Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Obama, Aquarius rising or Scorpio rising? Better for us that he wins.

There are two main charts proposed for Barack Obama, one with Scorpio rising, another with Aquarius rising. Natal chart analysis seems to favor more the Aquarius rising chart, but since the Scorpio charts makes also some sense it is difficult to say which. Considering the transits the Scorpio rising chart seems to be better.
If this chart is correct, he will be a powerful and changing president, and the transit of Saturn in MC seems to confirm. He would reform values, resources and the economy (Pluto transiting 2nd house), a powerful idealism (Saturn transiting 11th house) and appeal to a cultural or religious union (Neptune transiting 4th house). If we would have the chart with Aquarius rising, the same would be true (Uranus transits 2nd house, Neptune 1st house and Pluto in 11th house, Saturn in 8th house). Some harsh dealing with reality and suffering seems also to be keys, due to Saturn and Neptune transits.

Anyway he has a clear Sun-Neptune square, Sun in Leo, Saturn in Capricorn and Mars in Virgo.
The two charts give similar transit cycles but it seems that the Scorpio chart makes a little bit more sense. This makes a powerful leader, with idealism and inspiration but potential for self-delusions, suffering and much soul-searching.
The coming Uranus-Saturn will make to him a big pressure as conjuncts his natal Mars (perhaps how he will be confronted with the option of war) and then the cardinal cross in 2010 will aspect his natal Venus (it's not really an easy transit). Jupiter will however enter his first house considering the Aquarius rising map.

It seems more likely based in my latest chart analysis that McCain may win. But of course the choice of the destiny is from the people votes. If Obama wins it would be better, even with with some delusion and economy suffering. He would have Saturn ruling. If McCain wins, war is certainly the prospect as well as use of authoritarian power. It seems a sign of some big agressive energy, more of Pluto, Sedna and Eris kind. Civil riots seems more likely with him.

Assuming the Aquarius chart, Obama had Pluto entering MC in 1995 and then opposition to fourth house Moon in 1997 (aspected with seventh house Pluto). Publishes first book and runs as a senator, and then is elected and has first child.
Assuming the Scorpio chart, Obama had Pluto entering ASC in 1990 and then opposition to the seventh house Moon in 1995 (aspected with fourth house node). Coincident with first leadership position in Harvard and then publishing his first book while traveling to Bali, and runs as a senator. This seems an option that makes more sense.

Aquarius rising chart:
It makes sense Neptune in ninth house (idealism, religion and spirituality and cultural issues), Moon in fourth house (family-oriented, much interest in cultural roots, popular at home, parents separation), Mars in eighth house (may add a transformative, forceful and intense influence), Sun in seventh house (popular, easy in marriage); Mercury in Sixth house (a thinker, concerned and hard worker), Venus in fifth house (a bit theatrical, love of children), Pluto and Uranus in seventh house (unconventional in relationships, attracts unconventional, dangerous, or powerful people), Saturn and Jupiter in 12th house (likes to work in some secrecy or meditation)
Scorpio midheaven, Leo descendant
Moon in Gemini (a communicator)
Uranus squares IC-MC (peculiar roots and social exposition)
Mars sextile to MC (forceful and combative campaign)
Pluto (7th house) squares to Moon (4th house): separation of parents leads to its cultural searching for roots, very demonstrative of its early life (and powerful change or influences leads to popularity in adult life)
Transits: 1969 Neptune transiting MC (moving back to Indonesia without father), 1981 Uranus transiting MC (father dies, goes to University in US, then community work), 1987 Saturn in MC (community work and entered law school), 1994 Saturn in ASC, 1995 Pluto transiting MC (publishes first book about the father; runs as a senator), 2000 Uranus transiting ASC (assuming more unconventional position), 2005 Neptune transiting ASC (idealism, second book), 2007 Saturn in DSC (run as a president; does not make much sense)

Scorpio rising chart:
What makes sense: Neptune near ascendant, Moon in seventh house (popular, moody or dependable in relationships due to parents separation), Uranus and Pluto in tenth house (important, powerful and eccentric social role, father missing), Mars in eleventh house and Sun/Mercury in ninth house (strong idealism), Saturn and Jupiter in third house (a communicator but some trouble in some opinions)
Leo midheaven, Taurus descendant, but there are no aspects to MC except the presence of Sun and Uranus nearby
Moon in Taurus
Transits: 1964 Neptune transiting ASC (moving back to Indonesia), 1979 Uranus transiting ASC (returns to US and goes studying in University, father dies, then community work), 1985 Saturn in ASC (after father death, community work and entered law school), 1990 Pluto transiting ASC (graduated from Harvard and would soon get into power positions and run as a senator; mets his wife), 1995 Saturn in IC (publishes first book about his father), 1998 Sedna transiting DSC, 2000 Uranus transiting IC and Saturn in DSC (assuming more unconventional position, first children), 2006 Neptune transiting IC and Saturn in MC (idealism and run as a president; second book)

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