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Historic cycles of civilization collapse

Here we will see again the recurrent history of collapse and changes of civilization, possible linked to cosmic events, (possibilities may include meteor strikes, volcanic winters, small pole shifts, passage of comets that affect earth geology, solar flares or cosmic rays)
I am not asserting the truth of any. Just speculating about the curious periodic recurrence of these catastrophes.
Please also check my previous assays: periodic-floods-in-ancient-history and ice-ages-caused-by-pole-shifts

One possible body causing is Comet Encke, which could have sent a meteoric piece striking our planet as recently as 100 years ago, when Tunguska impact happened in 30 June 1908, in Russia. Comet Encke causes two meteor showers annually, always passing in June and November. There are also many stories of small impacts in the past centuries, for instance in 1490 in China, and in 1930 and 1947 in Brazil.

Confirmed impacts are marked in red. Possible ones in blue.

In the past in 1178 (impact observed in the Moon and maybe on Earth)
Impacts in ground could cause cooling due to dust, and impacts in water could cause flooding and warming (more greenhouse?).

829AC (Nile froze in 829 AD. Mayan from all lowlands disappeared in the first part of the ninth century. Vikings had easy access to almost uninhabited Western Europe islands and coast in ninth century? Were there again cosmic forces at work?)
536AC (many world famines, changes, climate events, collapse of civilizations including the Roman Empire)
208BC and 1159BC environmental disruptions

1628BC +- 100 years (3600 years ago): eruption of Sartonini and a big tsunami, possible date of exodus and plagues of Egypt. If there was some kind of global event, this was a very mild one. Accordingly to tree-ring records environmental traumas occurred in 2354BC, 1628BC, 1159BC, 208BC and in 536AC.

2200BC (possibly 2193BC): small collapse of civilizations and climate change. Some researchers correlate to the possible myth of Deucalion flood in this date (a global event) and of another in 2354BC. Sea BBC news for evidence of strike! Possibly one was more local, the other global, but with two floods. Scientists say the death sea drop suddenly during a short period by about 100 meters! It seems curious also that all along this millennium, changes were often occurring, maybe the comet or meteor swarm was spread along time? We can go backwards approx. 4000 years to find other events both at around 6000BC (like the Black Sea flood) and 10000BC (end of Ice Age and Young Dryas, caused by a possible meteor impact)

3114BC +-250 years (5100 years ago): there were evidence of two meteor strikes one in 29 June 3123BC recorded by Sumerian astronomers, another in 2807BC (10 May?) striking in the Indian ocean and leaving with evidence of floods in Australia and African east coast pointed by some present-day scientists like Bruce Massa. After this the Noah's flood tale, Gilgamesh flood story and many others were written. I have almost a feeling that some kind of global disaster happened around 5000 years ago, with a meteor impact and world tsunami that made mankind to start their civilizations once again. Curiously this period was also the start of Mayan calendar (3114BC) and the death of Khrisna and Kali Yuga (3102BC), both a few years after that first impact. There is evidence the cosmic body impacted Earth in 3123BC in Kofels, in Austria.
In the authors note that comet Encke intersected the orbit of Earth about 5000 years ago, and a meteor swarm may have impacted our planet with multiple impacts that caused climatic change, civilization collapse and worldwide floods, some smaller other bigger (also check Morris, J.D., Why does nearly every culture have a tradition of global Flood? Institute for Creation Research, BTG No.153b, September 2001).
Other dates point to 3195BC, and another impact before to 3500-3600BC.
Browing in the web make me see there were possibly other impacts and craters in the world that happened 5000 years ago, such as in Argentina for example.

5600BC Black Sea flood possible caused by melting of a North America ice sheet (there are other sources that put the melting at 6100BC +- 200 years) Around 6200BC (6145BC) there was drastic and abrupt cooling around the world, and sea level rise (*)

~7640BC +- 200: Possible meteor strike, also roughly at 7911BC there was a series of volcanic eruptions (who knows if these were linked by a single cause, since the uncertainly of dating puts the two events within the same century) This is the Tollman's hypothetical Bollide theory, that a big meteor strike caused waves hundreds of meters high that left deposits of many salty lakes around the world, and causing the early Holocene extinctions. Accordingly to him a much smaller body stroke the planet in 3150 BC +- 20. There are also other sources pointing to one or more impacts around 7500-7800BC (*). One puts seven impacts around 7545BC worldwide.

~9530BC (other put it at 9700BC): end of Young Dryas: the ice melted suddenly, the temperature increased by more than 15º in a very short period, flooding and temperature rise occurred in a period as short as 2 years continuing for about 50 years. Some evidence for meteor strike (*).
~10900BC (there is strong scientific geological evidence for a big meteor strike at this time, somewhere, scientists speculate, in North America, ending the Ice Age, and causing extensive worldwide flood, sea level rise, and the Young Dryas; it was at this time that mammoths were extincted suddenly, and frozen rapidly! It seems that civilization only started after this! And others point to collapse of Atlantida at this time)
Former dates of global changes point to 14000BC: flooding of Caspian sea caused by melting of Scandinavian ice sheet, and to glacial advance at 16000BC and 20000BC (glacial maximum).

*See also for a study in periodic meteor strikes:

Curiously we found the following recurrence of two cycles of possible meteor strikes:
3500 years and 1500 years (major cycle 5000 years)
Both are separated by 1200-1500 years apart.
Each cycle is separated by 3300-3650 years apart.
Both added together give the near 5125 years of Mayan cycle.

Events1 and Events2
10900BC (confirmed) and 9700BC
7911-7640BC (3000-3300y later, confirmed) and 6400BC/5600BC (3300y later)
5200-4370BC and 3123BC/2807BC/2354BC (3277 to 3246y later, confirmed several)
1628/1159BC and 536AC/829AC/1159AC (3659 years later, 3636 years later, 3513 years later)

When may another comet impact occur?
1495 years between 3123BC and 1628BC, 1648 years between 2807BC and 1159BC.
That gives between 2031-2148 for a future impact.
Adding 3636-3659 years to 1628BC and 1159BC
That gives 2008-2031 for a future impact and another one at 2477-2500, and then a new series of impacts around 3820. Other sources predict dates of 2052 and 2154 or earlier in 2006-2016 frame period. These may be smaller like in 1628BC or bigger like around 7640BC.

They also give the possibility of a first impact in mid September 2008 give or take a few weeks. Another shall occur in the Atlantic ocean around evening time accordingly to dream visions, a major one, possibly between 2009-2016. We think maybe one in 2009-2012 (somewhere in the sea) and another a second in 2014-2016 (maybe in the Mediterranean).
Then about a few more events shall occur until 2130, one in 2028-2031. another in 2044-45 (bigger ones and land strikes?), 2071 and around 2120. However, accordingly to theory, the arrival of the comet cluster could be modified by perturbations and delayed until 2120-2220, which would be very good for us! Ultimately the time range for comet swarm passage is somewhere between 2008-2200.

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