Friday, November 14, 2008

Periodic 26 Millions Years Extinctions : a cosmic cycle?

11 MA ago Impact in Nördlinger Rie, Germany, 30% extinction, 1.5km body, diameter 24km.

34 MA ago Impacts Chesapeake Bay impact crater, in US, and also in Siberia, called the Grande Coupure, there was a global extinction of primates in Europe, and climate cooling, 2-6km body! should have triggered large tsunamis

65 MA ago, K/T Impact in Mexico Chicxulub Crater (9.6km body, 180km diamete crater), Extinction of Dinossaurs, 75% of species; also craters in Boltysh crater (small ~200m body), Ukraine, Silverpit crater, in North Sea (120m body or larger), and Shiva Crater in India (40km body! 600 km diameter crater!) which is also linked to Deccan Traps huge volcanic basin that erupted at the same time, which is close to the Shiva crater.

91 MA Cenomanian
(125 MA)114... Hauterivian
144 MA-130, 139MA, Callovian, Tithonian
163 MA-150, 165-69MA (175-170 MA) Bajocian
199 MA ago, Triassic-Jurasic impact, >50% extinction, no crater identified, but volcanism detected in central atlantic
220 MA ago, Norian

251 MA ago, "Great Dying", P/Tr impact, 96% of all marine species extinct, impact not confirmed, could be the Bedout structure off the northwest coast of Australia (250km diameter crater) or the Wilkes Land crater of East Antarctica (500km diameter crater, possibly 40-50km impact body!!!!), and possibly the Siberian Traps huge volcanic basin in the exact or the opposite site of impact!

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