Sunday, October 5, 2008

October surprise: astrology considerations

This morning I have made a tarot reading in order to describe the nature of the possible upcoming October events.
Event: cards of strenght (confrontation, danger, need for courage), and death and judgment!!! (in a way it´s the end of a cycle, a difficult experience, destruction either literal or gradual, possibly sudden) The event may surely be BRUTAL! Look at the combination of these three cards!
Obstacle/lesson: the emperor, pointing to a important challenge to the governments and the power of these, the authority and potential bad judgments of governments
Recent past: the wheel, meaning the closure of a cycle, a period
Present: the star (cosmic hopes, or moodiness, the only factor targetting a cosmic origin) and the hanged man: a sacrifice, a punishment, a suffering, either an attack or event, followed by economic collapse
Near future: the world (the event will affect the entire world soon after) and cause a transformation and awakening (the magician)
Best-case scenario: the hermit and the high priestess (a spiritual awakening to simple living and closure), seems like a social depression scenario but making possible a wider spiritual awakening
Internal factors: the devil, the event will probably be caused by man and linked to power, deceit, excess or failure (again, war or economy crash), seems ugly
External factors: moon (defintively moodiness! food related issues, like scarcities or shortages), greatly affects public image
Probable scenario: the tower (economic collapse and security failure), the justice (divine justice? lack or freedom... prejudices)
The most probable event seems a market crash or a world bank closing, leading to economical collapse and great social unrest, or an abuse of military power (such as a war or attack or martial law)
In the tarot reading the impact in society structures and failures and depression is represented by the Saturn return to the cardinal alignment, and by Pluto brutality and destruction. Uranus will represent the global unrest and stress for individual solution, to kick in by 2010.

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