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Uranus in Taurus, Eris in Taurus: civilizations prone to collapse

Uranus in Taurus
2017, 1934, 1851, 1768, 1683, 1600, 1517, 1432, 1349, 1266, 1181, 1098, 1014, 931, 846, 763, 678, 595, 511, 427, 344, 260, 176, 92

Pluto in Taurus
2099-2129, 1853-83, 1606-1636, 1366-1396, 1149-1119, 878-908, 631-661, 388-408, 146-176

Neptune in Taurus
2039-50, 1875+10, 1711, 1547, 1383, 1220, 1056, 892, 730, 566, 402, 238, 74

Civilizations collapse when Uranus, Neptune, Pluto or Eris transit Taurus
The Olmec civilization declined between 400 and 350 BC.

The rise and fall of the Roman Empire
Let´s see the collapse of the Roman Empire. The empire started under a Eris in Taurus and ended in the following Eris in Taurus. In 64 during Nero reign, the city of Rome was set on fire, and shortly afterwards (Uranus in Aquarius) there was a short civil war in the empire (68). Vesuvius erupted in 79 (Neptune in Taurus). In Uranus transit in 92, there were no apparent changes, this was a prosper and benevolent time. In 166 (Pluto in Taurus, Uranus transiting in Aries and Taurus) there were important wars with the united german tribes. Despite the fact that the empire was victorious, there were many losses which marked a significant turning point to the empire.
The first big crisis was a few decades later in the third century (235-284 and 293). A great internal unrest and divisions started when Neptune entered Taurus in 238; Uranus was in Taurus in 260. The next few Taurus transits would bring the end of the Empire, firmly when Pluto, Neptune and then Eris entered Taurus.

476: Eris in Taurus; collapse of Roman Empire; start of medieval ages
The Roman empire in the fourth century divided into two (when Uranus entered Aries and Taurus around 344). Then, circa 395 (Pluto was in Taurus, and this is shortly before Neptune also enters Taurus) the Roman Empire was permanently divided, this being the beggining of the end of the empire. At this time many outside invasions were also occuring into the Roman Empire. When Neptune enters Taurus (402-417) there was a sack of the Visigodes to Rome (410). The collapse came a few decades later in 476 (Eris is entering Taurus at this time: Eris would enter Taurus at the time of the collapse of many american indigenal civilizations, and in the future in 2044). The Eris transit was from 461 until 511. From this period onwards, there was a very different world organization (dark ages, great mesoamerican civilization, the start of islamic civilization, vikings...). Progressively the weather was worsening and becoming colder (dark ages).

During the 6th century many fragmented and local tribes competed then for land and wealth. In 535-536 there were many weather disruptions worldwide, extraordinarx cold and atmospheric dust and famine and bubonic plague afflicted much of europe in the later decade (shortly before Neptune in Aries). The Bizantine empire (eastern Roman Empire which was still united) conquered again Rome in 560 (Neptune in Taurus). The next Pluto in Taurus (631-661) was very significant (the former transit was in 590s during the final division of the Roman Empire into two); it was the time of the start of Islam and its conquests, priot to death of Muhammad (632). Between 661 and 750 (Neptune in Taurus in 730-745) their empire was expanded from nothing to a land between Western Europe and India (there was a transit of Uranus in Taurus in 678). In 720 there was a confrontation of the arabs into the Constantinople, but they were defeated (Neptune still in Aries)

The Mayans collapse somewhere between 700 and 800, its central city decline greatly in 650-700, building was at a peak until 730-750, and then the civilization started to collapse, and people abandoned their building and cities (Neptune in Taurus in 730-745). This could have occured around 763 (Uranus in Taurus). So, this period of 720-760 was a turning point both in Europe and America.
Next Pluto in Aries (850-878) and Pluto in Taurus (878-908) the Vikings were extensively invading Europe and establishing settlements in many places. Meanwhile, the Arabs were expanding towards the Chinese and trading with them, expanding their strenght (851; Uranus in Taurus, Pluto entering Aries). By the end of the century the medieval warm climate was returning again.

The turn of millenium; Eris in Taurus: Islamic and Bizantine peak, global trade, decline of many civilizations which give way to others
Eris transited Taurus in 990-1040. Neptune in 1056. Uranus in 1014, 1098, 1181. This was the start of another 500-years period. This was the peak of the Islamic civilization, the Bizantine empire and a huge economic growth in China (900-1050). During these times there was the final collapse of Mayan civilization, and a sudden decline in Bizantine Empire 1071). This period brought many changes in the europes, several new empires rose and peak, others decline.
Pluto transited Taurus in 1119-1149. I think after this period much more wars occured in the world, after the ones from the Roman empire, since the world population was growing up at a faster rate.
In North America, several civilizations known as Anasazi collapsed sometime after 1150 when the climate became significantly colder and drier for 300 years. This also happened in South America.

In Europe great weather disruption occured in 1314, leading to a great famine in 1315-1317. The Black Death Plague occured then in 1340s (Uranus in Taurus). The cold weather, the Little Ice Age, was slowly returning. After the Plague in 1351 Pluto was in Aries marking the start of a new period. In 1366-96 period, Pluto and Neptune in Taurus, there were many revolts probably caused by resources and economic unstability after the plagues.

1500s: Discoveries; Eris in Taurus, a new world order, global trade
The Aztecs were conquered and destroyed by the Spanish between 1519-1521 (Uranus entered Taurus). In 1533 it was the conquest of the Incas: the collapse of another great civilization (Eris now in Taurus). The discoveries mark the start of another 500-year period until our modern age. The maximum of the little ice age was starting now (1550-1850). Much of the global trade was established during this century. The changes now seem to be bigger and more global.

In 1606-1636, Pluto was in Taurus, there was a third of Russian population killed by famine and Europe was being devastated by the Thirty Years War. At this time there was also one of the first speculative economic bubbles, the tulip mania; these bubbles would reoccur frequently as for instance in 1720 (Neptune in Taurus) and in the mid 19th century.

In 1848 there were revolutions and popular revolts in almost all the countries in Europe caused by social unrest and food scarcity. The Communist manifesto was even written during this year. The Irish famine happened in 1845-1852. This was a period when Uranus was in Taurus. This was shortly after the Great Panic and depression of 1837 in the US (when Uranus was in Aquarius/Pisces), which was then repeated at 1921 and 2005, times when a small recession and some unrest also started.
In 1934 there was the depth of the Great Depression, and the unrest before world war II (Uranus in Taurus). Uranus entered Aries in 1927, shortly before the stock market crash of 1929. The period since Eris entered Aries in 1920s and 2010 (the time of the great cardinal aligment) marks the start of another 500-year period.
During these last two centuries the changes seem to be getting bigger. As Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Eris transit Taurus this century the society would at least meltdown partially. However as seen from the acelerating patterns, societies nowadays collapse and are reborn very quickly, as happened during the world wars. The question is: how far this goes, as to cause an effective change in our civilization destiny.
Many of the most important civilizations changes occured in 3000BC (end of Neolithic many civilizations probably by a "global flood", start of Ancient Egypt, Sumerian peak), 2100BC (end of Sumerians), 1200BC (Bronze Age collapse of many civilizations), 510-323BC (Classical Greece rises, Babylon gives way to Persian Empire, Olmec decline) 31BC (end of Ancient Egypt, start of Roman Empire), 476 (end of Roman Empire, start of Dark ages, peak of many mesoamerican civilizations), 1520 (End of Dark ages, Discoveries and conquests in Americas and Africa). The collapse of the main dominant civilization seems to reccur roughly every 800-1000 years.

Note that Eris is in Aries-Taurus in 3240BC, 2715BC, 2190BC, 1650BC, 1130BC, 590BC, 65BC, 470, 995, 1525, 2050. Note that many of the above-mentioned rise and falls of civilizations and collapses seem to coincide with these periods. Therefore, the collapse of western civilization and globalization could occur in this century. It is difficult to say what will happen. Maybe it is a change in some ancient cultures (Europe, India, China, Russia, Arabs), one of these may gain a new dominance, or alternatively a big change which could unite the world, thereby changing the sovereignity of many previous cultures. It could be a global world union. I have also seen that Eris in Taurus seems to be a big changes in the way people deal with land and resources, therefore changing the civilizations.

The decades ahead: a revolution of resources or collapse of civilization, a new way to global trade
Uranus enters Aries now in 2010 and Taurus in 2017, the world could be again well under a second great depression: the realization that our society is very unsustainable will cause a global crisis for resources and boundaries, possibly wars and unrest (Sedna is also in Taurus, first time of thousands of years). Then, during the early 2020s a period of social revolutions begins (Pluto is in Aquarius and Uranus in Gemini are recurrent in revolutions; Eris in Aries and Sedna in Gemini). Neptune in Aries will bring at least a wave of idealism and new spirituality. In 2039, Uranus is in Cancer (another cardinal point) and Neptune enters Taurus, bringing further social dissolution, which is consumated when Eris enters Taurus in 2044 onwards (the same happened during the final blow to the Roman Empire). It could be some environmental disaster, climate change, or economic depression.
A big Pluto-Uranus opposition in 2048 will happen in Virgo-Pisces, bringing the focus in environmental and spiritual matters. This is the second biggest turning point of the century after 2010. The next decades (2060s, 2070s, 2080s, 2090s) feature Pluto entering Aries and Taurus, while Eris is still in Taurus: the classic end to a civilization, and if we are wise, it will be a huge rebirth. Many great technologies will be unleashed (particularly by 2020-2030 and again by 2080) and therefore humanity will have to adjust to this, learn to not resort to violence, to became sustainable, distribute resources and not disturb our planet environment. Nuclear energy, genetic engineering and such have the potential to cause much disruption, therefore our focus should be in developing to technologies sustainably to free us. We have to reorganize the way we make our livings, the way science works, the way cities are organized, the way so much resources are circulating and becoming depleted. And who knows what would happen if we would have official contact with alien civilizations at this period! To become a highly evolved peaceful and spiritual society (by 2800-3000 according to my dream visions) we need many huge changes ahead.
This century will be certainly revolutionary, with much focus in environment and money issues, religion and spirituality, and science (themes of Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini). The second half of the century should be of significant societal meltdown since Eris enters again Taurus. I would predict at least a partial return to localism and ruralism. And in parallel, we should hopefully see a more human and earth-caring way of making trade and dealing with resources.

Eris in Taurus
65BC-15BC, 461-511, 990-1040, 1517-1567, 2044-2094
During the first period there was the end of the Egypt civilization invaded by the Romans. During the second period, there was the collapse of the Roman Empire; during the third it was during the dark ages in Europe, the final collapse of Mayan civilization, growth of chinese and islamic civilizations, and a sudden decline in Bizantine Empire; during the foruth there was the collapse of many Meso-American civilizations caused by the european conquests while the same happened also in Africa; the next period will be unfolding in a few decades.

Sedna in Taurus
Last time 10000 years ago: end of ice age, global environmental changes, end of many civilizations which gave way to others

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Periodic 26 Millions Years Extinctions : a cosmic cycle?

11 MA ago Impact in Nördlinger Rie, Germany, 30% extinction, 1.5km body, diameter 24km.

34 MA ago Impacts Chesapeake Bay impact crater, in US, and also in Siberia, called the Grande Coupure, there was a global extinction of primates in Europe, and climate cooling, 2-6km body! should have triggered large tsunamis

65 MA ago, K/T Impact in Mexico Chicxulub Crater (9.6km body, 180km diamete crater), Extinction of Dinossaurs, 75% of species; also craters in Boltysh crater (small ~200m body), Ukraine, Silverpit crater, in North Sea (120m body or larger), and Shiva Crater in India (40km body! 600 km diameter crater!) which is also linked to Deccan Traps huge volcanic basin that erupted at the same time, which is close to the Shiva crater.

91 MA Cenomanian
(125 MA)114... Hauterivian
144 MA-130, 139MA, Callovian, Tithonian
163 MA-150, 165-69MA (175-170 MA) Bajocian
199 MA ago, Triassic-Jurasic impact, >50% extinction, no crater identified, but volcanism detected in central atlantic
220 MA ago, Norian

251 MA ago, "Great Dying", P/Tr impact, 96% of all marine species extinct, impact not confirmed, could be the Bedout structure off the northwest coast of Australia (250km diameter crater) or the Wilkes Land crater of East Antarctica (500km diameter crater, possibly 40-50km impact body!!!!), and possibly the Siberian Traps huge volcanic basin in the exact or the opposite site of impact!

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Major changes in New Age and Channeling. A review since the sixties!

Major changes in New Age and Channeling
If there is distortion who may check who was the first one to channel
We may follow the change in prophecies and teachings and relationships between the groups and works, particularly in regard to 2012 and next years
All hint at a time of great time in years ahead as a symbolic natural, social and spiritual rebirth. There is some talk about changes in dna, consciousness, dimensions, spiritual orientation.

The sixties and 2012

Christ: hinted he would return 2000 years later at a time of great change, possibly before 2075 accordingly to Seth
Mayan Calendar: forecast to end by 2012, change in ages
Kali Yuga: some schollars says it could end by 2012, spiritual uplift
Hopi and others: controversy prophecies around 2012 and rebirth
Aquarian Age: long known to start somewhere this century, changes in ages

Edgar Cayce

Madame Blavatsky, no known channelings, founded theosophy in 1875-1890)
Rudolf Steiner, no known channelings, activities in theosophy 1904-1923. Rupture with theosophical society and found anthrosophy in 1912.
Alice Bailey, Djwhal Khul, entered theosophy in 1915, first contact in 1919, books between 1922 and until 1949.

Seth material, by Jane Roberts, started in 1963-1966, books from 1974-1981, highly recommended, speaks about an important shift in consciousness and religion to be complete by 2075, introduces us to dimensions like 4D and 5D
Ra material, Ra and Quo, by Carla Rueckert, started in 1962, books in 1974-1998, highly recommended, speaks about 2012 big transition to 4D with earth changes and spiritual orientation, material is related to seth, speaks about galactic confederation and orions. Quo has stated that the transition may continue for decades following.
Terence McKenna, started in 1965-1971, novelty theory in 1974, book in 1975, which was first Kelley, then revised by Watkins in 1996 and Sheliak in 1999.

Emmanuel, by Pat Rodegast, started in seventies, books in 1987-1994, recommended
Bringers of the Dawn, Pleidians, by Barbaram Marciniak (initial contact by Billy Meier between 1942, becoming oficial in 1975), books in 1992-2004, speaks about a highly energetic region in space by 2012 with earth changes and important social changes before, different sources, speaks about DNA changes and tuning; it is mostly new age
Cassiopaeans, by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, started in 1994, speaks about big transition to 4D in 2012 and spiritual orientation, says it is continuation of ra work, speaks about galactic confederation and orions, material assumes a negative tone in several times, many controversy, speaks about DNA changes; it follow some lines of the pleidians previous work

Kryon, by Lee Carrol, 1989-present, recommended, speaks that main changes in fate of mankind were made in 1987 harmonic convergence away from more dramatic scenarios, speaks about a 2012 increase in spiritual awareness and magnetic change, refers to pleidians as our creators and due to return, assured veiling to 4D is thining, different sources, speaks about DNA changes and tuning
Conversations with God, by Neale Donald Walsch, started in 1990s, books in 1995-present, recommended, concepts are simple, refers to possible spiritual awakening
Law of Atraction, Abraham, by Esther Hicks, books in 2004-2006-present, recommended, law of atraction was for centuries recognized such as in Theosophy

Groups of channeling with similar energy
Seth-Ra-Cassiopaeans: dimensions, social impact, 2012 transition and harvest in decades following, some talk about dna, metaphysics and dimensional issues; these started shortly after the sixties
Pleidians-Kryon: plenty of talk about dna, point to something around 2012, global/social/magnetic issues, these started during the nineties
Emmanuel, God, Abraham: no talk about dna or 2012, just personal and spiritual issues, books since the eighties and nineties

People relevant to entheogenic exploration and the 2012 end date
Alnert Hoffman (1943 LSD) - Aldous Huxley  (1954-55 mescaline, LSD and book) - Timothy Leary (1960 mushrooms, 1964 book) - Terence McKenna (1963 LSD, 1971 DMT in amazon forest, 1974 novelty theory and book The Invisible Landscape) - Tony Shearer (1971 book Lord of Dawn explains Mayan cycles and predicts the harmonic convergence and 2012 end date) - Carl Calleman (1979 trip to Guatemala and contact with 2011 end date) - Jose Arguelles (1987 book The Mayan Factor and organized harmonic convergence; he was a anthropologist and promoter of peace and spirituality long before) - John Major Jenkins (1986 trip to Mexico)

So the first people coming with the 2012 were Mayan schollars, such as John Sheaner in 1971 which later influence Jose Arguelles, and Terence McKenna from his DMT experiences in 1971-1974. Curiously it was also about in 1974 that the first Ra book was published! All of these things started back to around 1962-1963.

Could it be that it was human consciousness that was co-creating these things and future(now present) new-age scenarios at that time?
Such funny coincidences point really to co-creation and a global consciousness linking our ideas!

And do you notice such important works coinciding with important mundane astrology dates such as the twenties, the sixties, 1987-1990. Who knows about 2010-2014!
*Another thing is that usually Neptune in Pisces, Gemini or water signs and Uranus in Virgo and Libra or Sagittarius, brings some religious revival. The same applies for Pluto in Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius or Pisces.*

Interestingly, aliens landings started first during the twenties and thirties, while roswell occurred in 1947. But it was the sixties that triggered the all 2012 idea, channeling and spiritual expansion.

The 52 year period and 25 year period is also contained in 1987-2012  Kalachakra prophecy, The Seneca Indian Prophecy, and The Cherokee Calendar Wheel