Monday, December 22, 2008

Uranus in Aries, dramatic change in 2010 to 2016

Usually the big change comes 3 years after this turning point.
The climax of change is usually 5-6 years past this date.
This makes 2010 and 2011 as a turning point, and dramatic change coming around 2013 and 2014, which by 2016-2019, a new stage will be very clear to everyone in the world.

2011 1927 1843 Alien disclosure and worldwide revolution in all sorts of social, economic, spiritual and environmental issues; Second World War (1939) and many civil wars and nationalistic movements (1934), nuclear energy (1932-1939), transatlantic airplanes, flying saucers, quantum physics, Psychology (Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Jung), the Great depression (1929) and Gandhi (1930), the first broadcasting station; year of revolutions (1848), Communist manifesto (1848) and John Stuart Mill economic ideas (1848), Thoreau, Walden and Civil Disobedience (1845), electrical telegraph (1844), evolutionary theory (1844-1859), oil use (1854) and great Irish famine (1845), first convention in woman rights (1848), Second great awakening (1848, religion)
1759 1675 1591 Seven Year war (1756-1763), Industrial and scientific revolution, American and French Revolution (1770-77 and 1789); Newton (1687) and Glorious revolution (1688, first republican and liberal revolution); Kepler and Galileo invention of Telescope (1608), first newspaper (1609), Shakespeare
1509 1425 1341 Protestant Reform (1517), Discoveries and Colonization of Americas and Africa (1519-1521), Copernicus the earth is not the center (1514) and Ferdinand Magellan confirmation that the world is round (1519-1522), founding of Mughal Empire in India (1526), Peasant war (greatest popular rebellion before French revolution) in Germany (1524), Leonard da Vinci (1507); first-stages of discoveries and worldwide trade from the Portuguese (1419) and Chinese (1421) sailings, the Italian Renaissance, and Joan d'Arc (1430), Fall of Constantinople (1453); Black Death in Europe (1347) after the Great famine (1314-1318), decline of Bizantine Empire
1258 1174 1090 Roger Bacon and Thomas Aquinas influence philosophy in empirism, natural science and theology, reconquest of Byzantine Empire and reconquest of Jesuralem to the Arabs (1244-1291); Genghis Khan, Mongols and influence over China (1206), cruzades and reconquista in Iberian peninsule, civil war in England (1264) and further decline in monarchy in Portugal and Britain, El Chicon great eruption resulting in climatic disruption and famine (1258); Third Cruzade (1187) and failed attempt to reconquer Jerusalem, Jerusalem is conquered by the Arabs (1187); First Cruzade (1095) and siege of Jerusalem (1099) and founding of Templars (1096)
1007 923 839
755 671 587
Council of Nicaea second (787)
504 420 336 Fall of Roman empire (410); Council of Nicaea (325)
252 169 85 Crisis of third century in Roman Empire; Jewish uprising in Jesuralem (66)
1 84BC 167BC Christ is born

PS: Hey, Now it is 22:12 of 22.12.2008! I was reading about the great breach in the planet magnetic field. Quite funny for a 2012 number coincidence ;-)

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