Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Do I use sideral or tropical Astrology?

To answer a hard question in Astrology:

Should we use sideral or tropical Astrology?
To answer quickly: both, keeping a close eye on the sideral option.

Which one works best?
Apparently the tropical works slighty better than the sideral, when we consider a equal 12-division of the zodiac.
But, it would work best if we would trace the energies for dozens of people born for each day and compare when does a sign ends and another begins.
To put it quickly: it would be something between the vedic/sideral and the western/tropical that would work better. We would consider (if you choose 12) a 12-division of the sky and you will find that approximately one sign shifts into the next one around the 24th of each month. However for some signs this transition only happens by the first day of the following month (ex: Sagittarius for me starts really in 1th Dec, and Taurus by early days of March) or even slighty further (for Cancer). Therefore, for me people born in late April, late June, and late November would be respectively Aries, Gemini and Scorpio. 

I use both sideral and tropical astrology. My view is that the zodiac is a continuum set of energies, which blend one another.
I have good results with tropical system, but I have discovered some strange things such as a lot of aggressive and pretty extrovert people born around 15-30 April which would be more like an Aries instead of a Taurus, and also people born in early June that would still fit the Gemini type, and people born in late November that would resemble a Scorpio like introspective nature. However for me, this is work in progress. For example the really strong Cancers seem to be only those born in mid July. Or only those born in mid May seem to be the really typical Taurus. But all along through most of February, October and December we get Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius.

I believe the division of the zodiac in 12 is artificial, it is more a concept to help us, a theory to fit, a mathematical proposition. Maybe there is a mysterious veiled nature on it. I believe that astrology influences Earth events and things by a fractal mechanism, undirectly, like through a quantum physics or link in global consciousness: "as above, so is below". You know, the way coincidences happen. And not directly through some kind of magnetic or energetic beam. Keep that in mind when you think about sideral versus tropical sideral. Apparently, it seems that many ancient cultures have divided their "zodiac" into different numbers, like Chinese (24), Celtic (13), Egyptian, or Mayan; you will find many information both in the blog and many other websites.

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