannot perceive. Mankind is limited in many faculties. For example, he argued Christianity was a religion of fear. Mayans know that each tree has its spirit, but Christians disagree on that.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Makemake Astrology and Haumea Astrology

Both these two dwarf planets are nearly as big as Pluto, so their inclusion in a natal chart interpretation should be valid.
I was checking if I found something in my own analysis and these were the following patterns.
These energies seem recurrent and consistent:

Makemake: natural and practical influence, good vibes, love and feminine, new life learning cycles, challenges and awakenings, settling down or changes, important events, spiritual purpose, the natural: could be a mix of the energies of Taurus, Venus, Uranus, Sagittarius and Saturn

Haumea (Santa 2003 ): magical influence, good vibes, other realms, nature and cosmos, ecstatic, artistic, more active, unconventional, understanding, devotional feelings and wisdom: could be a mix of the energies of Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces

I don't mean everything is correct, but it gives my initial visions on these two new planets.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Historic cycles of civilization collapse

Here we will see again the recurrent history of collapse and changes of civilization, possible linked to cosmic events, (possibilities may include meteor strikes, volcanic winters, small pole shifts, passage of comets that affect earth geology, solar flares or cosmic rays)
I am not asserting the truth of any. Just speculating about the curious periodic recurrence of these catastrophes.
Please also check my previous assays: periodic-floods-in-ancient-history and ice-ages-caused-by-pole-shifts

One possible body causing is Comet Encke, which could have sent a meteoric piece striking our planet as recently as 100 years ago, when Tunguska impact happened in 30 June 1908, in Russia. Comet Encke causes two meteor showers annually, always passing in June and November. There are also many stories of small impacts in the past centuries, for instance in 1490 in China, and in 1930 and 1947 in Brazil.

Confirmed impacts are marked in red. Possible ones in blue.

In the past in 1178 (impact observed in the Moon and maybe on Earth)
Impacts in ground could cause cooling due to dust, and impacts in water could cause flooding and warming (more greenhouse?).

829AC (Nile froze in 829 AD. Mayan from all lowlands disappeared in the first part of the ninth century. Vikings had easy access to almost uninhabited Western Europe islands and coast in ninth century? Were there again cosmic forces at work?)
536AC (many world famines, changes, climate events, collapse of civilizations including the Roman Empire)
208BC and 1159BC environmental disruptions

1628BC +- 100 years (3600 years ago): eruption of Sartonini and a big tsunami, possible date of exodus and plagues of Egypt. If there was some kind of global event, this was a very mild one. Accordingly to tree-ring records environmental traumas occurred in 2354BC, 1628BC, 1159BC, 208BC and in 536AC.

2200BC (possibly 2193BC): small collapse of civilizations and climate change. Some researchers correlate to the possible myth of Deucalion flood in this date (a global event) and of another in 2354BC. Sea BBC news for evidence of strike! Possibly one was more local, the other global, but with two floods. Scientists say the death sea drop suddenly during a short period by about 100 meters! It seems curious also that all along this millennium, changes were often occurring, maybe the comet or meteor swarm was spread along time? We can go backwards approx. 4000 years to find other events both at around 6000BC (like the Black Sea flood) and 10000BC (end of Ice Age and Young Dryas, caused by a possible meteor impact)

3114BC +-250 years (5100 years ago): there were evidence of two meteor strikes one in 29 June 3123BC recorded by Sumerian astronomers, another in 2807BC (10 May?) striking in the Indian ocean and leaving with evidence of floods in Australia and African east coast pointed by some present-day scientists like Bruce Massa. After this the Noah's flood tale, Gilgamesh flood story and many others were written. I have almost a feeling that some kind of global disaster happened around 5000 years ago, with a meteor impact and world tsunami that made mankind to start their civilizations once again. Curiously this period was also the start of Mayan calendar (3114BC) and the death of Khrisna and Kali Yuga (3102BC), both a few years after that first impact. There is evidence the cosmic body impacted Earth in 3123BC in Kofels, in Austria.
In the authors note that comet Encke intersected the orbit of Earth about 5000 years ago, and a meteor swarm may have impacted our planet with multiple impacts that caused climatic change, civilization collapse and worldwide floods, some smaller other bigger (also check Morris, J.D., Why does nearly every culture have a tradition of global Flood? Institute for Creation Research, BTG No.153b, September 2001).
Other dates point to 3195BC, and another impact before to 3500-3600BC.
Browing in the web make me see there were possibly other impacts and craters in the world that happened 5000 years ago, such as in Argentina for example.

5600BC Black Sea flood possible caused by melting of a North America ice sheet (there are other sources that put the melting at 6100BC +- 200 years) Around 6200BC (6145BC) there was drastic and abrupt cooling around the world, and sea level rise (*)

~7640BC +- 200: Possible meteor strike, also roughly at 7911BC there was a series of volcanic eruptions (who knows if these were linked by a single cause, since the uncertainly of dating puts the two events within the same century) This is the Tollman's hypothetical Bollide theory, that a big meteor strike caused waves hundreds of meters high that left deposits of many salty lakes around the world, and causing the early Holocene extinctions. Accordingly to him a much smaller body stroke the planet in 3150 BC +- 20. There are also other sources pointing to one or more impacts around 7500-7800BC (*). One puts seven impacts around 7545BC worldwide.

~9530BC (other put it at 9700BC): end of Young Dryas: the ice melted suddenly, the temperature increased by more than 15º in a very short period, flooding and temperature rise occurred in a period as short as 2 years continuing for about 50 years. Some evidence for meteor strike (*).
~10900BC (there is strong scientific geological evidence for a big meteor strike at this time, somewhere, scientists speculate, in North America, ending the Ice Age, and causing extensive worldwide flood, sea level rise, and the Young Dryas; it was at this time that mammoths were extincted suddenly, and frozen rapidly! It seems that civilization only started after this! And others point to collapse of Atlantida at this time)
Former dates of global changes point to 14000BC: flooding of Caspian sea caused by melting of Scandinavian ice sheet, and to glacial advance at 16000BC and 20000BC (glacial maximum).

*See also for a study in periodic meteor strikes:

Curiously we found the following recurrence of two cycles of possible meteor strikes:
3500 years and 1500 years (major cycle 5000 years)
Both are separated by 1200-1500 years apart.
Each cycle is separated by 3300-3650 years apart.
Both added together give the near 5125 years of Mayan cycle.

Events1 and Events2
10900BC (confirmed) and 9700BC
7911-7640BC (3000-3300y later, confirmed) and 6400BC/5600BC (3300y later)
5200-4370BC and 3123BC/2807BC/2354BC (3277 to 3246y later, confirmed several)
1628/1159BC and 536AC/829AC/1159AC (3659 years later, 3636 years later, 3513 years later)

When may another comet impact occur?
1495 years between 3123BC and 1628BC, 1648 years between 2807BC and 1159BC.
That gives between 2031-2148 for a future impact.
Adding 3636-3659 years to 1628BC and 1159BC
That gives 2008-2031 for a future impact and another one at 2477-2500, and then a new series of impacts around 3820. Other sources predict dates of 2052 and 2154 or earlier in 2006-2016 frame period. These may be smaller like in 1628BC or bigger like around 7640BC.

They also give the possibility of a first impact in mid September 2008 give or take a few weeks. Another shall occur in the Atlantic ocean around evening time accordingly to dream visions, a major one, possibly between 2009-2016. We think maybe one in 2009-2012 (somewhere in the sea) and another a second in 2014-2016 (maybe in the Mediterranean).
Then about a few more events shall occur until 2130, one in 2028-2031. another in 2044-45 (bigger ones and land strikes?), 2071 and around 2120. However, accordingly to theory, the arrival of the comet cluster could be modified by perturbations and delayed until 2120-2220, which would be very good for us! Ultimately the time range for comet swarm passage is somewhere between 2008-2200.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Seven Heavenly Virtues and Astrology

I want to make here the correspondence between the four cardinal virtues and the four cardinal signs:
Aries: Courage/Fortitude (forbearance, endurance, and ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation)
Cancer: Prudence (judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time) It could be also Taurus.
Libra: Justice (Being fair or telling the truth. Doing what is right and not what is wrong. It is the light of truth that conquers the dark of the wrong; moderation between self-needs and needs of others) It could be also Sagittarius.
Capricorn: Restraint/Temperance (practicing self-control, abstention, and moderation)

We can inspire for our own betterment through looking at the strengths of each sign

We can also make a correspondence of each seven heavenly virtues to the astrological sign which has its strength:
Chastity: Virgo (embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of body and thought through education and betterment.
Temperance/restraint: Capricorn and evolved Scorpio (Practicing restraint, self-control, abstention, moderation)
Generosity: Leo, evolved Sagittarius and Aquarius, Virgo (Willingness to give. A nobility of thought or actions)
Diligence: Virgo (A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work. Decisive work ethic. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness. Putting forth full concentration in one's work)
Patience: Taurus (Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. The ability to forgive)
Kindness: Pisces and Leo, and evolved Gemini (Love, compassion, friendship, sympathy, without prejudice)
Humility/Modesty: Virgo and Pisces (Modest behaviour, giving respect; not unfairly glorifying one's own self)

Adding Faith/Hope we have Sagittarius and evolved Pisces (steadfastness in belief)
Obviously, each sign can have its tendency for a certain lack of a virtue, this however can be acknowledged and worked. For instance, myself, being a Sagittarius/Aquarius, have easy with justice and prudence, but I have to work to improve my patience, diligence, generosity, fortitude and also faith and temperance.