Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Solar activity minimum in 2030, next cold period

Here we have the former solar minimum, with start and end year (and possible time range with peak year) with a time cycle related to orbital influences by Jupiter and Saturn of around 180 years
1010-1050 Oort minimum
1100-1250, medieval maximum
1280-1340 (1310): around the time of great famine, Wolf minimum
1420-1570 (1430-1490-1550), Sporer minimum
1645-1715 (1610-1670-1730), little ice age, Maunder minimum
1790-1830 (1790-1850-1910), Dalton minimum
2010- 2090 (1970-2030-2090), next cold period
2110, start of next little ice age

Accordingly to several researchers solar activity may remain high during the beginning of 21st century but then decline, bringing a cold period around 2030. We are already seeing this. Solar activity may increase by end of the century but then in about 150-200 years we will be entering the next severe cold period, much like the little ice age. The ice age is due to start in this millennium.

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