Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Astrology dates: sideral versus tropical

Strong Aries: 9 April - 2 May
Taurus: 3 May - 25 May (strong Taurus in mid May, 6-17)
Gemini: 26 May - 22 Jun (strong Gemini in early June, 1-10)
transition Gemini-Cancer: 23 Jun - 6 Jun
Strong Cancer: 11 Jul - 23 Jul (a transition in 7-10 Jul?)
Leo: 24 Jun - 26 Aug (strong Leo in 24 Jun- 16 Aug)
Virgo 27 Aug - 23 Sep (or still Leo in 27-1?; strong Virgo in mid September, 11-20)
Libra 25 Sep - 18 Oct (or still Virgo in 25-28?; strong Libra in early month, 1-13)
transition Libra-Scorpio: 25 Oct - 4 Nov (after 1 Nov, seems Scorpio)
Strong Scorpio: 9- 28 November (not sure if 29 and 30 Dec would be also Scorpio?)
Sagittarius: 29 December - 25 December (strong Sag in early and mid Dec: 1-18; not sure if 26 and 27 December would be also Sag?)
Capricorn: 26 December - 19 January (strong Cap in early Jan: 1-8)
Aquarius: 20 Jan - 27 Feb (strong Aquarius in early and mid Feb: 27 Jan- 15 Jan)
Pisces: 28 Feb - 24 Mar (strong Pisces in mid month: 6-17)
transition Pisces-Aries: 25 Mar - 8 Apr

It would be safe to consider that generally around between the 23rd and the 28th we have the transition period into the following sign. Generally by the 27th to the 29th we already have people showing strong characteristics of the cusp sign (finishing stuff from the previous sign), and by the 1st day of each month we have already people showing strong traits for each sign. Therefore, it would be safe to consider the cusp of each sign starting around the 29th to the first day of each month. We would have a Libra cusp around 1st October, a Cancer cusp around 1st July, a Capricorn cusp around 1 st January, and a Aries cusp around the 1st April. Well defined cusps would be 5th house or Leo cusp, around the last days of July and 9th house of Sag cusp, around 1st December. By mid month, when we enter the sideral region for each month, the influence of each sign is particularly strong.
What would happen if we then divided the zodiac into, for example, 7 or 13 parts ?

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