Friday, August 8, 2008

Neptune in Pisces and Aries, mundane astrology

Neptune in Aquarius, Pisces and Aries
1998, 2011, 2024: new spiritual awakenings and faith renewal, revolutions and new social manifestos and idealisms, new advances in music, and mass communication, famines, oil and food issues, changes in our view of evolution, solar flares, and electromagnetism
(look for for a new "communist" manifestos and new models for economy; look out for new ways of going into human mind, of making music; oil will change, and famines may occur, but surely new and great advances will happen, who knows if linked to electromagnetism, new magnetic technology; our way of understanding human evolution will probably also greatly change; possibly by either life discovered in other planets, alien contact and some spiritual discovery by science; new religion will probably be created)
1835, 1848, 1861: great awakening, year of revolution, new faiths, anesthesia invented and principles of economy, communist manifesto, invention of saxophone, first use of telegraph, Charles Darwin, electromagnetism theory, first use of oil, great Irish famine, Neptune was discovered, Thoreau, transcendentalism and origins of ecological movement
1671, 1684, 1697: Newton's laws, tea is sell worldwide, revolutions, first newspapers, Halley predicts the comet return, some plagues and fires in London, age of reasoning and rationalism
1507, 1520, 1533: protestants, discoveries, Galileo, changes in religion, Luther, renaissance painters and philosophy
1343, 1356, 1369: black plague, some famines, some revolts
1179, 1192, 1205: around the peak of Islamic golden age of science, arts, development and inventions
34, 47, 60: the beginning of Christianism

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