Friday, October 10, 2008

Pluto, Saturn and Uranus transits to Moon, Sun and Ascendant.

Well, right now I am a bit tired of bringing astrology to predict some dense scenarios.
I will change from now on, even if the world is probably entering a new great depression and many other important shifting points in 2009 as I have depicted in many of my former articles.
I will continue to write my forecasts for the years ahead but keeping in mind that Service to others and keeping the positive moods is a key factor.

Right now I am having important Saturn transits thatI may briefly describe:
Saturn conjunt natal Moon: important restructuring in relationships and also in habits, emotions, and needs. The issues of diets, health, self-sufficiency and house become more important. Deal with wisdom, patience, working effort, diligence and time
Saturn squaring IC/MC: change in direction of home/work situation, small but significant and not without much pondering (its a square)
Saturn trining natal Sun: an excellent grounding and sober period concerning your life in general: job, relationships and ideals demand a grounded approach, with some effort and diligence
Saturn entering descendant: a major period concerning relationships; maybe you will enter new relationships and work and focus much on them. You will learn much, and this will change you and give you much to learn and persistently evolve. The changes in relationships will take precedence over work issues and this will last gradually over a few years.

I also had the opposite Uranus transits in the past:
Uranus opposition natal Moon: a radical and stressful time, desire for change, mainly in issues of belonging to a certain place and set of circuntances. You may want to make major breaking points in your job situation or relationships. Or you may discover exciting job and relationships new potentials. Slow down, breath and allow not to hurt your health. Excellent time for travel, discover and invest in change in your residence, moods, habits and relationships.
Uranus squaring IC/MC: major stressful and changing period concerning the issues of both location, home and job situation. This is a breaking point or a turning point.
Uranus entering ascendant: a radical awakening, a major turning point in your life towards a much more increase sense of self, independence, freedom, and alternative lifestyles. Not a good time for job or relationship commitments. Great time for exploration, travel and alternative stuff. A great awakening and lifting after the heavy, shy and emotional period of former years, now the years ahead will bring much more of your self-expression but many changes and moves in your life, location, relationships, ideals, hobbies, etc. The time of great change will be mainly 2 years but with  few more years of still exciting moves.
Uranus squaring natal Sun: a radical time for change in your life; mainly concerning making moves towards your ideals, an increase sense of freedom and self-expression, dealing with alternative ideals, making breaking changes in job, home, relatives, relationships... Time of discovery, breaking free, experimentation and exploration.

I also had the following Pluto transits:
Pluto conjunting MC- a slow, profound and irreversible turning point in your carrer and ideals, This will take several years (5-10). The time ahead is for carreer reorientation. Avoid power confrontations with the powers in society.
Pluto squaring natal Moon- a powerfuil and dense time for emotional themes. Relationships turn a bit obsessive, or with obsessive thinking, this is a major time for digging inside yourself and learn to transform yourself in relationships, emotions and needs. Its a awakening of emotions.
Pluto conjunting natal Sun- a radical and powerful transformation of yourself, although not clear to others, very clear to yourself. Slow and gradual you will have many important turning points and thinking about your main goals and ways of expressing in life. You will transform your identity over after 2-3 years.
Pluto square natal Mars - this is a transit that requires care in risk of danger. This transits stirs powerful transformation needs, powerful sexual urges and possibility of conflict, it also pushes in you an almost unimaginable drive to overcomes all obstacles and challenges. Challenges like big life changes, shifting jobs, etc...
Pluto conjunting natal Mercury - intense period of reflection and thinking. A period of deep study and research. Opinions and influence from others will be cast aside, and this will be a time for heavy writting and communication. You gradually reach to others, powerful impacting their opinions. You discover plenty of secrets of the world and of life at this time.

Any further advice, comment or brief question, please write it in the comments.

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