Thursday, December 25, 2008

First, someone ask me that besides my "bad news" whether the market and the economy would eventually have a better period. My reply is a sound no. My advice would be to focus in self-reliance instead of joined financial entreprises of risk. Except for perhaps for the environmental field, charity and all the social basic services (health, security, education, the food chain)
In the years ahead, the world will change dramatically. The economic will enter a new second depression that could last about 10 years. Many jobs and structures will be deleted and created in a new way.

2008 is akin to 1925 (Uranus), 1844 (Neptune), 1761 (Pluto)
2009 is akin to 1926 (Uranus), 1845 (Neptune), 1762 (Pluto)
2010 is akin to 1927 (Uranus), 1846 (Neptune), 1763 (Pluto)
2012 is akin to 1929 (Uranus), 1848 (Neptune), 1765 (Pluto)
2015 is akin to 1931 (Uranus), 1851 (Neptune), 1768 (Pluto)
2020 is akin to 1937 (Uranus), 1856 (Neptune), 1773 (Pluto)
2024 is akin to 1941 (Uranus), 1860 (Neptune), 1777 (Pluto)
2025 is akin to 1942 (Uranus), 1861 (Neptune), 1778 (Pluto)
2030 is akin to 1947 (Uranus), 1866 (Neptune), 1783 (Pluto)
2035 is akin to 1952 (Uranus), 1871 (Neptune), 1788 (Pluto)
2030 is akin to 1947 (Uranus), 1866 (Neptune), 1783 (Pluto)

In all three scenarios we have speculation and a bubble in the first years (2003-2010) which then lead to a bubble, riots and uprisings (2012). Tension and intense ongoing change, advances, inventions, grow afterwards (2012-2018), and mainly after 2017-2018. Like a break, a start of a revolution, a climax (2018-2020) and about (2022-2025). Revolution or war, the climax is ongoing in that period 2018-2025. By 2030 there is a sense of acomplishment and a new period, but by even then may revolution occur.
So we expect a crescendo of intensity in the cardinal alignment 2008 to 2012, with a possible harsh riot, bubble burst, crash, breaking point by 2011 or 2012.
Intense ongoing change goes in 2012 to 2017 (Pluto-Uranus square), and a new revolution climax kicks in by 2018-2020 and continues slighty afterwards until 2025. This may last until 2030, when a new world period/thinking is solid set.
I would also say that a new spiritual prophet (bringing Age of Aquarius) may be born around this time, and bring His/Her teachings around 2040-2070. The cardinal alignment inputs a powerful strong new energy upon manking, by the ways of Aries, Capricorn and Libra (kingship, leadership, structure, peace, balancing). By 2020 Saturn meets Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius (a strong signal of solid revolution!). By 2025 Saturn and Neptune meet in Aries cusp (kingship).

2008- start of change
2009- change unfolds
2010- change is approaching a crescendo
2011-2012- a bubble bursts, crashes, resulting in uprising and riots
2012-2017- intense ongoing period of change/invention. a period of high emotions
2018-2022- revolution/war kicks in, climax of change
2020-2025- revolution/war unfolds and ends
2030- a new period is accepted

Around 1760s the prices of cereals in Europe skyrocketed which caused my social unrest and the Seven Year War (2008). It was between 1756 and 1764 (2003-2011) that there was a great debt growing. There were heavy measured around 1765 (2012) which burst finally in a 1770 revolution (2017) which climaxed in 1777 (2024) and the french revolution in 1788 (2035).

In 1845 there was the great irish famine and revolutions, riots and uprisings would soon follow (2009). In 1848 (2012) everyone revolted in the so-called year of the revolutions. It was a radical political and social shift. Many inventions and advances came around 1850 to 1854 (2014 to 2018). The American Civil war came in 1861-1865 (2025-2030).

In 1925 to 1927 there was a great inflation in central europe and a big economic bubble in the remaining countries (2008 to 2010) which would soon lead to the market crash in 1929 (2012). These would lead to revolution and war from these years onward, mainly after 1934 (2018) and in 1939 to 1945 (2022-2028).

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