Monday, August 25, 2008

Recession and major world tension starting in late 2008 and growing in 2009 or 2010.

October-December 2008: economic turndown and recession, growing tension for a larger middle east war, cold winter in northern hemisphere with some flooding events. look for both early October 2008 and mid December 2008.
December 2008-August 2009: probable start of major middle east war, economic recession crashing, and minor probability of some global coastal disaster, possible cold weather during the summer; great social unrest in several countries, including western world. Look for spring 2009 and August 2009.
August-December 2009: cold winter, with economic recession there will be some famines and food lines, major middle east conflicts grows or at least major world tension in military and economic areas grows. This is when the change of will become more apparent. As a positive side, there will be really important scientific discoveries in this year, some concerning life sciences, clean energies and the environment. Look for the whole period.
2010: there will be at least some major social unrest in the world, at least caused by breakdown of some society structures (i.e. banks, market) and recession, or at worse by major war (could be nuclear), economic depression or/and some global disaster. At least people will start changing gradually their lives, or at most this will be a dramatic world change and may be the start of a global epic insurrection, revolt and riots. The astrology alignments points to change at least as significant as it was during the sixties and probably bigger. Look mainly for late spring and summer 2010, and then December 2010. But everything points to changes of magnitude like the ones of the America and French revolution, and the thirties great depression between 2010 and 2025.

Following the global agitation between June and August 2008, more is to come in late 2008, all in 2009 and dramatically increasing to a climax in 2010.
There are some people predicting a stock market crash, or at least a pronounced downturn around 7 October 2008. This is when Uranus and Saturn get into opposition, there will be some unrest just before the US election. Anyway the winter 2008 to 2009 will be a tense one. With oil prices unstable, a major war preparing in middle east will bring gradually a collapse of the world economy and the stock market crash. Banks may collapse, stock market may have a small crash, the winter of 2008-2009 will be a cold cold one with some extreme weather events. It may be the start of some sort of a climatic shift. There are people predicting major chaos from October 2008 to March 2009 when weather events, military activity and economy turndown, will cause bigger troubles and concerns. There may be food lines and signs of a great depression coming in 2009. Other speak of a global coast event in 2009 with some sort of water disaster and at the same time of major social change a global revolution and revolt of the masses unfolding. This will peak around 2010 onwards.
Look for the days of mid 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th December 2008 for major events and a prelude of what mid 2010 may bring. Then major social unrest and maybe important climatic, war, economic or geological events happening in early 2009, probably around March 2009, and most certainly between January and August 2009. The war we speak in Middle East, if happened, would bring bad but not terrible consequences. It could start as early as in late 2008 with Israel, US and Iran involved, and growing more by 2009. It could start later, but probably before the end of 2009, since 2010 points to the major world tension.
Look for our previous long-term predictions:

Start of changes: late 2008
Recession and world tension: 2009
More dramatic world tension: 2010
Great scientific advances: 2010 onwards
Depression, wars and social unrest, mass awakening: 2010-2015
Economy depression, anarchy, manifestos and revolts: 2015-2018
Depression crash, facing the consequences, new ways of living: 2019-2021
Progressive times, reform of world order: 2019-2025
End of dramatic changes: circa 2020-2025
Revolutionary times, revolutions: 2023-2030
Spiritual, religion and idealism renewal: 2011-2035
Small local-based community revival: 2020-2030
Major time frame of change: 2010-2035
Environmental and resource issues: 2020-2050

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