Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Interview with a Mayan Shaman....

- People come now to the sacred pyramids, which is good, they are awakening
- If mankind does not change, collapse will come, many things have to be changed, particularly thinking and all technology and pollution, and restoring balance with ecology.
- 2012 is a misinterpretation, created by western people. Mayan calendars are very difficult to read and require a deep higher consciousness. The shaman suggest us to learn first Hindu and then Mayan.
- In future, mankind will relearn some very important thing, by communicating with the nature spirits, which Mayans did in the pyramids (return to nature? oneness?)
- Cycle Venus, learn to live with the influence of Venus phases on Earth
- Every 500 years important changes happen due to Venus transit (next one in 2012)
-Earth and Venus come in synchronization every year (8-important cosmic number: see numerology)
- Those are twin planets and much came from Venus, a planet of high vibration
- The moon was very important for Mayans too, since takes 13 months. In April there is a portal caused from the moon during the full moon (Easter?) Only happens one time in the year, and maybe any period during the day or night, it depends on Moon movement.
- Echinoxs and solstices (more the echinoxs) are also important: cosmic celebrations to sun and moon and the creator, of gratitude. Sacred geometry in always included pyramids, affecting our vibrations, and those of cosmos, and has many purposes such as acoustic resonance inside the pyramid for instance. There are many things western culture do not know yet.
For other Mayan shamans the calendars are important to be based on cosmos, not the Gregorian calendar. Solstices and echinoxs mark very important transition times (we know that from astrology). Shaman don't understand the logic of the current 13 Moon Mayan calendar, invented by some scholars, saying a misinterpretation by westerners. They also argue for the manipulative behavior of our governments and religions.
- Space does not exist in between two points. Illusions. There is energy and may things that maybe we cannot perceive. Mankind is limited in many faculties. For example, he argued Christianity was a religion of fear. Mayans know that each tree has its spirit, but Christians disagree on that.

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