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Minor aspects: quintile, septile, novile, decile, semisquare, quincunx

While we are used to understand the geometrical aspects of conjuntion, opposition, squares, trines and sextiles, and also the quincunx (5/12 division).
Quintile (5th harmonic division), septile (7th harmonic division), semisquare (8th harmonic division), novile (9th harmonic division) are little understood.
The same goes for other formations besides the T-square, grand cross and a grand trine, like the yod or a grand mystical hexagon.

Before going to the minor aspects, we will speak on a brief key meaning of all major aspects. The conjuntion creates a strong impulse for action, a fusion and union of principles, a beggining. Kind of first house or Mars, a blending leading to a intense inauguration, a new cycle. The conjuntion is the most powerful aspect. Then, the opposition, needs to balancing and union of contradictory opposites, a need to compromise. The square is restlessness, since it involves two very different energies; it may involve great tension and blockage but also great effort and growth. The square requires extra work.
Positive and easier are the trine and the sextile. The trine points to easiness, flow, skill, cooperation, kind of mercury, remember it is the same energy aspecting itself. The sextile is a bit less of extrovertion, more virgoan, trends or opportunities that invites us to act and to merge two complementary energies. It is a charming and a lucky aspect! While the quincunx points to some minor irritance, need to analysis, changes in routine and readjustments. It may be quite a difficult lesson to pass.

A very good for learning this is
Briefly, a summary follows:

Quintiles are used for several centuries already.
Quintile is related to creativity.
Quintiles have small orbs and therefore has more rare. They generally point to an uncommon talent and creative energy. Einstein had a chart full in quintiles.
Quintiles are quitre romatic and playful aspects, or linked to the fields of maths, science and engineering. They have an affinity to Leo.
The quintile is 72° and the biquintile is 144°.

Septiles however are quite recently.
The septile is linked to inspiration.
Due to its irrationality, due to being prime number and yielding a irrational number, septile trigger irrational behaviour, crazyness and strangeness. For instance there is a long ongoing Neptune-Pluto septile aspect, which usually is linked to a hard time in the world (last time was during world war II). The sextile between both is a much more harmonious time and will come in a few years by 2020. Please refer to for more information
The septiles besides an irrational energy, are also a somewhat sacred and holy energy, powerful and implying cosmic intervention, and non-conformism.
The septile shows the potential for the person to rise to the occasions, to bring something extra out of him or herself, and to add something to a situation which lacks it. The irrational relations between our underlying nature and our destiny.
There are also biseptiles and triseptiles.
The septile is approximately 51.4°.
Septiles have some affinity to Libra, to cardinal signs and Saturn.

The semisquare is a much well understood aspect. Since it is half of the square aspect, it represents also quite a challenge but to a less strong degree than the square.
Its represents abrupt and sharp need for action, for overcoming resistance, and keep cool and act to resolve the problems for the future instead of ignoring them.
The semisquare is 45°. The sesquiquadrate is 135° and related.
These relate to Pluto-like energy.

The novile, the 9th harmonic division, may be related to joyness and peace. It relates to Jupiter or Sagittarius, to spiritual growth, transcendence, marriage and ceremony.
Importantly the novile is much used in Vedic Astrology! It is related to karmic bondage and its freedom.
The novile is 40°.

Furthermore there are also other divisions: decile (10), undecile (11) and the semi-sextile (12, 30° apart). The semi-sextile is subtle, ressonant with Pisces, is a calling for internalizing two energies, requiring higher consciousness in the process. Some friction leads to guidance. The decile (36°) is related to the quintiles, calling to order and structure, to talents and power. Mildly beneficial. The undecile (32°) has affinity to aquarius, psychic gifts and need for modifications. All these aspects are very close to each other, therefore it would just make a natal chart too much complex for what we need: a simple lesson.

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