Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chiron-Neptune cycle and Chiron-Saturn

conjunction 1741 - 1801 - 1880 - 1945 - May 2009/Feb 2010
opposition 1760 - 1843 - 1907 - 1990 - 2049

conjunction 1672 - 1735 - 1820 - 1883 - 1966 - 2027
opposition 1690/1720 - 1777 - 1848/1865 - 1925 - 1990/2004
During the opposition, there were important revolutions (glorious revolution in 1690, american revolution in 1777, year of revolution in 1848 and american civil war 1865, russian revolution and stock market crash around 1920, fall of berlin wall in 1990 and tsunami in 2004)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

First, someone ask me that besides my "bad news" whether the market and the economy would eventually have a better period. My reply is a sound no. My advice would be to focus in self-reliance instead of joined financial entreprises of risk. Except for perhaps for the environmental field, charity and all the social basic services (health, security, education, the food chain)
In the years ahead, the world will change dramatically. The economic will enter a new second depression that could last about 10 years. Many jobs and structures will be deleted and created in a new way.

2008 is akin to 1925 (Uranus), 1844 (Neptune), 1761 (Pluto)
2009 is akin to 1926 (Uranus), 1845 (Neptune), 1762 (Pluto)
2010 is akin to 1927 (Uranus), 1846 (Neptune), 1763 (Pluto)
2012 is akin to 1929 (Uranus), 1848 (Neptune), 1765 (Pluto)
2015 is akin to 1931 (Uranus), 1851 (Neptune), 1768 (Pluto)
2020 is akin to 1937 (Uranus), 1856 (Neptune), 1773 (Pluto)
2024 is akin to 1941 (Uranus), 1860 (Neptune), 1777 (Pluto)
2025 is akin to 1942 (Uranus), 1861 (Neptune), 1778 (Pluto)
2030 is akin to 1947 (Uranus), 1866 (Neptune), 1783 (Pluto)
2035 is akin to 1952 (Uranus), 1871 (Neptune), 1788 (Pluto)
2030 is akin to 1947 (Uranus), 1866 (Neptune), 1783 (Pluto)

In all three scenarios we have speculation and a bubble in the first years (2003-2010) which then lead to a bubble, riots and uprisings (2012). Tension and intense ongoing change, advances, inventions, grow afterwards (2012-2018), and mainly after 2017-2018. Like a break, a start of a revolution, a climax (2018-2020) and about (2022-2025). Revolution or war, the climax is ongoing in that period 2018-2025. By 2030 there is a sense of acomplishment and a new period, but by even then may revolution occur.
So we expect a crescendo of intensity in the cardinal alignment 2008 to 2012, with a possible harsh riot, bubble burst, crash, breaking point by 2011 or 2012.
Intense ongoing change goes in 2012 to 2017 (Pluto-Uranus square), and a new revolution climax kicks in by 2018-2020 and continues slighty afterwards until 2025. This may last until 2030, when a new world period/thinking is solid set.
I would also say that a new spiritual prophet (bringing Age of Aquarius) may be born around this time, and bring His/Her teachings around 2040-2070. The cardinal alignment inputs a powerful strong new energy upon manking, by the ways of Aries, Capricorn and Libra (kingship, leadership, structure, peace, balancing). By 2020 Saturn meets Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius (a strong signal of solid revolution!). By 2025 Saturn and Neptune meet in Aries cusp (kingship).

2008- start of change
2009- change unfolds
2010- change is approaching a crescendo
2011-2012- a bubble bursts, crashes, resulting in uprising and riots
2012-2017- intense ongoing period of change/invention. a period of high emotions
2018-2022- revolution/war kicks in, climax of change
2020-2025- revolution/war unfolds and ends
2030- a new period is accepted

Around 1760s the prices of cereals in Europe skyrocketed which caused my social unrest and the Seven Year War (2008). It was between 1756 and 1764 (2003-2011) that there was a great debt growing. There were heavy measured around 1765 (2012) which burst finally in a 1770 revolution (2017) which climaxed in 1777 (2024) and the french revolution in 1788 (2035).

In 1845 there was the great irish famine and revolutions, riots and uprisings would soon follow (2009). In 1848 (2012) everyone revolted in the so-called year of the revolutions. It was a radical political and social shift. Many inventions and advances came around 1850 to 1854 (2014 to 2018). The American Civil war came in 1861-1865 (2025-2030).

In 1925 to 1927 there was a great inflation in central europe and a big economic bubble in the remaining countries (2008 to 2010) which would soon lead to the market crash in 1929 (2012). These would lead to revolution and war from these years onward, mainly after 1934 (2018) and in 1939 to 1945 (2022-2028).

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sign polarities as viewed by Alice Bailey

Currently writting...

this polarity is balancing our passion with harmony, self with others, the way we project our energy towards the external world.
this polarity related to desire and security.
this polarity relates to dedication, focus, knowledge, listening to our intuition, communication and action. Sagittarius will aim intensively to direct his/her focus to just one spiritual purpose. Aries, Taurus also tend to rush blindly until Sagittarius directs and focus, while
this polarity is very important as relates to our incarnation urge, pull and purpose.
this polarity relates to the way we express our self-potential in concern to otherselves, in the best way possible.
this polarity relates to our relationship with the soul, the way we may put it in service to others. While Virgo concerns with help aiming towards every detail and material way, Pisces will now that he eventually will have to transcend the self-worrying and material way of Virgo. However Pisces can only serve other when balanced in a perfected and material way of Virgo.

While Taurus in concern with desire satisfaction and peace, material security; Virgo goes inward to the service that the soul may put to service to otherselves in this regard, it is a nurturing way; Capricorn realizes that such as a strife ends nowhere, and aims to retain as high it can, before it knows the eventual fall and the start of a new cycle, eventually he or she will reach a spiritual initiation


Saturn transiting through the fifth to eleventh house

Saturn transiting the fifth house finds us assessing the way we express ourself, our self-confidence, the way we project ourselves, of course this affects and changes the way we relate to our friends and in close relationships. It also changes the way we manifest our creative potential.
Saturn transiting over the sixth house finds us throughly assessing whether something we do is useful or not, how can we become healthier in our habits, routine, more useful in work, as a self preparation to the next relationship transit. It is kind of the former transit on a more earthy basis.
Seventh house relates to our involvements in relationships. Saturn transiting in the seventh house provides us with a extensive study in how do our relationships work, what our behaviour are, what we need to compromise for, and valuing quality over quantity in relationships. Bonds are establishes as well as important social and professional partnerships.
Saturn transiting eighth house is a deep cut through our emotional way of relating in relationships, our obsessions, deep-seated habits, sexual compulsions and relationships, shared finances and debt, the way we have supersitions; all of this goes through a cleaning process as we strive to become more emotionally healthy people. This is a deep emotional cleansing period.
Saturn transiting through the nineth house is a more light period. It involves to assess our share of confidence in the world, way of believing in something and projecting that outwards. It involves starting new projects and preparing for the next transit, for standing for what we believe if that is solid enough.
Saturn transiting the tenth house involves realizing where we stand in the world, in society. Some will be reward with professional advances in carreer. This is a first step before realizing where are we moving towards (Saturn transiting the eleventh house). This is also a culminating of our incarnation, a climax, realizing we went up and now a old cycle is finishing and we have to accept it; finding social security in those things that were seeds during the transit over the fourth house: our emotional and fundation security.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Uranus in Aries, dramatic change in 2010 to 2016

Usually the big change comes 3 years after this turning point.
The climax of change is usually 5-6 years past this date.
This makes 2010 and 2011 as a turning point, and dramatic change coming around 2013 and 2014, which by 2016-2019, a new stage will be very clear to everyone in the world.

2011 1927 1843 Alien disclosure and worldwide revolution in all sorts of social, economic, spiritual and environmental issues; Second World War (1939) and many civil wars and nationalistic movements (1934), nuclear energy (1932-1939), transatlantic airplanes, flying saucers, quantum physics, Psychology (Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Jung), the Great depression (1929) and Gandhi (1930), the first broadcasting station; year of revolutions (1848), Communist manifesto (1848) and John Stuart Mill economic ideas (1848), Thoreau, Walden and Civil Disobedience (1845), electrical telegraph (1844), evolutionary theory (1844-1859), oil use (1854) and great Irish famine (1845), first convention in woman rights (1848), Second great awakening (1848, religion)
1759 1675 1591 Seven Year war (1756-1763), Industrial and scientific revolution, American and French Revolution (1770-77 and 1789); Newton (1687) and Glorious revolution (1688, first republican and liberal revolution); Kepler and Galileo invention of Telescope (1608), first newspaper (1609), Shakespeare
1509 1425 1341 Protestant Reform (1517), Discoveries and Colonization of Americas and Africa (1519-1521), Copernicus the earth is not the center (1514) and Ferdinand Magellan confirmation that the world is round (1519-1522), founding of Mughal Empire in India (1526), Peasant war (greatest popular rebellion before French revolution) in Germany (1524), Leonard da Vinci (1507); first-stages of discoveries and worldwide trade from the Portuguese (1419) and Chinese (1421) sailings, the Italian Renaissance, and Joan d'Arc (1430), Fall of Constantinople (1453); Black Death in Europe (1347) after the Great famine (1314-1318), decline of Bizantine Empire
1258 1174 1090 Roger Bacon and Thomas Aquinas influence philosophy in empirism, natural science and theology, reconquest of Byzantine Empire and reconquest of Jesuralem to the Arabs (1244-1291); Genghis Khan, Mongols and influence over China (1206), cruzades and reconquista in Iberian peninsule, civil war in England (1264) and further decline in monarchy in Portugal and Britain, El Chicon great eruption resulting in climatic disruption and famine (1258); Third Cruzade (1187) and failed attempt to reconquer Jerusalem, Jerusalem is conquered by the Arabs (1187); First Cruzade (1095) and siege of Jerusalem (1099) and founding of Templars (1096)
1007 923 839
755 671 587
Council of Nicaea second (787)
504 420 336 Fall of Roman empire (410); Council of Nicaea (325)
252 169 85 Crisis of third century in Roman Empire; Jewish uprising in Jesuralem (66)
1 84BC 167BC Christ is born

PS: Hey, Now it is 22:12 of 22.12.2008! I was reading about the great breach in the planet magnetic field. Quite funny for a 2012 number coincidence ;-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Uranus in Aries and also a politic history of left-wing, libertarian, utopian and communal ideals

2012, 1929, 1846, 1763, 1680, 1597, 1514...
The revolutionary period grow for about 20 years starting in this dates...
Let´s see!

1520s: Revolt and revolution in religion, politics against authority
Protestants, German peasant war in 1525 (t was Europe's largest and most widespread popular uprising before the 1789), Anabaptist utopic ideals of society (almost anarchist and communal)
Thomas More's Utopia

1590s: Bolotnikov rebellion for the abolition of serfdom in Russia times of trouble, scarcity and famine

1640s and 1680s: Gerrard Winstanley, the True Levellers or "diggers" reclaim lands and advocated the abolition of private ownership of land, Christian Communism during this time by Plymouth Colony, English civil war and anarchism
Quakers originate to end slavery, war and promote women rights
Rhode Island (1636-1648) commune
English Glorious revolution later (1688)
anarchist commune: Holy Experiment (Quaker) in 1680
Libertatia (1670s to 1690s)
John Locke social ideas which would influence many ideals and revolutions in centuties following

1760s-1790s: french and american revolution, ideals of Thomas Jefferson advocated a society with no government sometimes, François-Noël Babeuf ideals of communism (word not yet coined at that time)
Voltaire advocated free trade
commune of New Lanark founded in 1786
earlier philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau had also ideals of power in the hands of people, and ideals of liberalism and socialism which would influence the french and american revolutions

1840s and 1850s: Bakunin, Marx, William Godwin, John Goodwin Barmby, Proudhon, Hengels, Benjamin Tucke, Kropotkin, Max Stirner... Thoreau... experimentation with (utopian) communes start: start of theosophy and new age spirituality: first ideals of women rights and
Étienne Cabet and Robert Owen ideals
anarchist commune: Utopia in 1848, modern times in 1852, Icarian communes
socialism ideals also practiced by mormons and other religious groups~
first mentionings of ecology

1930s: Gandhi, Communists in Russia, Spanish Revolution in 1936 and Anarchist Catalognia, Free territory in Ukraine, anthrosophy, nazis and world war, first ideals of deep ecology and animal rights
communes following Leo Tolstoy ideals during the 1920s. Koren anarchism in thirties
much was done in social rights during this decade due to the great depression
(1960s: hippies and communes, new age, feminism, drugs, ecology, social rights)
interest in ecological habits, ecosystems grow very significantly (thankfully!)

2010s: free software, human rights, deep ecology, utopian philosophies again, these liberalization waves starts to spread to other regions of the world such as in islamic societies too, much more realistic and widespread communal, familiar and indidivual experiments with self-sufficiency and community living;
more social-economical-ecological-utopian-communal-political-revolutionary experimentations!!!

See also Revolutionary waves: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Revolutionary_wave

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Uranus cycles of revolution!!! Uranus in Aries. Every 83-84 years! Next time is... around 2012!

2012, 1929, 1846, 1763, 1680, 1597, 1514...
The revolutionary period grow for about 20 years starting in this dates...
Let´s see!

see former periods of 1763 (wars in Europe, US independence, and then later French Revolution), social and economic changes, and 1680 (Glorious Revolution) and former ones
In 1799, roughly after the US independence, there was also the Sikh Empire in India and Pakistan, which lasted until 1858, next Uranus in Aries/Taurus period. In China there were popular uprisings which culminated in eigh years of the White Lotus Rebellion (1796). In 1756-1763, the Seven Year war involved almost all Europe and resulted in many changes of borders and US independence and in other colonies. It involved France, UK, Austria, Russia, Netherlands (in India) and later Spain and Portugal. It was even described as a first world war.

1846-1866: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
1846: Great famine in Ireland, crop failures, unrest and poverty grow around Europe.
1848: the year of revolutions, a wave of revolutions towards democracy, nationalism, socialism and mainly liberalism. This was caused by unrest, economic problems, poverty and little work rights, lack of liberalism in ruling classes. There was the Great Famine in Ireland during this decade (1845-52), and a little bit of these problems all around continental Europe. The revolutions started in January 1848 in Sicily, progressed with the French Revolution of 1848, and soon spread to almost all Europe nation! Poland (military uprisings towards independence), Ireland (Famine and protests against British rule, elimination of feudalism in Prussia), Uk (some popular unrest), Switzerland (civil war, a new constitution), France (revolution, end of monarchy), Italy (revolutions and war inside their states, Italy would be unified a decade later), Germany (popular mass demonstration and military unrest for nationalism and liberal rights, Germany would be unified a decade later), Austria empire (unrest, rise of nationalistic movements and struggle for Hungary independence, elimination of feudalism), Netherlands, Brazil (some revolts inspired by the French Revolution), Sri Lanka (a massive peasant revolt), Ottoman Empire (unrest in some regions of the empire), Denmark-Norway (end of absolute monarchy and lasting liberal reform). Only in Russia there was no revolution due to the strong aristocratic rule. However Russia entered an important war with UK-Ottoman Empire-Ireland a few years (Crimean War) later in 1853-1856. This war was a major one with first use of modern arms technology.
In New York, there is a femininism convention for women rights. America was also at war with Spain, in Mexico (1846-1848) something that help triggering the America Civil war and end of slavery (a parallel to end of feudalism in Europe!!).
1848: Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto (1848) and gained popularity, secret societies spread. Socialism was a theme for the defense of working rights and a cause of much of 20th century ideals and conflicts.
1850: Charles Darwin published the evolution of species, Neardertals were discovered, production of steel revolutionates industry (1855), advances in telegraph technology, railroads as main mean of transport in the US, first distillation of petroleum (1854)! First Industrial revolution started also in 1760s, in the former Uranus in Aries period. More advances (nuclear energy, computers) would come later in 1930s-1940s.
1851: In China, the Taiping Rebellion occured in almost a third of China leading to changes in regime. China was then involved in small wars with Japan and France.
1854: battles in the US precipitate a few years later the American Civil war.
1858: India passes from Islamic rule to British rule. India was ruled by the british company in 1757-1858. In 1857 there was the first great war for independence by civilians, but the region remained under an even greater rule of the British Empire. After the thirties, independence was proclaimed by both Pakistan and India (Gandhi), which effectively was achieved in 1947 after the second world war. It seems that Uranus in Aries/Taurus periods are not only relevant to Europe and Americas but also to India history!!

Other important critical marks, again surrounding the cardinal signs of Libra and Capricorn:

see history of China, Spain, arabs...

1929-1949 period: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
Again much change happened in the world, due to first the economic depression which lead to new changes in politics and social and working rights, and then the rise of extreme political movements, and the world war II. After this, many countries changes borders and were rebuilt. India gained independence. Again the changes were important for Germany, Italy, UK, France, Russia, US, Austria. Spain was again not involved but had a devasting civil war. Portugal had a dictatorship and poverty.

The Uranus-Pluto conjuntion in 1968: in nearly every western country, there were social unrest, such as the student uprising in France (May 1968), the hippies movements and Summer of Love in 1967 and Woodstock in 1969, the US landing a man in the Moon in 1969, the Cold War tensions (particularly in 1962 and 1974), Vietnam war (earlier) which lead to extensive anti-war demonstrations in the US, Martin Lutther King fighting for rights of minorities, and JF Kennedy. There was unrest in other countries (spring of 1968 in Prague), in Spain and Portugal unrest lead to the end of dictatorship in both countries.
The Uranus-Neptune-Saturn in 1989: All Eastern Europe and Russia had very important revolutions, popular unrest and changes in regime. Berlin Wall fall that year, the Cold war ended. Even in China, there was the Tiananmen Square protests which lead to great economic and political reforms. In Europe and the US, this was good news, and during the end of the decade, two important technologies also came out: the web and mobile phones, and the widespread use of computers.

2010-2030: Uranus in Aries and Taurus
economic crisis
new union and polotical order, treaty, currencies, politics
new rights for minorities
disclosure of corruption, big corporations, aliens, technology problems, global warming
the food problem, the energy and oil problem
changes in US, Europe, India, Pakistan, Arab countries...

Following the line of 1770s, 1840s and 1930s revolutions and wars, I think there will be new important dramatic changes in the borders of several countries. First a great economic depression since the thirties should overthrow much of an old world order, old politics, ways of thinkings and big corporations (Pluto in Capricorn), then by late 2010s and early 2020s (Pluto reaching Aquarius), some great and inspiring revolutions should happen in the line of the French and American revolutions and the revolutions of 1848. It is probable that some wars may happen before (2010-2020) and during that period (2020-2030) that may reshape the border of different countries. Probably all Europe should be affected to some degree, mostly in Central Europe, France and UK. Spain should be dealing more with its internal divisions. And a few European countries with heavy popular unrest and uprisings. The US may suffer its first important changes (who knows about a division and a union with its neighbours). India and Pakistan may confront themselves and this could lead to rebellion both in Europe and US. China may suffer internal uprisings challenging the central authority (already happening, and also in Tibet) and some unrest with its neighbours though we think it should remain as it is.