Friday, August 8, 2008

Important events in the past

At Julio Ceasar death, there was a powerful configuration of Pluto in Cancer cusp, Uranus in Libra cusp, and Jupiter and Sedna in Capricorn cusp, in 44BC. Saturn moved to Capricorn by then. Pluto in Cancer usually represents deaths and national sadness, last time it happened was during the big depression and second world war.
Then, around 1BC, when Christ was born, Uranus was in Aries cusp, Pluto and Jupiter moved to Libra cusp, Saturn in Cancer cusp, and Sedna in Capricorn cusp! Both Uranus and Pluto point to the new beginnings now unfolding, while Sedna represents the focus in powerful changes in the world. Eris was in late Cancer.
Around 41AC, Pluto moved to Capricorn cusp with Sedna and Quaoar, Uranus and Eris in Libra cusp, Jupiter in Aries cusp, and Saturn was again in Scorpio. This was the time around Jesus crucification. Later in 47AC, Pluto and Saturn conjuncted in Capricorn! Quaoar probably indicates the return to natural law, along with Sedna cosmic force, while Saturn and Pluto clearly represent world and governmental change brought by an ideal of peace and love (Uranus in Libra). Curiously the Pluto-Saturn conjunction will happen again in 2020, while Uranus was in Libra last time during the sixties (a clear time for peace and love ideals). Neptune was entering Pisces (the spiritual in the masses)
Later on, when Nero probably set fire to Rome and then his reign finished, around 64, Sedna, Uranus, Ixion and Quaoar were all in Capricorn, while Pluto and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Neptune in Aries (new spiritual beginnings), pointing to the revolutionary and unstable times.
In 536 weather extreme events around the world, brought collapse of civilization caused by Pluto in Capricorn cusp opposing Eris in Cancer cusp.
Then, between 622 and 632, when Mohammed lived, Pluto was in Aries, and Uranus in Libra cusp, after a triple conjunction with Neptune and Saturn in Virgo, and then Jupiter, Saturn and Eris also had a triple conjunction in Scorpio.
At the time of Buddah, Pluto and Uranus had a conjunction in Capricorn, and Neptune entered Pisces and Aries (new spiritual beginnings).