Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cardinal climax square of 2010 - Astrology previews wider conflicts and depression

Following the upcoming cardinal square, the cardinal climax of 2010, we have seen recently many events that may tells us of what may be happening by 2010.
Nonetheless the future is not written, we are just creating it, and along these critical days of Saturn-Uranus square in late 2008, we have clear signs of what could happen.

A possible wider conflict in 2009/2010 involving several Middle East or Asiatic countries. This would have bad consequences for world economy and the moods of mankind: The world must stop and each nation turn inwards and bring their hands for global peace and prosperity based in a new well-intended economy
In 2008, as months passed, we have watched hot tensions between US/Israel and Iran (would be a disaster for world economy), some growing tension between US/Europe and Russia extending into Georgia, Kosovo and Ukraine, in the Arctic ocean and the dangerous tension around the scheluded missile shield area in Polony (here the stupidity of western democracies is widely clear).
Furthermore we have growing tension again with North Korea, small tension with China, growing signs of strained tension between US and Pakistan, and also in India and Afghanistan (dangerous!), growing tension between US and Bolivia/Venezuela, which also aligns with Russia, the persisting war in Iraq sometimes involging also Turkey, the same tension around Israel and neighbours such as Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and tension also in Sudan and Nigeria (all either islamic or left-wing states).

Would a widespread war would happen between some of these regions, we would have a third world war, even if small. There could be nuclear exchanges which would have dramatic and deep social consequences for the all mankind in general.

We are entering a Second Great Depression, society needs to reinvent itself and become greener and more human and wise; people need to gather together and think clever now
It is now very clear, that during the days marking alignments in 2008 that barely resemble the upcoming configuration of 2010, we had in the news the tensions with US/Iran, Pakistan and Russia and also the meltdown of economy, unstable oil prices and rampant inflation, and fears about food lines as climate change and resource depletion continues.
Solutions are critical.

A world changing fast with many different dramatic changes between now and 2010-2012!
Green living; A global transformation or cataclysm; A new science/spiritual rennasceince; maybe cosmic events; It could be the last trigger for a global reform
In addition, I still dont dismiss the possibility of other extraordinary events. Some predict mass awakening and cosmic events just around 2010-2012, others some global event like a pole shift, a meteor strike, a worldwide flooding, a climatic shift, or some sort of cosmic flare or energy. If aliens landed or contacted us, or if they would be disclosed this would be another dramatic turn of events for the 2010-12 configuration.
We had several important people disclosing alien existence such as one of Moon astronauts this year. We know solar flares were record high in 2001-2004 but now the solar radiation is record low, as after the extreme heatwaves and storms of 2000-2005, we may be entering slowly a new little ice age. It could be also manmade climate change (pollution or artificially induced by hidden technology). Or some sort of cosmic occurence or cycle.
The internet is having dramatic consequences upon people: in the way they interact, careers, religion and spirituality, routines, wisdom, disclosed facts, etc
Global warming and green thinking are slowly changing our routines and society. Who knows about futuristic new energy technologies, houses, new jobs and cars!
And what if social riots bring another fresh air or revolution and sixties-mood, or spirituality ideals? What if Science discovered the soul existence, time travel, free energy or other dimensions? As far fecthed as it may look, many people would have important changes in their lives between now and 2012, and we hope that society is transformed for the better.

RECENT UPDATE: Please check my latest post "Global crises in 2014-2021. Revolutions in 2028". It is very likely that in the next years, we will see some of the following: a major socio-economic crises (collapse of currencies and countries, great depression), major geological event (e.g. volcanic winter), major war, widespread revolts or revolutions, political extremism, political scandals, major scientific advances.

This follows a recurrent 84-year cycle of major change. 2010s, 1930s, 1840s, 1760s, 1690s, 1600s, 1520s, 1430s, 1340s and a major Uranus/Pluto/Saturn T-square. You can see a self-explaning graph here:

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Confirmed meteor asteroid or comet impacts in Holocene

(Or least it is more or less confirmed by geologists; some of these could alternatively be caused by huge volcanic eruptions)
(This theory may show that geological data may point to a cycle of a global event that recurs periodically every 3000-5000 years, bringing next global event somewhere in the next few years or decades)

Holocene meteor impacts:

Also disruption in climate (tree-ring data) at 1628 BC, 1159 BC, 208 BC (small event), 44 BC (small event), 536 AD (worldwide climatic anomalies and atmospheric dust), 829 AD (impact in Atlantic ocean: Mayans disappeared from lowlands; climatic anomalies)

207 BC and 536 BC and clear evidence for a land impact in Northern Europe of a fragmented cosmic body, during the time of Celts. Dust ejected caused climatic aberrations. Crater in Chiemgau, Germany, 1 km wide comet fragmented leaving many craters in a field of about 60 x 30 km wide, of which the biggest crater is 370 m wide. Probably occurred in 207 BC, as there is evidence of debris falling from the sky from Roman authors. In 536 BC, some attribute the climatic disruption to Tambora eruption, others to a air explosion of a 500 m wide comet. The effect lasted about 20 years of worldwide disruption.

~2200 BC (supposed 2194 BC) in Iraq coast (now dry) at the time at about 10 m deep in sea, near Sumerian civilization. The event caused at least regional tsunamis. The bolide was around 100-300 m diameter and left a 3-4 km diameter crater, now a lake. This was a 200-750 megaton impact, depending if it was a asteroid or a comet. It probably caused some minor climatic impact.
Here they refer again the Iraq impact and 2354 disruption and that two Argentine craters also date somewhere in the last 5000 years ago. Benny Peiser, a anthropologist states that there are about a dozen of craters dating from the past 10000 years.

Possibly impact with significant climatic disruption at 2354 BC (until 2345 BC), possibly linked to a comet impact and consequent flood. There is research by Marie-Agnès Courty describing a air-blast explosion over northern Syria.
These fragments are possibly linked to a fragmentation of a giant comet, which gave origin to comet Encke which crossed Earth about 7500 BC and 2500 BC.

~2800 BC ( supposed 10 May 2807 BC) in Indian ocean, produced a ocean impact and a large-scale tsunami of at least about 200 m high that impacted and left many geological formations along the eastern African coast and mainly in Madagascar and Australian coast. It left the Burckle Crater, 30 km wide, 1500 km southeast of Madagascar in deep ocean at 4 km depth. This impact should have produced at least some worldwide flooding, temporary darkness and hurricane-force winds. Examples of coastal evidence from the giant tsunami include the Fenambosy chevron in Madagascar. About 30 000 megaton impact. Still lower than the 100000 megaton threshold for global catastrophe (10-20 km wide crater); but some suggest that this threshold could be higher. Which puts these Holocene impacts as only regional disaster with some but small global impact, despite worldwide flooding.

~ 3200 BC (supposed 29 June 3123 BC) in Kofles, Austria and recorded by ancient Sumerians in a cuneiform clay tablet found about 150 years ago. It left only a giant landslide, 500 m thick and 5 km diameter impact region, in the mountains of Alps. The asteroid should have impacted at a very low angle and clipped a mountain called Gamskogel, above the town of Längenfeld, about 11 km southeast from Kofles. The asteroid was about 1 km and crossed first the skies of Greece and Albania and then partially exploded in air and in the valley due to its very low angle of impact (14 000 megaton explosion!). It then projected a huge dust cloud then rose high in the atmosphere falling into the direction of Egypt and Syria (500 megaton). It probably caused very large and widespread regional damage and some climatic change.

Climatic disruption (tree-ring data) at 3195 BC
Another source puts it at circa 3150 BC
In this source, they suggest a Mediterranean impact. Maybe the theories in 3195 BC, 3123 BC, 3114 BC Mayan date and 3150 BC are all the same event.

Climatic disruption circa 6000 BC (8k event), black sea flood (6200 BC - 5600 BC or as early as 5000 BC), 6145 BC shows a sharp sea level increase

7900 BC - 7500 BC (7911 BC had abnormal volcanic activity, Autumn 7640 BC is Tollman impact theory, 7545 BC is accordingly to a source another possible date for cosmic impact)
The most probable date was really 7640 BC which shows myth and geological evidence pointing to a rather severe worldwide disaster. It was probably a comet fragmented into seven pieces that crash into ocean sites triggering worldwide flooding.

Climatic disruption end of circa 9700 BC - 9530 BC (Younger Dryas)
Or 9792 BC in some sources.

Circa 10900 BC (caused Younger Dryas) A comet exploded over land above the North American ice sheets, now Michigan, bringing a big climatic shift and mass extinction. The fireball and dealy winds were probably extended across a big part of North America. Possibly, the sudden freezing caused by ejected material lead to the rapid extinction of Siberian mammoth.


Curiously we found the following recurrence of two cycles of possible meteor strikes:
3500 years and 1500 years (major cycle 5000 years)
Both are separated by 1200-1500 years apart.
Each cycle is separated by 3300-3650 years apart.
Both added together give the near 5125 years of Mayan cycle.

Events1 and Events2
10900BC (confirmed) and 9700BC
7911-7640BC (3000-3300y later, confirmed) and 6400BC/5600BC (3300y later)
5200-4370BC and 3123BC/2807BC/2354BC/2194BC (3277 to 3246y later, confirmed several)
1628BC/1159BC and 207BC/ 536AC/829AC/1159AC (3659 years later, 3636 years later, 3513 years later)

We solely don't have evidence of disruption in 5200-4300 BC period.
If we continue the cycle, the next swarm of impacts would come between now and 2200 BC, with most probability of activity mainly centered between now and 2031.
For instance, even if there is small cycles of 1500 and 3600 years, there is a significant one of nearly 5000 years (7640 BC, 2807 BC, 2026) that could be linked to Comet Encke or Taurid meteor complex intersection with Earth orbit.

Alternative theory: Possible pole shifts (given a 3657 year cycle):
Near future: North pole could move to Alaska, Eastern Siberia or somewhere in northern Pacific ocean. Europe and Greenland should warm.
1628 BC North pole moves to current position; Thera, regional tsunami, Jewish exodus and some climatic changes
5285 BC North pole moves to Greenland. Evidences of landslides in Storegga, Norway, in several places in Australia: Black sea flood
8942 BC North pole moves to East Siberian Sea, Arctic Siberia. Europe warms (ice age ends in Europe), Siberia freezes, great mammoth die-off. Extinctions in North America. This is when Ice Age ends.
12 599 BC North poles moves to Scandinavia. Ice age ends in North America!!
16 256 BC North pole moves to North America. Europe becomes also glaciated. But Alaska and Siberia are warmer.
19 913 BC Ends the peak of Ice Age. But Europe is still glaciated.
23 570 BC

Compared these impacts to the well known Tunguska impact in morning of 10 June 1908, in a remote forest in Siberia, which was a meteor of about 10-30 m diameter. The explosion is about 15 megaton and about 8 km in air (large atomic bomb was 50 megaton, the Japanese bombings were less than 0.1), limit for atomic explosions is 2000 megaton). A normal earthquake is about 1-1000 megaton, the big ones about 1000 megaton, but the Asiatic earthquake was about 100 000 megaton! Volcanoes are also about 20-500 megaton explosions, but Toba, the largest volcanic in past millions years, was about 1000 megaton. A meteor impact 2 km wide should cause about 1000 000 megaton explosion. All of these were bigger than the Meteor Crater impact caused by a 50 m meteor which caused a 1 km wide crater and 20-40 megaton impact, about 50 000 years ago.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Portugal, ascendente Caranguejo

Portugal, segundo o mapa da Independencia de 5 de Outubro de 1143, é Ascendente Caranguejo, com MC a Peixes e provavelmente sol em Balanca.

Analisei a história de Portugal e encontrei vários pontos chave no seu mapa.
Primeiro a zona de 25° Peixes é extremamente crítica em vários eventos da nossa história. A passagem de Urano neste ponto coincide com importantes eventos e mudancas politicas, o próximo período sendo já em 2009-2010.
Este ponto é o MC de Portugal.

Outro ponto é 15° Caranguejo, o ascendente de Portugal.
A passagem de Neptuno neste ponto tem trazido imensos eventos chave na história de Portugal. O que mostra que a essencia do nosso povo é emocional, conservadora, rural e artística. Tem a ver com o conceito de pertenca e raízes.
Daí que na passagem de Neptuno a 15° de Caranguejo coincida muitas vezes com importantes eventos chave para o nosso país.
Os eventos acontecem temporalmente muito proximos do ano exacto do transito.

1910-fim da monarquia e inicio da primeira republica (1910)
1746- grande sismo de Lisboa (1755)
1582-perda da independencia, uniao iberica (1580)
1418-conquista ceuta, inicio dos descobrimentos
1254- reconquista no algarve (1249), lisboa torna-se capital (1255)
1090- formacao do condado de portucale (1091-96)

Ainda da nossa independencia parece ser possível observar o mesmo padrao:
926- califado arabe (929) (surge nome de "portugal")
762- emirado arabe, independente (756) (invasao em 711)
598- suevos derrotados pelos visigodos (585)
434- invasao dos povos barbaros (410)
270-invasoes dos povos godos?
222bc- invasao romana (218bc), inicio segunda guerra punica
(espera-se que alguém possa encontrar eventos relevantes

Neptuno irá passar novamente no ascendente de Portugal a 2074!

A mais recente passagem de Plutao a 15° de Caranguejo também nos trouxe muita instabilidade politica, golpes de estado e a ditadura em 1920-26, o fim das guerras da restauracao da independencia em 1668, e um crescente poderio nos descobrimentos durante meados do século XV (circa 1434), quando os Acores e Madeira foram descobertos e colonizados e Gil Eanes gracas à Caravela dobra após muitas tentativas o Cabo Bojador, e ainda antes em 1180 durante o reinado de Afonso Henriques e as suas conquistas.
Plutao irá transitar o ascendente de Plutao a 2174!

Mais resultados da minha análise seguem-se em breve.

Países e influencias:
Portugal: asc 15° Caranguejo, 25° Peixes, 25° Balanca (sensibilidade, conservadorismo)
Espanha: Sagitário (espansao, optimismo), outros apontam 1° asc Aquário/8° Aquário e outros Capricórnio
Suica: Virgem (organizacao, industria)
Austria: Touro, Escorpiao, Leao (intensidade, historia dificil, poder)
EUA: asc 7° Gémeos ou 12° Sagitário, 13° Caranguejo (patriotismo, expansao)
Canadá: 8° Caranguejo, asc incerto prov Balanca
Franca: parece ser Balanca (romantismo, movimentos sociais, diplomacia)
Alemanha: Capricornio e talvez asc Balanca (January 18, 1871, 1:00 pm) (frieza, poder, materialismo)
Itália, 19° Gémeos/asc 17° Escorpiao ou asc 13° Balanca/10° Peixes
Suécia: Aquário (progressista)
Grécia: desconhecido, sugerido: Sagitário ou Capricórnio, asc Peixes (misticismo)
China: 7° Balanca, asc 1° Aquário (ou eu diria Peixes)
Irao: asc 3° Carneiro, 11° Aquário (February 1, 1979, 6:00 am) (daí o lado bélico e rebelde)
Israel: asc 0° Escorpiao, 23° Touro (daí lado secretista e bélico)
Rússia: asc Leao, Capricórnio ou Sagitário, ou asc Virgem/Escorpiao (USSR)
Venezuela: Carneiro (April 19, 1810, 9:18) ou Caranguejo (July 5, 1811, 3pm) (faz sentido tb)
Holanda: Caranguejo ou Leao (July 26, 1581) ou Peixes (March 16, 1815, 10:30-11:47) (e nao haverá lado Sagitário ou Aquário?)
Islandia: Gémeos, asc Balanca
Japao: 22° Aquário, asc 9° Gémeos (muito sentido) February 11, 1889
UK: definitivamente Capricórnio: 25 Dec 1066 ou 1 Jan 1801

Friday, September 5, 2008

2009 Astrology. A time of a greater instability worldwide

October-December 2008: the build up of the energy of brutal change towards 2010
The start of many world changes, tensions, fall of structures, unrest and economy trouble
I even look closely at around 8 October 2008, 2 November 2008, 14 December 2008 and 9 March 2009, or a few days around these dates.

Critical period to watch is October 2008 to March 2009.
Coming around October, November and December 2008, we see the first big squares leading to the astrological cardinal T-square of 2010.
In October 2008 Saturn and Uranus draw closer to their opposition, and we see the issues of past or future/change coming in the US election, in Europe, and tensions unfolding. We have the tension with Russia and Iran growing, and the need for structures to break down in bigger after their first exact opposition in early November 2008. Who knows if economy crashes a little bit more, and a new Middle East war starts, in these last three months of 2008. We hope not. But the map of Israel, Iran, US, Syria and Lebanon have strong signals for increased tension. I have foreseen one possibility of a war start in Syria or Iran by December 2008 or a few months later, and grow out of control for Israel, involving the US somewhere in 2009, and growing into a more worldwide conflict from 2009 into 2010 and involving then Russia and Europe, with terrible consequences for economies and people with massive revolts and riots. The lesser scenario would involve just a war with Iran, causing big problems for Israel and worldwide economies. Or remotely, some unknown event happen that caused again greater trouble for worldwide economies and social unrest.

2009: Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune promises some out of ordinary events and discoveries
Through 2009 the Saturn/Uranus opposition unfolds and also during a time of a great Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. We speculate more in the possibility of religious extremism, confusion and oil prices going crazy.
The Chiron/Neptune is also related to atomic energy, and last conjunction in 1945 saw the first atomic bombings in history! We hope a nuclear war does not start but the world seems to choose the path of war for discovering that this is not the way for solving the problem of peace. Peace is created inwards! By meditation and peaceful action and communication. Or maybe this can mean some important discovery in nuclear energy or particle physics.

2009 into 2010: global insurrection?
The Jupiter/Neptune is also perfect for insurrections, revolutions, and particular when ideals, illusions and religion are concerned. Maybe religious extremism, illusions and confusion. The aspect may also be linked to environmental concerns growing in 2009, flooding (what other transit is perfect for this and some people have predicted some flooding event during 2009) and even worldwide resurrection against the governments (caused by the disappointing and it also fits very well the Neptune energy, and some have also predicted this to start in 2009).
Don't forget that I have foreseen previously the great possibility of some extreme weather events during 2009. If the oceanic currents would be disrupted by the extensive polar ice melting, couldn't radical and dramatic changes occur. This would bring the great social unrest, radical change and economy trouble I have seen so well in the astrological aspects. And maybe a much more natural alternative than worldwide war or a sudden market crash. A very cold winter, a year without summer, extensive coastal flooding or even another Katrina or Asiatic tsunami would bring more awareness of our fragility in relation to Nature and need to cooperate with Her.

As a positive side, 2009 is a year for frugality, and of spiritual insight
In a more positive tone this transit some sort of spiritual advance or revelation. Maybe science may give insights into the more cosmic or spiritual. Watch for discoveries in relation to consciousness, soul and psychology, music, internet, particle physics, the theory of evolution, and cosmic phenomena. We have strongly stated that many scientific advances will be coming due to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in 0º Aries and Pluto transiting Aquarius, a decade from now.

Late 2009: the brutal cardinal aspects unfold
Surely many change will be ongoing in summer 2010 and still a few years later, just like it happened in the thirties, about 80 years ago. Either way, it will only be by November 2009 when the more dramatic aspects start to occur, that the more brutal events and change will grow. This is the time for real concern and need for change.
As of 2010 the change will be underway. In 2011 we foresee a deepening and powerful change, giving place to the famous year of 2012. And remembering the square of Uranus/Pluto from 2010 to 2015, and Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 2018-2020, the big change for world will be triggered between the years of 2008 and 2011 and unfold through the years of 2010 and 2020. Many countries seem to be affected but in different ways. Flooding, climatic change and food trouble for China, US and Europe in big depression, unrest and war, Middle East boiling, Russia probably involved as well. But in the end the change will bring better lives for everyone some decades later.

The next few years: Astrology predicts a Second Great Depression worldwide
In all likelihood, a Second Big Depression and much social unrest will start somewhere in the few next couple of years and grow through the next decade, and only be solved by 2020 or even later. It will bring a much deeper meaning for mankind, why have we trust in this system of economy (named capitalism), why have we pollute the earth and live wasting lifestyles, why have we let our governments go to war and cause this big mess, why we let all the lack of tolerance and common sense and cause this religious, political and economical extremism, why we have not more self-power to rule our own society and bring our own lives into alignment. By 2030 the people of the world will remember these next years as the years that mankind made one of its greatest tests and lessons. It will be our return to local living and tribalism, getting away from central controls and technological madness, and caring for our planet and family-oriented lives. Anyway, Uranus entering Taurus in 2017 and Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023 will bring this resource awareness, need for change in economy, need for social and world revolutions, considerable scientific advance, and a great time of humanitarian advance.