Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The great awakening of 2012 and 2010-2014

Coinciding with a economic depression, a world crisis and major earth changes, humanity is set for a gradual awakening during 2010 and 2014. The future will be a bright one, but dramatic changes will first happen during the next years.

Recession and world tension 2008-2010
Great scientific advances: 2010 onwards
Depression, wars and social unrest, mass awakening: 2010-2015
Economy depression, anarchy, manifestos and revolts: 2015-2018
Depression crash, facing the consequences, new ways of living: 2019-2021
Progressive times, reform of world order: 2019-2025
Revolutionary times, revolutions: 2023-2030
Spiritual, religion and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Small local-based community revival: 2020-2030
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035
Environmental and resource issues: 2020-2050

Former changes in world order occurred when Pluto transits Capricorn. From 2008 to 2023.
Last ones were in 1764-79, 1516-31 on and 1268-83 on, respectively the America revolution, the Discoveries and the crusades.

Great times of changes, revolutions, instability and awakenings occur when Uranus transits Aries. Last ones were in 1926-33, 1842-49, 1758-63, 1674-81 and 1590-97. Next one is due 2010-17.

Periods of great social unrest, dramatic changes and awakenings occur whenever Pluto and Uranus aspect each other.
Last periods were around 1966 (sixties), 1931 (great depression), 1902 (some revolutions and first cars and planes), 1877 (long depression and second industrial revolution), 1849 (the year of revolutions) and 1821 (many national independent movements). Next period is 2010-14. Do you notice the patterns of awakening and reinvention?

Wait until mid December 2008 to see a preview of what may be coming.
The climax of events will start around mid 2009 and unfold through 2010, 2011 and 2012.

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