Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cardinal climax square of 2010 - Astrology previews wider conflicts and depression

Following the upcoming cardinal square, the cardinal climax of 2010, we have seen recently many events that may tells us of what may be happening by 2010.
Nonetheless the future is not written, we are just creating it, and along these critical days of Saturn-Uranus square in late 2008, we have clear signs of what could happen.

A possible wider conflict in 2009/2010 involving several Middle East or Asiatic countries. This would have bad consequences for world economy and the moods of mankind: The world must stop and each nation turn inwards and bring their hands for global peace and prosperity based in a new well-intended economy
In 2008, as months passed, we have watched hot tensions between US/Israel and Iran (would be a disaster for world economy), some growing tension between US/Europe and Russia extending into Georgia, Kosovo and Ukraine, in the Arctic ocean and the dangerous tension around the scheluded missile shield area in Polony (here the stupidity of western democracies is widely clear).
Furthermore we have growing tension again with North Korea, small tension with China, growing signs of strained tension between US and Pakistan, and also in India and Afghanistan (dangerous!), growing tension between US and Bolivia/Venezuela, which also aligns with Russia, the persisting war in Iraq sometimes involging also Turkey, the same tension around Israel and neighbours such as Palestine, Lebanon and Syria, and tension also in Sudan and Nigeria (all either islamic or left-wing states).

Would a widespread war would happen between some of these regions, we would have a third world war, even if small. There could be nuclear exchanges which would have dramatic and deep social consequences for the all mankind in general.

We are entering a Second Great Depression, society needs to reinvent itself and become greener and more human and wise; people need to gather together and think clever now
It is now very clear, that during the days marking alignments in 2008 that barely resemble the upcoming configuration of 2010, we had in the news the tensions with US/Iran, Pakistan and Russia and also the meltdown of economy, unstable oil prices and rampant inflation, and fears about food lines as climate change and resource depletion continues.
Solutions are critical.

A world changing fast with many different dramatic changes between now and 2010-2012!
Green living; A global transformation or cataclysm; A new science/spiritual rennasceince; maybe cosmic events; It could be the last trigger for a global reform
In addition, I still dont dismiss the possibility of other extraordinary events. Some predict mass awakening and cosmic events just around 2010-2012, others some global event like a pole shift, a meteor strike, a worldwide flooding, a climatic shift, or some sort of cosmic flare or energy. If aliens landed or contacted us, or if they would be disclosed this would be another dramatic turn of events for the 2010-12 configuration.
We had several important people disclosing alien existence such as one of Moon astronauts this year. We know solar flares were record high in 2001-2004 but now the solar radiation is record low, as after the extreme heatwaves and storms of 2000-2005, we may be entering slowly a new little ice age. It could be also manmade climate change (pollution or artificially induced by hidden technology). Or some sort of cosmic occurence or cycle.
The internet is having dramatic consequences upon people: in the way they interact, careers, religion and spirituality, routines, wisdom, disclosed facts, etc
Global warming and green thinking are slowly changing our routines and society. Who knows about futuristic new energy technologies, houses, new jobs and cars!
And what if social riots bring another fresh air or revolution and sixties-mood, or spirituality ideals? What if Science discovered the soul existence, time travel, free energy or other dimensions? As far fecthed as it may look, many people would have important changes in their lives between now and 2012, and we hope that society is transformed for the better.

RECENT UPDATE: Please check my latest post "Global crises in 2014-2021. Revolutions in 2028". It is very likely that in the next years, we will see some of the following: a major socio-economic crises (collapse of currencies and countries, great depression), major geological event (e.g. volcanic winter), major war, widespread revolts or revolutions, political extremism, political scandals, major scientific advances.

This follows a recurrent 84-year cycle of major change. 2010s, 1930s, 1840s, 1760s, 1690s, 1600s, 1520s, 1430s, 1340s and a major Uranus/Pluto/Saturn T-square. You can see a self-explaning graph here:

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