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Minor aspects: quintile, septile, novile, decile, semisquare, quincunx

While we are used to understand the geometrical aspects of conjuntion, opposition, squares, trines and sextiles, and also the quincunx (5/12 division).
Quintile (5th harmonic division), septile (7th harmonic division), semisquare (8th harmonic division), novile (9th harmonic division) are little understood.
The same goes for other formations besides the T-square, grand cross and a grand trine, like the yod or a grand mystical hexagon.

Before going to the minor aspects, we will speak on a brief key meaning of all major aspects. The conjuntion creates a strong impulse for action, a fusion and union of principles, a beggining. Kind of first house or Mars, a blending leading to a intense inauguration, a new cycle. The conjuntion is the most powerful aspect. Then, the opposition, needs to balancing and union of contradictory opposites, a need to compromise. The square is restlessness, since it involves two very different energies; it may involve great tension and blockage but also great effort and growth. The square requires extra work.
Positive and easier are the trine and the sextile. The trine points to easiness, flow, skill, cooperation, kind of mercury, remember it is the same energy aspecting itself. The sextile is a bit less of extrovertion, more virgoan, trends or opportunities that invites us to act and to merge two complementary energies. It is a charming and a lucky aspect! While the quincunx points to some minor irritance, need to analysis, changes in routine and readjustments. It may be quite a difficult lesson to pass.

A very good for learning this is
Briefly, a summary follows:

Quintiles are used for several centuries already.
Quintile is related to creativity.
Quintiles have small orbs and therefore has more rare. They generally point to an uncommon talent and creative energy. Einstein had a chart full in quintiles.
Quintiles are quitre romatic and playful aspects, or linked to the fields of maths, science and engineering. They have an affinity to Leo.
The quintile is 72° and the biquintile is 144°.

Septiles however are quite recently.
The septile is linked to inspiration.
Due to its irrationality, due to being prime number and yielding a irrational number, septile trigger irrational behaviour, crazyness and strangeness. For instance there is a long ongoing Neptune-Pluto septile aspect, which usually is linked to a hard time in the world (last time was during world war II). The sextile between both is a much more harmonious time and will come in a few years by 2020. Please refer to for more information
The septiles besides an irrational energy, are also a somewhat sacred and holy energy, powerful and implying cosmic intervention, and non-conformism.
The septile shows the potential for the person to rise to the occasions, to bring something extra out of him or herself, and to add something to a situation which lacks it. The irrational relations between our underlying nature and our destiny.
There are also biseptiles and triseptiles.
The septile is approximately 51.4°.
Septiles have some affinity to Libra, to cardinal signs and Saturn.

The semisquare is a much well understood aspect. Since it is half of the square aspect, it represents also quite a challenge but to a less strong degree than the square.
Its represents abrupt and sharp need for action, for overcoming resistance, and keep cool and act to resolve the problems for the future instead of ignoring them.
The semisquare is 45°. The sesquiquadrate is 135° and related.
These relate to Pluto-like energy.

The novile, the 9th harmonic division, may be related to joyness and peace. It relates to Jupiter or Sagittarius, to spiritual growth, transcendence, marriage and ceremony.
Importantly the novile is much used in Vedic Astrology! It is related to karmic bondage and its freedom.
The novile is 40°.

Furthermore there are also other divisions: decile (10), undecile (11) and the semi-sextile (12, 30° apart). The semi-sextile is subtle, ressonant with Pisces, is a calling for internalizing two energies, requiring higher consciousness in the process. Some friction leads to guidance. The decile (36°) is related to the quintiles, calling to order and structure, to talents and power. Mildly beneficial. The undecile (32°) has affinity to aquarius, psychic gifts and need for modifications. All these aspects are very close to each other, therefore it would just make a natal chart too much complex for what we need: a simple lesson.

Astrology dates: sideral versus tropical

Strong Aries: 9 April - 2 May
Taurus: 3 May - 25 May (strong Taurus in mid May, 6-17)
Gemini: 26 May - 22 Jun (strong Gemini in early June, 1-10)
transition Gemini-Cancer: 23 Jun - 6 Jun
Strong Cancer: 11 Jul - 23 Jul (a transition in 7-10 Jul?)
Leo: 24 Jun - 26 Aug (strong Leo in 24 Jun- 16 Aug)
Virgo 27 Aug - 23 Sep (or still Leo in 27-1?; strong Virgo in mid September, 11-20)
Libra 25 Sep - 18 Oct (or still Virgo in 25-28?; strong Libra in early month, 1-13)
transition Libra-Scorpio: 25 Oct - 4 Nov (after 1 Nov, seems Scorpio)
Strong Scorpio: 9- 28 November (not sure if 29 and 30 Dec would be also Scorpio?)
Sagittarius: 29 December - 25 December (strong Sag in early and mid Dec: 1-18; not sure if 26 and 27 December would be also Sag?)
Capricorn: 26 December - 19 January (strong Cap in early Jan: 1-8)
Aquarius: 20 Jan - 27 Feb (strong Aquarius in early and mid Feb: 27 Jan- 15 Jan)
Pisces: 28 Feb - 24 Mar (strong Pisces in mid month: 6-17)
transition Pisces-Aries: 25 Mar - 8 Apr

It would be safe to consider that generally around between the 23rd and the 28th we have the transition period into the following sign. Generally by the 27th to the 29th we already have people showing strong characteristics of the cusp sign (finishing stuff from the previous sign), and by the 1st day of each month we have already people showing strong traits for each sign. Therefore, it would be safe to consider the cusp of each sign starting around the 29th to the first day of each month. We would have a Libra cusp around 1st October, a Cancer cusp around 1st July, a Capricorn cusp around 1 st January, and a Aries cusp around the 1st April. Well defined cusps would be 5th house or Leo cusp, around the last days of July and 9th house of Sag cusp, around 1st December. By mid month, when we enter the sideral region for each month, the influence of each sign is particularly strong.
What would happen if we then divided the zodiac into, for example, 7 or 13 parts ?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do I use sideral or tropical Astrology?

To answer a hard question in Astrology:

Should we use sideral or tropical Astrology?
To answer quickly: both, keeping a close eye on the sideral option.

Which one works best?
Apparently the tropical works slighty better than the sideral, when we consider a equal 12-division of the zodiac.
But, it would work best if we would trace the energies for dozens of people born for each day and compare when does a sign ends and another begins.
To put it quickly: it would be something between the vedic/sideral and the western/tropical that would work better. We would consider (if you choose 12) a 12-division of the sky and you will find that approximately one sign shifts into the next one around the 24th of each month. However for some signs this transition only happens by the first day of the following month (ex: Sagittarius for me starts really in 1th Dec, and Taurus by early days of March) or even slighty further (for Cancer). Therefore, for me people born in late April, late June, and late November would be respectively Aries, Gemini and Scorpio. 

I use both sideral and tropical astrology. My view is that the zodiac is a continuum set of energies, which blend one another.
I have good results with tropical system, but I have discovered some strange things such as a lot of aggressive and pretty extrovert people born around 15-30 April which would be more like an Aries instead of a Taurus, and also people born in early June that would still fit the Gemini type, and people born in late November that would resemble a Scorpio like introspective nature. However for me, this is work in progress. For example the really strong Cancers seem to be only those born in mid July. Or only those born in mid May seem to be the really typical Taurus. But all along through most of February, October and December we get Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius.

I believe the division of the zodiac in 12 is artificial, it is more a concept to help us, a theory to fit, a mathematical proposition. Maybe there is a mysterious veiled nature on it. I believe that astrology influences Earth events and things by a fractal mechanism, undirectly, like through a quantum physics or link in global consciousness: "as above, so is below". You know, the way coincidences happen. And not directly through some kind of magnetic or energetic beam. Keep that in mind when you think about sideral versus tropical sideral. Apparently, it seems that many ancient cultures have divided their "zodiac" into different numbers, like Chinese (24), Celtic (13), Egyptian, or Mayan; you will find many information both in the blog and many other websites.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Timewave2012: next novelty November 2008 to Early 2010, a revolution

De Astrological transits



There are five timewaves: Kelley and Watkins, Sheliak, Huang Ti, and Frankin.
We can analyse the ressonances between different periods tht hve already occured to know which one grasp better the few years ahead until 2012.

60000 BC to 2012
1000 to 2012
1997 to 2012
In these time periods, the timewave accurately described the final big ingress into novelty which happened before at the end of ice age, start of agriculture and the start of our calendar, which corresponded again from the industrial revolution to the sixties, and from late 2008 to early 2012!

Let's analyse first the Kelley, Watkins and Sheliak:
All have a period of habit growing around 1170, which is then broken initially by 1350 and then by a big novelty descent by 1490 which persists in high novelty state until 1610: the discoveries and renaissence. Then habit grows a bit more until a final novelty descent by 1760: nothing is the same from this point on, time of many social revolutions and the industrial revolution. After a small habit-growing period in 1850-70 (with revolutions and economic crisis), a final period of novelty by 1880 brings us closer to the novelty infinitude of the zero date, and again by 1970, marking the start of our modern age and the sixties.
We would have the corresponding dates of habit by 55000 BC broken by novelty by 40000 BC and mainly by 31000 BC and persisting in high novelty until 24000 BC. Then habit grows and a final novelty descent by 14000 BC, when nothing was the same, time of atlantida, end of ice age and holocene transition. There was a habit period between 9000 BC and 6000 BC (agricultural revolution), a final period of novelty by 5000 BC bringing us closer to the novelty of zero date, and again by around -300 BC.
We would have the corresponding dates of habit by 2000 broken by novelty by end of 2002 and mainly by late 2004 and persisting in high novelty until mid 2006. Then habit grows and a final novelty descent by November 2008, when nothing was the same. There was a habit period between May 2010 and January 2011, a final period of novelty by early 2011 bringing us closer to the novelty of zero date, and again by around May 2012.

Briefly, the period between 2000 and 2003 and again by late 2004 marks the first two major novelty dates just before the final descent into novelty between 2008-2012.

This marks a correspondence to the end of medieval ages by 1350 and 1490, and the age of discoveries and renaissence. Surely 911, the late 2004 indonesian earthquake and katrina, and the awareness of ecological concerns and climate change could fit into this picture. In a scale of 0 to 1, the habit degree varies between 0.4 and 1.0 until 1490 or late 2004, when the habit breaks further down from 0.4 to 0.3.

However the next big (novelty) revolutions happens around November 2008 corresponding to 14000 BC and 1760, and again by late 2010, corresponding to 5000 BC and 1870, and early 2012, corresponding to 300 BC and the sixties. These are significantly bigger changes. The novelty finally sets at 0.2 and gradually lower.

The Huang Ti curve is similar but has solely a major novelty ingress around 1300 or 2001 or 45000 BC and then all is gradually down.
The Franlin astonishingly shares the abrupt 1490 (or 31000 BC or late 2004) novelty descent and again by 1820 instead of 1760, 1930 instead of 1880, and 1985 instead of 1970. This would be January 2010 instead of November 2008, late 2011 instead of early 2011 and mid 2012 instead of early 2012.
Surely there is no big point at discussing which one is correct. The next big novelty points are just in the months ahead. We would be ingressing into novelty peaks somewhere between late 2008 and early 2010 (1770-1820/ end of ice age) onwards, and again very much radically again by somewhere in 2011 (1880-1930 / early civilizations) and very much more by early 2012 (1960-1985 / since the roman empire).

Its like a old civilization falls gradually in 2009, followed by a novel high-tech civilization emerging by 2010-2011 during many conflicts and dramatic changes, and passing all crisis and evolving further to new challenges by 2012. Which is by the way supported by astrological transits.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus transits to Moon, Sun and Ascendant.

Well, right now I am a bit tired of bringing astrology to predict some dense scenarios.
I will change from now on, even if the world is probably entering a new great depression and many other important shifting points in 2009 as I have depicted in many of my former articles.
I will continue to write my forecasts for the years ahead but keeping in mind that Service to others and keeping the positive moods is a key factor.

Right now I am having important Saturn transits thatI may briefly describe:
Saturn conjunt natal Moon: important restructuring in relationships and also in habits, emotions, and needs. The issues of diets, health, self-sufficiency and house become more important. Deal with wisdom, patience, working effort, diligence and time
Saturn squaring IC/MC: change in direction of home/work situation, small but significant and not without much pondering (its a square)
Saturn trining natal Sun: an excellent grounding and sober period concerning your life in general: job, relationships and ideals demand a grounded approach, with some effort and diligence
Saturn entering descendant: a major period concerning relationships; maybe you will enter new relationships and work and focus much on them. You will learn much, and this will change you and give you much to learn and persistently evolve. The changes in relationships will take precedence over work issues and this will last gradually over a few years.

I also had the opposite Uranus transits in the past:
Uranus opposition natal Moon: a radical and stressful time, desire for change, mainly in issues of belonging to a certain place and set of circuntances. You may want to make major breaking points in your job situation or relationships. Or you may discover exciting job and relationships new potentials. Slow down, breath and allow not to hurt your health. Excellent time for travel, discover and invest in change in your residence, moods, habits and relationships.
Uranus squaring IC/MC: major stressful and changing period concerning the issues of both location, home and job situation. This is a breaking point or a turning point.
Uranus entering ascendant: a radical awakening, a major turning point in your life towards a much more increase sense of self, independence, freedom, and alternative lifestyles. Not a good time for job or relationship commitments. Great time for exploration, travel and alternative stuff. A great awakening and lifting after the heavy, shy and emotional period of former years, now the years ahead will bring much more of your self-expression but many changes and moves in your life, location, relationships, ideals, hobbies, etc. The time of great change will be mainly 2 years but with  few more years of still exciting moves.
Uranus squaring natal Sun: a radical time for change in your life; mainly concerning making moves towards your ideals, an increase sense of freedom and self-expression, dealing with alternative ideals, making breaking changes in job, home, relatives, relationships... Time of discovery, breaking free, experimentation and exploration.

I also had the following Pluto transits:
Pluto conjunting MC- a slow, profound and irreversible turning point in your carrer and ideals, This will take several years (5-10). The time ahead is for carreer reorientation. Avoid power confrontations with the powers in society.
Pluto squaring natal Moon- a powerfuil and dense time for emotional themes. Relationships turn a bit obsessive, or with obsessive thinking, this is a major time for digging inside yourself and learn to transform yourself in relationships, emotions and needs. Its a awakening of emotions.
Pluto conjunting natal Sun- a radical and powerful transformation of yourself, although not clear to others, very clear to yourself. Slow and gradual you will have many important turning points and thinking about your main goals and ways of expressing in life. You will transform your identity over after 2-3 years.
Pluto square natal Mars - this is a transit that requires care in risk of danger. This transits stirs powerful transformation needs, powerful sexual urges and possibility of conflict, it also pushes in you an almost unimaginable drive to overcomes all obstacles and challenges. Challenges like big life changes, shifting jobs, etc...
Pluto conjunting natal Mercury - intense period of reflection and thinking. A period of deep study and research. Opinions and influence from others will be cast aside, and this will be a time for heavy writting and communication. You gradually reach to others, powerful impacting their opinions. You discover plenty of secrets of the world and of life at this time.

Any further advice, comment or brief question, please write it in the comments.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Saturn-Pluto cycles and nuclear weapons

1946: second world war, atomic bombings in Japan
1956: cold war and first atomic race; also by the UK
1966: sixties and cuban crisis; also tests by French and Chinese
1973: cold war is tense again, nuclear fears; start of India/Pakistan arm race

1982: cold war tense again, nuclear fears
1992: soviet union breaks down; US secretly used one nuclear bomb in Iraq
2001: terrorism attacks 911; fears around Iraq and India/Pakistan
2010: tension will be bigger; involving now Middle east and same former nations (end of cycle)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October surprise: astrology considerations

This morning I have made a tarot reading in order to describe the nature of the possible upcoming October events.
Event: cards of strenght (confrontation, danger, need for courage), and death and judgment!!! (in a way it´s the end of a cycle, a difficult experience, destruction either literal or gradual, possibly sudden) The event may surely be BRUTAL! Look at the combination of these three cards!
Obstacle/lesson: the emperor, pointing to a important challenge to the governments and the power of these, the authority and potential bad judgments of governments
Recent past: the wheel, meaning the closure of a cycle, a period
Present: the star (cosmic hopes, or moodiness, the only factor targetting a cosmic origin) and the hanged man: a sacrifice, a punishment, a suffering, either an attack or event, followed by economic collapse
Near future: the world (the event will affect the entire world soon after) and cause a transformation and awakening (the magician)
Best-case scenario: the hermit and the high priestess (a spiritual awakening to simple living and closure), seems like a social depression scenario but making possible a wider spiritual awakening
Internal factors: the devil, the event will probably be caused by man and linked to power, deceit, excess or failure (again, war or economy crash), seems ugly
External factors: moon (defintively moodiness! food related issues, like scarcities or shortages), greatly affects public image
Probable scenario: the tower (economic collapse and security failure), the justice (divine justice? lack or freedom... prejudices)
The most probable event seems a market crash or a world bank closing, leading to economical collapse and great social unrest, or an abuse of military power (such as a war or attack or martial law)
In the tarot reading the impact in society structures and failures and depression is represented by the Saturn return to the cardinal alignment, and by Pluto brutality and destruction. Uranus will represent the global unrest and stress for individual solution, to kick in by 2010.