Friday, September 5, 2008

2009 Astrology. A time of a greater instability worldwide

October-December 2008: the build up of the energy of brutal change towards 2010
The start of many world changes, tensions, fall of structures, unrest and economy trouble
I even look closely at around 8 October 2008, 2 November 2008, 14 December 2008 and 9 March 2009, or a few days around these dates.

Critical period to watch is October 2008 to March 2009.
Coming around October, November and December 2008, we see the first big squares leading to the astrological cardinal T-square of 2010.
In October 2008 Saturn and Uranus draw closer to their opposition, and we see the issues of past or future/change coming in the US election, in Europe, and tensions unfolding. We have the tension with Russia and Iran growing, and the need for structures to break down in bigger after their first exact opposition in early November 2008. Who knows if economy crashes a little bit more, and a new Middle East war starts, in these last three months of 2008. We hope not. But the map of Israel, Iran, US, Syria and Lebanon have strong signals for increased tension. I have foreseen one possibility of a war start in Syria or Iran by December 2008 or a few months later, and grow out of control for Israel, involving the US somewhere in 2009, and growing into a more worldwide conflict from 2009 into 2010 and involving then Russia and Europe, with terrible consequences for economies and people with massive revolts and riots. The lesser scenario would involve just a war with Iran, causing big problems for Israel and worldwide economies. Or remotely, some unknown event happen that caused again greater trouble for worldwide economies and social unrest.

2009: Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune promises some out of ordinary events and discoveries
Through 2009 the Saturn/Uranus opposition unfolds and also during a time of a great Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius. We speculate more in the possibility of religious extremism, confusion and oil prices going crazy.
The Chiron/Neptune is also related to atomic energy, and last conjunction in 1945 saw the first atomic bombings in history! We hope a nuclear war does not start but the world seems to choose the path of war for discovering that this is not the way for solving the problem of peace. Peace is created inwards! By meditation and peaceful action and communication. Or maybe this can mean some important discovery in nuclear energy or particle physics.

2009 into 2010: global insurrection?
The Jupiter/Neptune is also perfect for insurrections, revolutions, and particular when ideals, illusions and religion are concerned. Maybe religious extremism, illusions and confusion. The aspect may also be linked to environmental concerns growing in 2009, flooding (what other transit is perfect for this and some people have predicted some flooding event during 2009) and even worldwide resurrection against the governments (caused by the disappointing and it also fits very well the Neptune energy, and some have also predicted this to start in 2009).
Don't forget that I have foreseen previously the great possibility of some extreme weather events during 2009. If the oceanic currents would be disrupted by the extensive polar ice melting, couldn't radical and dramatic changes occur. This would bring the great social unrest, radical change and economy trouble I have seen so well in the astrological aspects. And maybe a much more natural alternative than worldwide war or a sudden market crash. A very cold winter, a year without summer, extensive coastal flooding or even another Katrina or Asiatic tsunami would bring more awareness of our fragility in relation to Nature and need to cooperate with Her.

As a positive side, 2009 is a year for frugality, and of spiritual insight
In a more positive tone this transit some sort of spiritual advance or revelation. Maybe science may give insights into the more cosmic or spiritual. Watch for discoveries in relation to consciousness, soul and psychology, music, internet, particle physics, the theory of evolution, and cosmic phenomena. We have strongly stated that many scientific advances will be coming due to the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in 0º Aries and Pluto transiting Aquarius, a decade from now.

Late 2009: the brutal cardinal aspects unfold
Surely many change will be ongoing in summer 2010 and still a few years later, just like it happened in the thirties, about 80 years ago. Either way, it will only be by November 2009 when the more dramatic aspects start to occur, that the more brutal events and change will grow. This is the time for real concern and need for change.
As of 2010 the change will be underway. In 2011 we foresee a deepening and powerful change, giving place to the famous year of 2012. And remembering the square of Uranus/Pluto from 2010 to 2015, and Saturn/Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in 2018-2020, the big change for world will be triggered between the years of 2008 and 2011 and unfold through the years of 2010 and 2020. Many countries seem to be affected but in different ways. Flooding, climatic change and food trouble for China, US and Europe in big depression, unrest and war, Middle East boiling, Russia probably involved as well. But in the end the change will bring better lives for everyone some decades later.

The next few years: Astrology predicts a Second Great Depression worldwide
In all likelihood, a Second Big Depression and much social unrest will start somewhere in the few next couple of years and grow through the next decade, and only be solved by 2020 or even later. It will bring a much deeper meaning for mankind, why have we trust in this system of economy (named capitalism), why have we pollute the earth and live wasting lifestyles, why have we let our governments go to war and cause this big mess, why we let all the lack of tolerance and common sense and cause this religious, political and economical extremism, why we have not more self-power to rule our own society and bring our own lives into alignment. By 2030 the people of the world will remember these next years as the years that mankind made one of its greatest tests and lessons. It will be our return to local living and tribalism, getting away from central controls and technological madness, and caring for our planet and family-oriented lives. Anyway, Uranus entering Taurus in 2017 and Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023 will bring this resource awareness, need for change in economy, need for social and world revolutions, considerable scientific advance, and a great time of humanitarian advance.

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